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url 2018-10-09 11:25
Your One-Stop Statistics Homework Help Center is here!

The statistical model plays an important role to solve such problems. Statistics assignment help is demanded and given a lot of priority when it plays a big role in academic life.

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text 2018-10-09 09:53
Your One-Stop Statistics Homework Help Center is here!

Statistics is not considered as a branch of mathematics but is an extended branch of mathematics which is involved in analyzing, collecting, interpretation, and presentation of data. It is good to seek an expert for statistics assignment help and get in-depth analysis of statistics and deep understanding accordingly.


Statistics assignment help

The statistical model plays an important role to solve such problems. Statistics assignment help is demanded and given a lot of priority when it plays a big role in academic life. At, assignments4u, we make your Statistical assignment better by setting up few quick steps such as:

Writing the assignment:

After understanding the topic, our expert writers started their research and conduct every detail you have asked for. Statistical assignments help experts give their full support and effort to make the assignment error-free.

Solving difficult mathematical problems: From the very next step, statistics homework help writers start solving different kinds of statistical problems with the help of experts and authentic data sources. Students get satisfied when our expert writers solve mathematical problems and help students.

Editing the assignment:

Our writers not only deliver after just completing the assignment. We edited and proofread step by step and check the entire contents before final delivery. 

We have a dedicated team of tutors and scholars for your assignment services. We provide a range of statistics assignment assistance covering:

• Quantitative Analysis
• Advanced Probability Theory
• Mega-Statistics Assignments
• Multivariate Statistics
• Linear Programming
• Regression Analysis
• Binomial Distribution
• Sampling Theory
• Hypothesis Testing
• Coefficient of Variance
• Percentiles and Quartiles and many more…


When students search online help to do my statistics homework, you can rely on our service.

Quality services provided by Assignment4u.com in statistic assignment:

Updated Statistical Software:

Our statistical writers use different professional software like – MINITAB, MATLAB, SAS, SPSS etc. to solve the typical mathematical problems in a quick and effective manner. With the help of this software we bring the accurate results of the given data.

Provide a Comprehensive Report:

Our statistical writers provide well-formatted contents containing a comprehensive report. This is the proof that the assignment is duly completed by our expert writers.
Accurate Analysis of Data: The statistical paper is filled with data and numeric which has to be solved with great capacity and efforts. The writers also provide inferences to make the calculation easier for the readers and students to comprehend and identify the data.

Effective Output and Codes:

Students will get their assignment with the proper quality of numerical with accurate results. Apart from that statistic homework help writers also give their efforts to solve each numerical in a graphical representation. The Story of Our Success throughout Online Assignment Work.

Best Quality Service:

At Assignments4u, we prioritize superior quality work relating to all types of assignment tasks, be it – programming, nursing, statistics, business, law, engineering or MS office, we never compromise quality with any sort of assignments.

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text 2018-01-14 19:08
16 Tasks of the Festive Season: THANK YOU -- and Final Tally


Sooo ... with a staggering two-week delay, your hosts are finally getting around to the game's closing post. (Yeah, we know. Let's just say the new year started rather busy for both of us ...)

Anyway, MbD and I wanted to thank all of you so much for joining the game and participating so actively! It's been great fun watching the truly amazing things that everybody came up with to complete to the various tasks and book themes that we'd cobbled together into a semi-coherent whole -- "imaginative" is putting it mildly; "6 degrees of separation" has got nothing on this crowd! (Not to mention the effect of this game on our respective TBRs ... and the "oooohhs" and "aaawwws" induced by all the adorable pet photos floating down our dashboards.)

A special thank you, too, to everybody for reporting in and tallying up posts and for using the "16 festive tasks" tag; particular those of you who put together "final count" posts -- all of this was a great help in keeping track of the running score and compiling the final count!

Speaking of which, without further ado:

The final count of points comes to a total of 528
-- which translates into a donation of USD 55.00 from MbD and myself to each of the two charities we picked,
Book Aid International and
Room to Read.


Some fun details on the outcome of the game:
Number of active participants: 27
("Active" = completed at least one book or other task for the game)
Average number of points reached: 19.56
Number of card blackouts: 7
("Blackout" = completed at least one book or other task per square)

Single biggest point-earning square: No. 2 (Guy Fawkes Night & Bon Om Touk) -- 45 points total
Runners-up: Squares Nos.1 (All Saints Day / Día de los Muertos & Calan Gaeaf) and 3 (St. Martin’s Day & Veterans’ Day / Armistice Day) -- 43 points total each
Least point-earning squares: Nos. 11 (Soyal & Dōngzhì Festival) and 14 (Dies Natalis Solis Invicti & Quaid-e-Azam’s Day) -- 17 points total each

On a total of 11 squares (Nos. 1 - 4, 7 - 10, 12, 13 and 15), one or more participants completed all four tasks (book tasks and other tasks). Of these, the squares with the highest number of participants completing all four tasks (3 participants in each case) were:
No. 2 (Guy Fawkes Night & Bon Om Touk)
No. 3 (St. Martin’s Day & Veterans’ Day / Armistice Day) and
No. 15 (Newtonmas & St. Stephen's Day / Boxing Day)

Square for which the highest number of participants read at least 1 book: No. 1 (All Saints Day / Día de los Muertos & Calan Gaeaf) -- 17 participants
Square for which the highest number of participants read a 2nd book: No. 3 (St. Martin’s Day & Veterans’ Day / Armistice Day) -- 7 participants
Square for which the highest number of participants completed at least 1 non-book task: No. 4 (Penance Day & Thanksgiving) -- 20 participants
Square for which the highest number of participants completed a 2nd non-book task: No. 2 (Guy Fawkes Night & Bon Om Touk) -- 8 participants

Bonus points scored via bonus books / tasks referring to individual squares: 17 total
Most bonus points scored via square-specific books / tasks for: No. 5 (Advent) -- 6 bonus points total
Bonus points scored via Surprise, Surprise Jokers: 15 total
Points scored via Holiday and Light Jokers: 8 total

Congratulations, everybody, and thank you all so much again!

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text 2018-01-03 20:03
2017 in Review -- and Consequences for 2018


2017 Statistics

Total number of books read in 2017: 287

Number of (as-yet unread) books added to "owned books" TBR in 2017: 250


So, looks like overall 2017 was a pretty good reading year for me -- and certainly, even without having participated in BooklikesOpoly, the two games during the last four months of the year helped a lot.  The above total numbers don't tell the full story, however (in fact, in some respects they're more than a little deceptive).


In 2017, especially in the first couple of months, I had to do a lot of driving -- as well as having to cope with a lot of stress.  To compensate and for on-the-road entertainment, I took to revisiting my favorite classics and my favorite mysteries on audio; and the amount of my comfort reading (or rather: listening) clearly shows in my yearly reading stats -- not only in the number of new books read vs. rereads, but even more so in the number of audiobooks vs. print books read: 2017 was unquestionably the year when I discovered the  audiobook:

(Note: 2 books out of the total of 287 were Christmas classics I revisit every year, and where I chose the DVD version in 2017.)


Similarly, while my reading year was a pretty good one if you only take into account the new books I read (average: 3.95 stars), it improves even more if you factor in all the favourite-book rereads:


And of course, my comfort reading also impacts -- big time -- the genre breakdown of my 2017 reading:

(Note: "Nonfiction", for purposes of this exercise, comprises biographies, memoirs, historical nonfiction, science and popular science, reference books, and assorted general nonfiction. -- The category "Historical Fiction" includes a number of historical mysteries, which are included only once in the above chart for purposes of consistency in total number of books read, but which are included in the genre-specific analysis further below under both "Mysteries" and "Historical Fiction", and which I've also analyzed separately.)


However, the area where my inordinate amount of comfort reading most significantly shows up is in the author gender breakdown.  It looks pretty evenly spread, with a slight pro-female bias, if you just look at the total figures:

("m & f" are anthologies featuring contributions from both male and female authors or male-female author teams.)


But the vast majority of my comfort reads (or rather: audio revisits) were books written by female authors, and if you eliminate those, there's a clear male author bias, except solely in the subgenre of historical mysteries.  In other words, almost all across the board, roughly 2 out of 3 new books I read were by male authors. (And it's even more embarrassingly one-sided with regard to the six fantasy and five literary fiction titles I managed to squeeze in: they were all written by men.)  As all of this very much will have to change in 2018, I suppose the Women Authors Challenge / Bingo is coming just in time for me!


By Format:

(All but 2 of the print books were new reads, so the stats are almost exactly identical for all print books and new print books read.)


By Major Genres Read:

 (All nonfiction books I read in 2017 were new reads.)




(Note: For purposes of these last charts, the books qualifying as "historical mysteries" were included in both the charts for "historical fiction" and for "mysteries", respectively.)


So, even in the mysteries and historical fiction tallies, despite the clear pro-women author bias in historical mysteries that remains even after eliminating the rereads, both "mysteries" and "historical fiction" flip from a pro-female to a pro-male author bias once the rereads are taken out of the consideration. 



2018 Outlook

In addition to the Women Authors Challenge / Bingo, which is hopefully going to help me put books written by women on a bit more of an equal footing with books written by men in the year just begun, I'm planning to


* continue whittling away at that impossible amount of books I added to my owned books TBR in 2017 alone (not to mention those already lingering on it from previous years),

* continue reading science and popular science with the Flat Book Society (the current read, Helen Czerski's Storm in a Teacup, is of course an excellent way of killing two birds with one stone -- a popular science book written by a woman),

* continue filling my Detection Club Bingo card and continue my exploration of Golden Age detective fiction, (which will hopefully also go some way towards both reducing my phyiscal TBR and augmenting the number of books written by women that I'm reading this year)

* and to the extent time allows, participate in the 2018 Booklikes games!


If in addition to / as part of the above I also manage to balance out my genre intake a little more and include more literary fiction and fantasy, I'll color myself more than happy by the end of the year!


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url 2016-09-06 06:17
We Are Reading Less Literature

Pile of books


(Not me!)

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