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text 2019-12-09 22:44
24 Festive Tasks: Door 24 - Epiphany: Task 3

Presenting:  My very special, super-fluffy holiday comfort socks (with pompoms)!




(Task: George and Martha Washington were married on Twelfth Night in 1759. She wore purple silk slippers (https://www.mountvernon.org/george-washington/martha-washington/george-marthas-courtship/ ).  In honor of the first FLOTUS, wear purple socks or slippers and share a picture of them with us.)


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text 2019-12-09 21:53
24 Festive Tasks: Door 17 - Winter Solstice: Task 2 (Yaldā Night)
The Christmas Egg - Mary Kelly,David Thorpe


I stayed up until 3:00 AM last night reading the first half (approximately) of this book -- which contrary to recent appearances still isn't my "usual" bedtime.  So I'm claiming the book for this task.  (And if I were less knocked out I might even have made it an all night read -- the book is certainly good enough for that -- but that sort of thing just isn't an option at the moment.)


(Task: Yaldā Night task (Persia / Iran): Stay up all night reading a good book (or at least stay up past your usual bedtime).


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text 2019-12-08 21:56
24 Festive Tasks: Door 17 - Winter Solstice: Task 1 (Yule)


(Yule task (Germany / Scandinavia): Burn a Yule log – or if you don’t have a fireplace, light a candle to chase away the winter and welcome in the longer days.  If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, light a candle to mourn the slow but inexorable retreat of the sun.)


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text 2019-12-08 18:48
24 Festive Task - Door 16: St. Lucia's Day (Task 2)
Over the River and Through the Woods - Amy Morley,Hilary Hauck,Kimberly Kurth Gray,Michele Savaunah Zirkle,Janet McClintock,Abigail Drake,Kathleen Shoop,Ramona DeFelice Long,Demi Stevens
Christmas in Apple Ridge: Three-in-One Collection: The Sound of Sleigh Bells, The Christmas Singing, NEW! The Dawn of Christmas - Cindy Woodsmall
The Perfect Christmas - Bell Renshaw

Task 2: Compile a list of five or more carols, poems, short stories, novels or other pieces of writing that feature sleigh rides.


My list of 



Jingle Bells

Over The River and Though the Woods


Short Stories:

Over the River and Though the Woods - It got a Sleigh and horse on the cover, Their may be some sleigh ride in some of the stories or poems (Could be mode of transportation)



Christmas At Apple Ridge - There a story called "The Sound of Sleigh Bells", There a sleigh ride offered by Jonah to Beth..

The Perfect Christmas - There a sleigh Ride in the story by the Ansley and Beau..


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text 2019-12-07 03:45
24 Festive Task - Door 10: Russian Mothers' Day (Task 3)

Task 3: Until WWII, the most famous part of the Catherine Palace at Tsarskoye Selo near St. Petersburg was the so-called amber room. It was looted, lock stock and barrel, by the Nazis, and has since vanished from the face of the earth, with its fate a complete mystery to the present day. Let your imagination run wild: What do you think may have happened to it? (Kidnapped by aliens? Spirited away by dwarves and hidden in a secret cavern deep below the face of the earth? Sold, piece by piece, to finance … what? The Nazi war effort? The restoration of the Romanovs to the throne of Russia? Stalin’s pogroms? What else?) Don’t hold back, we’d love to know!


Well I have been reading a few children books of late.. There might be some of this in piece of this.  I read a book about young couple so this what I thinks what happens to amber room.


I am thinking that the children have heard of the amber room. So they decide to get together and go look for this room. It has to be special enough that adult don't know much about it. 


I am thinking maybe it protected by magical powerful creatures. The children seem need to band together and work to find it. They will need some help with at least a young man and young woman. They also need to find a Santa that might be able to help. When they do they get a message that they must share. I am thinking that the children and young couple they recruit. 


They travel backward and find it. But when they do,  it happen to have magical powers and creatures and in the present of the children and the young couple time it will show up only if they agree to share this room together. They agree. Whatever they agree that it will be between them and the young couple with them. It be when they get back to their present time. It would become.


They decide it part Magical bookstore for the children and part park for young couple. It only seen by this group of children and their young couple. When they are not near it just vanishes. If they break to not share the place at anytime it just vanishes to never to be seen again.

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