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review 2017-11-29 00:28
Royally Roma by Teri Wilson
Royally Roma (The Royals Book 1) - Teri Wilson

Such a charming story!
I love the chemistry between Julia and Nico. At times it was sweet, but other times they were so hot they were on fire. I'm so glad things happened they way they did.
I feel like this is one of those romances that really stick to you. I definitely want to read the next book and see what else transpires. Do they get married? I hope so. I like reading a natural progression of life in stories, and this one would be ideal having a royal touch to it.
Yup, I love it, and you will love the book too. I guarantee it!



Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2017/11/royally-roma-by-terri-wilson-25.html
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quote 2017-10-08 22:12
"You're the epitome of the sexy librarian."

She giggles, like I've said something silly.


"I've never been called sexy a day in my life."

"Then you're sorely overdue."
Royally Matched - Emma Chase

~~ Royally Matched by Emma Chase

(The Royally series)

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review 2017-09-17 21:50
Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded - Julia James

The biggest issue I had with this one was probably the kid. I know that small children tend to think of themselves as the center of the universe but good Lord. I can only guess that the h doted on him to the point that he never knew the least disappointment, in spite of the abject poverty they lived in (which was another thing - what did she DO for a living? There was no mention of a J.O.B. at any point). This of course lead to him being a sullen brat near the end of the book when they were shipped unceremoniously back to their shack in Cornwall. And her pleading with him to cooperate or have fun or something.


Beyond that, there is the inequality - this isn't the first of these HPs I've run into where the author felt the need to drill into our heads that the h was impoverished. The method of administering this though is downright insulting - frequently referring to the h's clothing as cheap, as if there's something wrong with wearing non-designer duds. And the looks dept. - as if no-one is capable of actually looking at the face in question and seeing the bone structure, including the h who apparently doesn't know what conditioner is for, and has never made even an attempt to look attractive.


The H, refreshingly, isn't a jackass. He's overbearing, but then, he is a prince and used to getting his way. He gets tricked into bringing her to his home country where she is promptly separated from the child. He loses it and decks his brother, grabs her and the kid, finds a priest, and marries her to keep them safe.


One makeover later and he sees her as she really is (well, minus the overly dried out frizzy hair that deep conditioning and probably a brazillian blow out rendered manageable). She doesn't recognize herself in a mirror (back to that never actually looking at oneself thing I guess). Of course, dear old dad places H under house arrest trying to force him to declare the marriage null. He apparently refused and told them where to stick his title.


Tracks down h and sullen brat on a beach in England whereupon the kid magically stops sulking and starts trying to make a castle and demand attention while he and the h are attempting to discuss things. Augh. They work it out but boy I hope the kid figures out how to share attention as the h is pg in the epilogue.

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review 2017-09-12 00:00
Royally Endowed
Royally Endowed - Emma Chase Royally Endowed - Emma Chase Err....ummm...How do I say....hmmm

I can't continue this without hating myself. There, I've said it. I WAS WRONG. Sometimes, narration doesn't save it.

I like a lot of mediocre romance more than I should. I tolerate some. But this...

I could not have hated this dumbass heroine more. YES, she's DUMB. She's not spirited, she's annoying. And most of all, she's dumb. How Logan would see anything
All 'Hey, Logan, I'm Valedictorian, then I rent a shit apartment without heat I propose, what seemed seriously, to stick a bonfire pit in there for heat--BUT OPEN THE WINDOW, cause HEY AMERICAN INDIANS DID IT IN TEEPEES.'

I was worried before this, but this was the point at which I felt even Shane East's great narration couldn't keep me going. The doubt was settling in. And settling in heavy. If it was sarcasm, it was not funny.

But, you know I persisted. Things started heating up. Did I understand how Ellie made the miraculous jump from annoying sister to object of desire. NOPE. Dumb plot device after another. Flashbacks that are just that, I still have no idea how they built the story because it was basically just logs of a day or two together without any significant things occurring-generally, and all the the while I'm wondering what the hell is going on in the present?

I frankly don't care anymore. Next time, please Shane East, narrate me doing my laundry instead. It'd be sexier. Way sexier. Or better yet, narrate my husband doing yard work or cooking. Much better. I can imagine it already.
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review 2017-08-15 00:00
Royally Endowed
Royally Endowed - Emma Chase
4.5 stars

I've enjoyed the previous books, but for me, Royally Endowed has definitely been the best of the series. I loved both of the leads. Ellie is the little sister of the girl who married a prince. Logan is a body guard for the royal family. He has been stationed over Ellie for awhile. This storyline backs up a bit to some of the time periods during the other two books. Ellie is finishing high school, and Logan and Ellie are getting to know each other. She crushes on him and he pretends he doesn't notice. It's very cute. I like that Ellie isn't the quiet little virgin and Logan isn't the bad boy. They're just regular humans, with very irregular connections (the royal family). Over the years, a romance becomes undeniable. It's sweet, but it's also realistic in the fact that they can't just lah-di-dah off into the sunset. There are life decisions to be sorted first. It's a mix of fairy tale and real life. Contemporary romance fans should check this out.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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