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review 2017-05-21 18:11
A Review Overdue Series — Why the Notebookush Box is the Box For You!


I had been waiting for the Mystery Bag for some time now. It all began when I viewed the cutest thing on NB’s Facebook page. It is called the Reader’s Pet and you will completely understand why I went gaga over it if you make a big deal about reading hard copies of books. I read ebooks mostly, which is why reading an actual book is a huge deal for me. I absolutely make it that way. So, as I was scrolling down their page one day, I found this:
Of course, I wanted it! When I PM’d Maryam, the name behind the stationary awesomeness, she told me to wait. Instead of misleading her customers like most people would have done, she told me to wait until I could get the Reader’s Pet and other goodies by ordering a Mystery Bag.
I listened to her and boy, am I glad I did! Here are the details about the long awaited Mystery Bag, which comes in three distinct flavors lol:
I ordered the White Bag. The bags began to be sent out in the second week of May. A portion of the proceeds from each bag was to go to a charity helping children go to school.
I liked that Notebookush took the extra effort to customize the box:

By now two of my friends, Icky and Weird Enough, had joined me. This reminds me if you ever want to read what they have to say about books, give Icky’s blog, Tranquil Tidings, a dekko. Or, you could read Weird Enough’s musings on Dune here and here.

On opening it, we found this adorably packed package:


Pretty, right? The first thing that my eyes fell on was this cute tote, which Weird Enough declared had been made for her. Alas, I remain toteless but look:



Besides the tote, there were three beautiful postcards and a personalized letter to me about Self-Love. I love the thought and effort that Maryam has put into each item. Two of the postcards were based on Mother’s Day theme. Both had inscriptions about strong women that touched my heart. I have been most fortunate to be gifted with an incredible mother. She gives me strength and loves me unconditionally. She has an amazing sense of humor and also tells me that she is proud of me!



The last item in the Mystery Bag was my beloved, the Readers’ Pet. From the incredible map on its cover to the extremely useful things inside, I am in love! I used it to make notes on The Handmaid’s Tale and my review will tell you how much use I got out of it!

The theme for June’s Mystery Bag is Courage Dear Heart. Go here to order one for yourself. Once you order, you are given 5% discount codes for any friends who order through you. If you can get 7 of them to order, you get the next bag for free!
Another thing that I like about these boxes is that they are all COD unlike many subscription boxes that services that expect you to have money to spare to pre-order them.
I liked the Mystery Bad and am willing to subscribe for another month. Would you?


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review 2017-03-11 06:29
Lucky You ~ Erika Carter
Lucky You: A Novel - Erika Carter

3 women.
One café.
Multiple inner demons.

Lucky You follows 3 women from Arkansas as they navigate post-collegiate life with anything but grace and dignity. After reaching an emotional dead end, Chloe and Ellie decide to join Rachel in the Ozark Mountains to capture true “health.” Health is a way of living doctored by Rachel’s charismatic yet cult-like boyfriend, Autry. Here they renounce their vices from the “old world.”

The survivalist aspect of this book definitely had my intention but while reading I learned it was anything but survivalist. Each of these women became hauntingly ill both mentally and physically during the book so I was a little disappointed that the book intimated at survivalist when in reality it was more cult-like simplicity.

Rachel’s story line painted her as an enigma; we truly don’t know WHO she is because she doesn’t know WHO she is. Rachel absorbs a persona and becomes that persona. She has absorbed everything about “health” and is a shell of her former self.

Ellie is right up there as a sexually addicted narcissist. Ellie enjoys the humiliation she receives and causes- she never lets anyone get too close and if they do- she discards them quicker than you could imagine. Of course, the female narcissist in this book is blonde and beautiful; desired by all men and envied by the women.

Worst nightmare.
Sometimes a girl’s worst nightmare- turning out like your mother. Chloe recollects the delusional paranoia she witnessed her mother endure as a child. Now as she reaches her mid-20s Chloe begins to suffer some of the same delusions.

Overall, this book was more of a character analysis than a “story” per se. You can’t escape the dark corners of your personality – no matter what. Anyone who has taken an Abnormal Psychology class would enjoy this book in my opinion. 4 stars xx

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review 2017-01-25 22:07
The Grownup ~ Gillian Flynn
The Grownup - Gillian Flynn

I didn't stop giving hand jobs because I wasn't good at it. I stopped giving hand jobs because I was the best at it.

Skilled as a con artist from a young age, an unnamed woman has morphed her business of deception as a soft-core sex worker and then later, a psychological intuitive. When she meets Susan, sad, lonely, rich Susan the narrator really decides its her time to go for it-- to get recommendations from Susan's friends and make her business exploiting poor gullible housewives.

I received this book as a freebie in my Book of the Month subscription and I absolutely loved it! I can't say much more about the plot but Gillian Flynn writes narcissistic women like no other author! Her eloquence and unsettling candor is bone-chilling at times.

There was a little bit of everything in this story--humor, the paranormal, a child to rival Damien, and a small tinge of horror. The ending is left ambiguous which definitely spiked the creepy mood BUT I would have liked just a little MORE-- at least one of the several ends tied up! Ugh so good! You got me Mz Flynn!

But I wasn't a well-read bookworm; I was just a dumb whore in the right library.

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review 2016-01-05 23:11
Creepy motherfucker
Daughters unto Devils - Amy Lukavics

So.  My first review of the new year.


First a little update?  I did a purge of my TBR shelves right before the new year (not my digital ones, my physical ones) and donated two big boxes of books that I've owned for so long I clearly have no intention of reading.  However, this seems to have freed me up and I've actually been reading more!


I got this one in my Book Riot YA subscription box, in October.  And can we say holy creepy as fuck Batman.


Amanda is 16.  Last winter she got a serious dose of cabin fever and had a mental breakdown, scaring her entire family half to death.  She can't seem to forgive herself for this, even though it's clearly not something she had any control over.  She hates herself and hates her family, and has some seriously dark thoughts towards her disabled baby sister.


And then the family resettled in the prairie, and things take a turn from bad to worse. First, the cabin they find is drenched in sticky old blood, so much that it has eaten through the floor.  Why they thought living there would be a good idea is totally beyond me.


Anyway. Is she mad?  Is it a devil?  Decide for yourself.


Creepy motherfucking book.

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review 2015-07-19 20:42
Stop being so annoying
Everything Leads to You - Nina LaCour

Oh dear Gods almighty, that main character was obnoxious.


Poor me!  Poor me!  I'm 18, I'm a genius set designer, but no one sees my genius!  Except for everyone on the sets of the major movies I'm working on!  Poor me!  My girlfriend has broken up with me 6 times and I think I might still want her back!  Poor me!  I was able to have someone drop $20,000 on set pieces for a movie and a gift for my brother!  Poor me!  My brother gave me his Venice apartment for the summer and wants me to do something epic, but I can't think of what to do!




Jesus fucking Christ, I hated Emi for the entire Goddamn novel.   She just totally rubbed me the wrong way.


I loved her best friend Charlotte.  Charlotte had a lot handed to her too, but she didn't act as though her entire world was always falling apart in her richer than God lifestyle.  She has a dose of reality in the way she presents herself and at least attempts to call out Emi on her fucking stupidity.


The "mystery" sort of reads like a slightly older Nancy Drew story.  It's fantastical in it's ridiculousness.  Sure this could maybe sort of possibly happen in an alternate dimension.  Not that the solution is impossible, but that they were able to solve the mystery of the letter in as little time as it took.


It was an entertaining read, but it really wasn't any more than that.  So far, from the YA Book Riot Box, I've read 2, and enjoyed one thoroughly, while only finding this one entertainment value.

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