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review 2019-09-24 19:28
The Shadow Cabinet / Maureen Johnson
The Shadow Cabinet (The Shades of London) - Maureen Johnson

Rory and her friends are reeling from a series of sudden and tragic events. While racked with grief, Rory tries to determine if she acted in time to save a member of the squad. If she did, how do you find a ghost? Also, Rory’s classmate Charlotte has been kidnapped by Jane and her nefarious organization. Evidence is uncovered of a forty-year-old cult, ten missing teenagers, and a likely mass murder. Everything indicates that Charlotte’s in danger, and it seems that something much bigger and much more terrible is coming.

Time is running out as Rory fights to find her friends and the ghost squad struggles to stop Jane from unleashing her spectral nightmare on the entire city. In the process, they'll discover the existence of an organization that underpins London itself - and Rory will learn that someone she trusts has been keeping a tremendous secret.



I read this book to fill the Darkest London square of my 2019 Halloween Bingo Card.

I have rated all three books in this series so far at 4 stars, because I really enjoyed them. However, the first book still reigns supreme for me. This one, book 3, is better than the second one, but still not as much fun as book one. I miss the boarding school surroundings and Rory’s dread of field hockey. And Claudia. I miss Claudia.

Still, it’s a very good story, with suitably spooky Sid & Sadie waiting in the wings to use Rory’s talents. Plus the rather unappealing Thorpe, who now heads the team while Stephen is out of commission. I was happy to have Jerome reappear and he still has Rory’s back. Stephen is an unknown quantity at this point--after all that he has been through, will he be able to relate to Rory at all? I’m unapologetically on Team Jerome, but I’m probably in the minority on that one.

I’ll definitely read book four when/if it becomes available. I keep being surprised at how much I enjoy Young Adult literature, but I keep finding series like this one, which are well written, suspenseful, and deal with subjects and situations that interest me.

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text 2019-05-07 12:11
★★ NEW Murder Mystery from Author Carolyn Arnold ★★ SHADES OF JUSTICE (Detective Madison Knight)
Shades of Justice (Detective Madison Knight series #9) - Carolyn Arnold
★★ NEW Murder Mystery from Author Carolyn Arnold ★★
SHADES OF JUSTICE (Detective Madison Knight)
The line between good and evil isn’t always clear…

"The victim is ‘Lorene Malone’. The list of suspects is endless. The detail in this book is incredible, Arnold has clearly done her research. It was all believable and I felt like I was working alongside Madison to help solve the case." reviews Carly Louise Wilson

"Shades of Justice was a real page-turner that aces to a satisfying finish. I love the procedural information that Arnold injects into her writing which makes you feel as if you are part of the investigative team. Highly recommended" reviews Mother Distracted - A Family & Lifestyle Blog

"The guessing game of who done it, and the little twists that I never saw coming made this yet another thrilling read from Carolyn Arnold." Ebook Addicts UK

Released today!!
Amazon - http://getbook.at/shades-of-justice
Barnes and Noble - https://bit.ly/2H3y9M2
Apple Books - https://apple.co/2Ww9iWK
Kobo - https://bit.ly/2Jnybjm
GPlay - https://bit.ly/2PQ9b5C

Detective Madison Knight has risked her badge—and her life—in the pursuit of justice before, and she just might need to do so again. Two victims are found murdered and naked in the home of Steven Malone, who is the largest contributor to the Stiles PD. One victim is his wife. The other victim is a John Doe. This high-profile double homicide immediately pits Madison against her sergeant, who seems more intent on protecting the Malones’ reputation and retaining a benefactor than catching a killer.

Madison will need to pull on her tenacity and courage if she’s going to follow the evidence without prejudice. In the process, it becomes clear that finding justice isn’t always black and white, and often the shades in between tell the fullest story—and it’s not something she will forget anytime soon.

Shades of Justice is a murder mystery with twists and turns that will have readers flipping the pages until the wee hours of the morning. The ninth installment in an international bestselling series, it doesn’t matter if this is the first book you’re reading in the Detective Madison Knight series or not; all the books stand alone! 

Buy this book now and join the investigation! Uncover clues, follow leads, and catch a killer like hundreds of thousands of readers in this series have done before you. Perfect for fans of James Patterson, Michael Connelly, and JD Robb. 

Read more on the #book, series, and author here...


Source: beckvalleybooks.blogspot.com/2019/03/shades-of-justice-detective-madison.html
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-04-01 14:50
Another Not-So Likable Protag and a Plot that I Did Like
Grave Witch - Kalayna Price


The world-building in this novel is good for a first novel. I also liked that the protagonist is a different kind of witch, i.e., she raises shades from dead bodies so she can solve murders. The whole part about raising one so it could give her testimony in court was fabulous and tastefully done.


What I don’t like is the main character. I don’t know I find her annoying. Again, I think I would have enjoyed this book more had I read it a few years ago.

A funny line.
9565574 Since there was a cliffhanger, I will try the next book in the series.
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review 2019-02-22 21:38
Review: "Shades" by Jaime Reese
Shades - Jaime Reese

It took me FOREVER to finish this book. With 344 pages, it was at least 150 pages too long. It was a struggle to finish.


The story was 30% plot and 70% internal monologues (pining ones in the first, schmaltzy love declarations ones in the second half).



This book also had some of the most far-fetched and ridiculous plot twists that I’ve read in a long time.


For example, that island? The hell? Am I supposed to take this seriously?



This was my first book by this author and even though I’m not totally put off by her storytelling, I probably won’t read another book from her in the foreseeable future.


I’m giving this book a really weak 3 stars-rating, because even though I wasn’t really enjoying it, the writing wasn’t that awful or offensive to justify a lower rating. But this author is in serious need to improve her storytelling.




~ 3 stars ~


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text 2019-02-20 20:28
Reading progress update: I've read 56%.
Shades - Jaime Reese

This book is sooooooooo long. I've been reading and reading for days and it just won't end.


344 (!) pages, that's at least 200 pages too many when nothing really happens.


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