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review 2017-07-21 16:21
Book Review For: 'Shameless' By Lisa Renee Jones
Shameless - Lisa Renee Jones

'Shameless' By Lisa Renee Jones is Book Two in the "White Lies Duet" series. This book continues the story of Nick "Tiger" Rogers and Faith Winter. The first book "Provocative" began their story so I think to fully enjoy this book you should read that one first. But, Ms Jones writing allows for you to catch up to their story if you choose not to read the first book.
Nick had never met Faith before until he choose to attend the Reid Winter Winery open house, with the mind set to get all the information on her he could. Nick was under the mindset that Faith ha been involved with some tragic events that had happened. But when meeting her he slowly started to find that wasn't the case. Now this book opens us up to what the fallout is when lies and truth come out.
Ms. Jones is one of my go to authors when I need a great hot, alpha romance story. I love her writing and always feel connected to her characters!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

Source: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071R9KNPH/ref=series_rw_dp_sw
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review 2017-05-14 00:00
Shameless - M. Malone,Nana Malone Shameless is a mass of contradiction. Around every corner lies a new twist, that could destroy a friendship, break a heart or bring dangerous consequences. Noah is a man of mystery. Lucia is both his secret desire and his worst nightmare. Her quest for answers could prove detrimental to more than their relationship, It could get her killed. Whether you love him or hate him Noah wears many hats. Protector, lover, friend and killer just to name a few, but his complex makeup and the daring mysteries that surround what's in his heart make for a wild ride unlike any other.
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text 2017-01-31 03:47
January wrap-up
Kiss Him, Not Me 2 - Junko Okada
haikyuu! vol 2 - Haruichi Furudate
Shameless - Gina L. Maxwell
If I Was Your Girl - Meredith Russo
milk and honey - rupi kaur

favorite books  


if  I was your girl 


2  manga  

1  ebook 

1  librairy book

1  audio book  

1  poetry  book  

5 books  total  


Hope  you had  a good reading month  - Christina 

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-01-26 05:40
Book Review : Shameles Gina L .Maxwell
Shameless - Gina L. Maxwell

January 14- 21

People say I'm shameless. They're right.

I like my sex dirty. It takes a hell of a lot to tilt my moral compass, and I always follow when it's pointing at something I want. That goes double when it points straight at the one girl in all of Chicago who's not dying for a piece of me.

She's all I can think about, and that's a problem, because she wants nothing to do with me. But I've seen her deepest secrets, her darkest fantasies, and they match mine to a fucking T.

I want her. Bad.

Now I need to show her how good it can feel...to be shameless.

Review : I loved this book , this book was funny and sexy Jane just wants her sink fixed and Jane's friend calls a guy to come over to "fix it " but the handyman is actually a stripper name Chance . But Jane doesn't know he's a stripper until he starts dancing for her . They make a deal Chance will fix her sink and dance for her . When he's in her bathroom he finds something on her laptop some really kinky porn Jane likes it rough . Chance dances for her and then they have some kinky sex and he leaves but he can't get Jane out of his head so he finds her at her work when he's with his friends which are very interesting characters
Austin a firefighter and Roman a lawyer very interesting combo for strippers. Chance fallows her to the bathroom for some fun so they agree to a no strings relationship . Lots of Kinky sex until Chance doesn't just want that when he sees men hitting on Jane he tells her he wants more while there in the bath and I love them together . Chance is worried Jane might want to change him . Jane goes to her cousins birthday and strippers are there Austin , Roman and Chance oh god and Jane leaves and when she gets home her and Chance get in a fight cause Jane asks him if he ever thought about stopping stripping and they break up . Chance is angry and he goes to Jane and they do there sexy time and get back together . Jane decides to get back at her friend and Chance says he's going to send her Ruthless who is roman I can't wait till the next book .
Favorite Quotes :
I've decided he's pretty much a unicorn with attitude , Aka the perfect lover

I wouldn't mind charming my way into her panties . Fell like sharing ? Do not kill your best friend. Do not kill your best friend

Damn, that means my thrusting game would be the reason a marrage gets called off . He shakes his head and whistles . That's pretty fucking heavy , Man but I guess what they is true . With great cock come great responsibility.

No , I was thinking more along the lines of another laywer. one who could schedule a meeting in a conference room one of these nights when she's working late all by herself . one who might start loosening the constraints of his suit during the meeting to get comfortable then might end up with it off all together . Her beautiful brown eyes grow wide with excitement . oh my god , she says Roman not roman I answer with a wink ruthless. 

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review 2016-12-09 13:31
A Message That's More Than About College Love
The Shameless Hour (The Ivy Years Book 4) - Sarina Bowen

The Shameless Hour (The Ivy Years Book 4) - Sarina Bowen 


*4.5 STARS*


I have to say from the outset, that I've really enjoyed this series so far.  I am really amazed at how much I have come to care for these characters.  And, honestly, I didn't think that Sarina Bowen would be able to do anything nearly as good as the first book in the series, but she's proved me wrong time and time again.


But here's the thing.  I wasn't all that interested in Bella's character.  Was I "slut-shaming" (for the record, I don't like the term because I feel like it is doing the very thing that you say you shouldn't do) her?  I don't think so.  That's not why I didn't like her.  She just wasn't someone that I connected to or thought of as having any depth.


And, I think that I should have realized the author was going to make me eat my words...again.  And eat those words, I did.  This book was powerful.  It was thought-provoking, it made me gut-check my own feelings several times, and it seemed fitting for today, right now, when we are having conversations in the U.S. about men of privilege and how they treat women.


So, we had all of these things going on in this story and that is not even dealing with the love developing between Rafe and Bella which was so sweet.  And that's why this book resonated with me the way that it did.  We have Bella,who has been just violated in a way that I am sure she didn't see coming, her life is a mess and she doesn't know if she will ever be able to look at the world the same way again.  But, in the midst of that, something so sweet and pure grows out of it.  Isn't that they way it always works?  I'm just glad that she got her act together to see it for what it was before she pushed Rafe away for good (but knowing his stubborn behind, we wouldn't have let her push him away).


I was so wary about the story because some people were turned off by the way that Bella responded to "the thing" (I don't want to give away too much).  They didn't feel that she was strong enough, but I think that's tone deaf.  No one can say how they would respond to something like that.  I think that the author gave the story a lot of authenticity by the way Bella's character responded.


Ultimately, I thought this was an amazing story.  It's probably my second favorite of the series, the first book still holds the title for my favorite of the series.  I never would have thought that any book about Bella would be so good.  So, thank you Sarina Bowen for making a believer out of me.

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