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text 2019-01-03 21:16
24 Festive Tasks: Wrap and Final Results


A big Thank You to everybody who joined the game and participated so actively: Collectively, we achieved a total score of




-- that's more than double last year's result!  Go us!!


Based on this score, each of your three hosts will make a donation of USD 100 to charity (we'll reveal which ones separately, but we've agreed that this year, again, our donations will go to reading programs).


It's been great fun watching the truly amazing things that everybody came up with to complete to the various tasks and the creativity that went into everybody's update posts, and we're truly happy this year's "Advent Calendar" format seems to have worked so well.

A special thank you, too, to everybody for reporting in and tallying up posts and for using the "24 festive tasks" tag; particular those of you who put together "final count / wrap-up" posts -- all of this was a great help in keeping track of the running score and compiling the final count.


And a general meaow / purr / woof / cluck / bzzz / [insert assorted other animal noises] to everybody's pets and, um, pet plants who helped making their humans' posts even more fun, lovable and creative!


The Figures:

Number of active participants: 29
("Active" = completed at least one book or other task for the game)
Average number of points collected: 38.10
Number of card blackouts: 9
("Blackout" = completed at least one book or other task per square)


Results by Squares / Holidays:

... or put differently:

(Because there has to be at least one bona fide pie chart in here, right?)


On a whopping total of 19 squares, one or more participants completed all five tasks (book and other tasks). Of these, the square with the highest number of participants (6) completing all five tasks was Penance Day, closely followed by Mawlid and Thanksgiving (5 participants each), with Melbourne Cup Day, Diwali and Festivus jointly coming in third (3 participants each).

Biggest overall point-earning square: Melbourne Cup Day -- 71 points total (including 14 bonus points)
Runners-up: Día de los Muertos and Penance Day -- 61 points each

Third Place: Guy Fawkes Night -- 58 points total


Excluding bonus points, Melbourne Cup Day comes in third at 57 points, on equal footing with Mawlid.

Least point-earning square: Advent -- 29 points total


Average points per square (including bonus points): 46.04

Average points per square (excluding bonus points): 45.17



Breakdown of Books and Tasks per Square

(right-click on the images for a larger view):



The Books

Square for which the highest number of participants read a book: Día de los Muertos -- 18 participants

Runner-up: Guy Fawkes Night -- 16 participants

Third Place: Solstice / Yuletide -- 15 participants

Fewest books read for: St. Lucia's Day -- 7 participants

Average number of book points accrued per square: 10.92



 The Tasks


Square with the overall highest number of points collected for all non-book tasks: Melbourne Cup Day -- 62 points (including 14 bonus points)

Runner-up: Penance Day -- 50 points

Third place: Thanksgiving -- 48 points


Excluding bonus points, Melbourne Cup Day comes in second, equal with Thanksgiving.  Third then are Diwali and Mawlid (44 points each). 


Least number of points: Advent -- 21 points

Most popular individual task: Melbourne Cup Day, Task 1 ("Pick your ponies") --  22 participants / 36 points

Runner-up, by points: St. Lucia's Day, Task 4 ("Gävle Goat") -- 20 points (including 7 bonus points)

Runner-up, by participants (= excluding bonus points): Día de los Muertos, Task 2 ("Favorite epitaph") -- 18 points

Third place: On equal footing: Guy Fawkes Day, Tasks 1 and 2 ("Burn a book in effigy" and "3 treasonous crimes against books"), Diwali, Task 4 ("Girls holding flowers / book covers"), and Winter Solstice / Yuletide, Task 1 ("Bibliomancy") -- 16 points each

Least popular: Advent, Task 4 ("Make your own Advent wreath"), St. Lucia's Day, Task 2 ("lussebulle / saffron dish"), and New Year's Eve, Task 4 ("Krapfen") -- all 0 points (sniff)

Bonus points collected -- total: 21

* Melbourne Cup Day, Task 1 ("Pick your ponies"): 14

* St. Lucia's Day, Task 4 ("Gävle Goat"): 7


Average number of points accrued for non-book tasks per square, including bonus points: 35.13

Average number of points accrued for non-book tasks per square, excluding bonus points: 34.25


Average number of points accrued for individual non-book tasks, including bonus points: 8.78

Average number of points accrued for individual non-book tasks, excluding bonus points: 8.56




Congratulations, everybody, and thank you all so much again for making this such a fun and successful game!


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text 2018-12-31 01:57
24 Festive Tasks: Door 22 - New Year's Eve, Task 2 (2018 in Reading Review, or, The Year of Listening to Mystery Audiobooks by Women Writers)


2018 Statistics

Total number of books read in 2018: 225

Number of as-yet unread books added to "owned books" TBR in 2018: 240

-- plus the 100 or so Audible downloads that I haven't even added to my BookLikes shelves yet.


So the ratio of buying vs. reading is seriously off this year.  (Last year, I read almost 40 books more than remained unread on my "owned books" TBR of the books added over the course of the year.) 


Nevertheless, I am very happy with my reading year: very few of my reads were 3 stars or less, I didn't expect I'd even make it to 200 books (so I actually read more than expected), I finished my Women Writers project, and compared to last year, my stats have come out on the "right" side in every aspect I primarily looked at -- I read more women authors than men, and more new books than rereads:







In summary, I guess you can call this my year of listening to mystery audiobooks chiefly written by women writers ... which is fine, though, and in a way even what I expected this year to be. 


In fact, I'm expecting to continue reading many more mysteries in 2019 as well -- I'd like to complete my "inofficial" Detection Club Bingo reads for one thing, I'm planning to read more Golden Age mysteries republished as part of the British Library Crime Classics and Collins Crime club series, and I'm likely going to join Wanda and Moonlight at least for parts of "A Study in Sherlock" / "Summer of Sherlock".  But I'm also planning to reprise my Women Writers challenge, however with a twist along the lines of the "Around the World in 80 Books" group on Goodreads. 


All in all, if 2019 turns out even half as good as 2018 has been (even against the odds in some respects), I'll color myself extremely lucky.


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text 2018-12-03 23:04
24 Festive Tasks: First Month Facts and Figures

So, the first month of the game is over, and collectively we almost blew the lid off last year's total results in the first month alone!  Go us!!


A few fun facts:


The single most popular task remains (of course) Melbourne Cup Task 1 -- "pick your ponies".  Hard to argue with that one: horses and gambling ... result: 22 participants and 36 points total collected!  That said, next in line are:


16 points / participants each:

Día de los Muertos, Task 2 (your favorite epitaph)

Guy Fawkes Night, Task 2 (book crimes)

Diwali, Task 4 (the infamous "women holding flowers" book covers)


15 points / participants:

Guy Fawkes Night, Task 1 (burn a book in effigy)


13 points / participants each:

Diwali, Task 1 (favorite light display)

Penance Day, Task 1 (book habits / comfort reads)

Penance Day, Task 2 (favorite sports teams and pennants)


* Average number of points jointly accrued for the 4 tasks pertaining to each of the 12 doors opened in November: 33.1.


Books have been read or claimed by more than one participant for every single square for which we've released the corresponding book task -- including the first two December squares, Advent and Hanukkah!  Hooray!


Highest score for a "book task" so far:

Día de los Muertos (book by deceased author / from terminated series) -- 11 points / participants


Of the seven final holidays where we've already revealed the book tasks, five have so far seen more takers than the "regular" November squares with the lowest number of book takers (Thanksgiving, Bon Om Touk, and Russian Mother's Day):


Winter Solstice / Yuletide, Kwanzaa and New Year's Eve -- 5 points / participants each

Epiphany -- 4 points / participants

Festivus -- 3 points / participants


Other than Hogswatch (where everybody just seems to be waiting for the right moment to get to Hogfather), of all books and other tasks revealed through November 30, only one single task so far has not seen any takers at all: Russian Mother's Day, task 4 -- make a traditional Russian dish.  (C'me on, all the cooks out there ... I remember this one being extremely popular in previous incarnations of the game!)


* Average number of book points accrued, including the final 7 holidays: 4.6

* Average number of book points accrued, without the final 7 holidays: 5.5


And finally:


The overall most popular square in November was, of course, also Melboune Cup Day (cue "pick your ponies" -- 68 points collected for all tasks and books so far).  But outside that spike, with 52 points each, Guy Fawkes Night and Penance Day are actually not so far behind.


* Average number of points accrued for each of the 12 doors opened in November (books and tasks together): 39.3


That's almost as much as the single most popular square in last year's game in the entire 2 month-period of the game (Guy Fawkes Night / Bon Om Touk, 45 points).


Go us!!


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