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url 2019-05-22 08:50
VoIP Service provider

About a couple of decades ago, a one of the best VoIP service providers in India named IP Momentum established with an aim – to provide with affordable, ROI oriented IP solutions in order to cope with the outside world, industrialization and so on. IP Momentum turned out to be one of the only brands offering global unlimited calling plans VoIP along with so many options for clients to choose from. Check out the various reasons behind IP Momentum’s success:



  • unlimited calling plans VoIP
  • networking amongst employees all across the globe
  • range of IP phones to choose from like Grandstream, Sangoma etc.
  • 24*7 customer services
  • 98% network availability
  • Smart features like video conferencing, click to call, call forwarding and more
  • Amazing toll-free number plans, Great opportunity for virtual offices and so on

Above all, by 2015, IP Momentum managed to become one of the IP phone service companies in India with maximum reach and completely client- centred. We’re proud to tell you that our IP services have reached out to all kinds of businesses with success guaranteed

Source: www.ipmomentum.com
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text 2019-05-16 08:19
Creating Customer Experience: A New Wave of Change

Do you want to grow your Business? Of course, you do.


The actual question that keeps going in your mind back and forth like a pendulum is how you do that? While there is a plethora of tactics, ideas, strategies in your head, sometimes it becomes hard to decide the starting point? What do you focus on?


Especially in the ever-growing IT industry where new businesses and entrepreneurs are booming every day, your business should leave a powerful impact on customers to become successful.


When you own a business you might be working with multiple companies that handle your business operations from development to marketing. As they have their own specialties. But there will be instances where your web partners will have to collaborate on multiple projects and keeping them aligned can be a bit trickier for you. Sometimes their methodologies might not match with each other creating conflict which can delay your projects.


Your development team might not agree with the suggestions that your marketing company feels are best suitable. So, what you can do?



The best solution to avoid such cringe-worthy and unproductive situations are to find a solid web partner who works on all the aspects simultaneously. The industry experts call this methodology “CX”. A firm that will that does it all! Might seem like an unrealistic suggestion but we know what we are talking about.


Read ahead and by the end of this blog, you will be agreeing with us on all fronts.


What is CX?


CX aka Customer Experience is how a customer interacts with the company throughout the customer lifecycle. Customer experience focuses on how a particular customer feels during the interaction with the brand. And don’t confuse customer experience with the interaction customers have with the customer service team.


Customer service is definitely an integral part of customer experience but that’s not the only thing. When we say customer’s interaction with the brand that means we are talking about all the touch points. How your customer navigates on your website, how he makes a purchase, how your product team onboard them, how you educate them throughout the sales lifecycle, and lastly if anything goes wrong, how your customer service team interacts with them.


All these interactions put together makes up for the customer experience.


To create a proper customer experience for your customers, you will have to think a step ahead.


As rightfully said by Steve Jobs: You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new.


You have to get in the brains of your customers and figure out what it is they need or what they are doing which can be done in a more efficient way. And that’s how you create a delightful customer experience.


Customers have a fickle nature.


They would easily switch to another brand if they do not feel delighted. It will cost you an arm and a leg and ultimately impacts negatively on your brand.


Therefore, enterprises are considering working with companies who can create a customer experience that will increase the customers brand loyalty resulting in increased sales and brand value.


As per the studies from salesforce, 75% of customers expect a consistent experience whenever they engage with your business. Another study states that, 81% of companies recognize customer experience as a competitive differeantiator.


Basically, what we are saying is that find a company which can develop your website or app in accordance with the expert marketing inputs helping you create an experience.

An experience worth coming back to!


Understanding CX at a deeper level:


When you strive for the success of your services or any product, in particular, all the elements should be in alignment and synchronized. And CX is an umbrella which involves all the essentials mandatory to make any venture a success. Let’s understand how at a deeper level.


CX forms a whole journey of customers and is composed of various touchpoints for the entire process. Starting from the Development, User experience(UX), Branding, Marketing, Project proposals, Invoices, Social Media and so on. Reasonably one can say that it focuses on all the elements for a particular span of time.


According to the data, CX improves profitability. In fact, the revenue of businesses with great CX is 5.1 times more than a normal business. A business with great CX impacts positively on higher retention rate, new customers, cross-sell, upsell, employee acquisition costs etc. Another study state that customers are 4.5 times more inclined to pay premium pricing if their overall experience is excellent.


So, what we are trying to say here is that the more effort you put into your customers, the more they will give back to your brand.


CX: Creating an Impactful Customer Journey


It’s up to you how you want to navigate your customers into your sales funnel. But make sure you form it in a circular loop where your customer is coming back to your brand for a particular product/service. You can decide on an ideal customer journey from the beginning. It would look something like this:


  1. Exposure to offerings
  2. Click Action
  3. Purchase Requirements
  4. The Purchase
  5. Support
  6. Exposure to offerings


Here, the most important last step is depended on the first one. It includes the impression of a brand which creates an image to make them visit your website again. This can be possible only when all the interactions with your brand creates a positive experience for your customers.


How to Get There?


It all starts with a clear vision. Have a clear idea about how you want to elevate your CX to a certain level. Your development firm can help you to assess what your current CX is like and which areas need improvement. Immediately.


One of the major rewards of working with a firm that can create “Customer Experience” is that you can align your marketing and development efforts. Because even if you have a website which provides a complete superior experience, but is falling short from the marketing efforts you won’t be able to identify the root cause and you might experience downfalls in your business. As digital marketing services are a prime part of any successful business, you need to make sure that you present a well-dressed picture of your business on all fronts .i.e website, social media, emails, customer service, etc.


For more information on this topic, you can get in touch with us or simply drop a comment to this post. Let’s create a foundation for your business that allows your customers to experience the spectacular digital experience, which eventually grows your business.

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text 2019-05-15 06:40
Attributes of Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path is cited as a vector path that demonstrates solely a part of a particular image to look within the photograph. This hard-edged vector masking technique acts as an associated envelope. Clipping path is incredibly typically utilized in the graphics trade for numerous skilled functions. It refers to the method of making an overview of a particular image while not having to fabricate or erase even one constituent of the image.


Clipping Path is employed by graphic designers and their artistic skills square measure controlled by the businessmen. There would like is felt all over and has become very fashionable in recent times. One will see their usage within the leading magazine’s cowl page or the entire magazine itself. To manage associate e-commerce website on the net you’ve got to travel for the clipping path services. If you would like to travel for the book style of your company or enterprise the work is done terribly swimmingly.

The tools will isolate the part of a picture. It encircles the required areas that the user desires to possess within the photograph. This closed in the path is outlined because the comprehensive path this remains within the page layout whereas the opposite components of the image outside the comprehensive path square measure created clear.


The process of separating the article from the essential layer or background is thought as analytic. The isolated components of the image square measure then placed on a wholly new background to induce the required image. It usually proves useful at the enterprise level wherever there square measure vast pictures. it’s terribly troublesome to chop out the required image from the remainder of the photograph. If the image is placed on a university then you may need the experience. The pages of the book got to be optimized to create the positioning visible. a lot of necessary is that the incontrovertible fact that the positioning ought to air prime of the computer program. the proper placement of the image and knowledge square measure terribly crucial whereas going for this sort of labor.


Strategies square measure important in an exceedingly business as a result of everybody desires to be higher than the remainder. improvement and potency square measure important during this competitive world to originate your business effectively. another necessary feature is time. With the employment of those clipping path services, the graphic designers will complete numerous work inside a little span of your time.

With less time and a lot of work, the turn-over of the corporate is a lot of. The resources of the corporate are saved for numerous alternative comes going within the corporate. The skilled graphic designers World Health Organization use the most recent programs for graphics production and their expertness equal top quality in their services. Clipping Path is that the would like of the hour and is proving useful in numerous industries. The low-priced of clipping path services square measure useful in analytic the pictures. The time spent by the graphic designer depends on the complexness of the image. The attributes of clipping path services are nonheritable to deliver the ringing, fight, and potency needed in today’s company world.

Source: www.clippingpathresource.com/clipping-path-image-editing-sevices
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text 2019-05-13 06:38
4 Reasons Your Trademark Registration Will Be Rejected


Registration of a trademark is not a case of right and there survive definite grounds for rejection that could halt a mark from getting registered.


Words which are Not Creative:


An invented word is a word which is not usual in the English Language but is recently stamped so as to give it a unique character. It must be a word carrying zero meaning or no evident meaning until one has been allotted to it.


Words which Hurt Religious Sentiments of the Citizens of India:


Consider this situation, ‘A’ starts a venture called ‘DURGA BEEF SHOP’. Now the word Durga on its own is not disrespectful and its use on a pack of incense sticks or vermillion packet will be permitted. However, Durga is a holy goddess in the Hindu religion. Also, cows are contemplated holy in the Hindu religion and use of the word “DURGA’ in relation to a beef shop will hurt the religious emotions of an entire community. So, its registration will be refused.


Indecent or Disreputable Manner:


For instance, ‘A’ sells DVDs with the trademark ‘SNUFF Movies’. The word ‘SNUFF’ is a usually used jargon which means slaughter or arousal. The use of this term in a Trademark will be contemplated to be encouraging slaughter and pornography and its registration will be rejected.


Descriptive terms:


There are definite descriptive terms which also should be neglected in your application. Descriptive terms are those terms which define the service in a very ornate or shinier way such as the use of words best, classic, awesome, etc.


Neglect the refusal of a Trademark application


Every firm should ensure that they do not utilize any of the above terms in their trademarks.


Mark should be distinct and meaningful.


The mark chosen should be dissimilar to surviving registered mark.


More than just apply for your Trademark Registration office in Pune, we try to guide you overall benefits of Trademark Registration under provisions of law. Contact BDS Legal services, the best trademark registration service provider to fend off any possible future infringement of the same by competitors in the market.

Source: bdslegalserv.com/services/trademark.html
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url 2019-05-07 08:26
List of Internet Service provider - Span Global Services

As per a survey, on average, customers have about 8 email accounts per person. Email marketing should be used responsibly by sending timely updates about the existing offers and discounts to potential audience in order to get maximum returns on investment. List of internet Service Providers sold by Span Global Services is a powerful tool to target specific customers, improve workflow and overall productivity. With effective email content, you can build a stronger company and take your brand across industries.

Contact Us:-

Email Us :- info@spanglobalservices.com

Call Us :- 877-837-4884

Contact Us :- https://www.spanglobalservices.com/contact-us

Source: www.spanglobalservices.com/technology-lists/internet-service-providers-email-list
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