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text 2017-12-23 07:45
Improve Your Diction With These Punctuation Tips

Punctuation marks are an integral feature of English language essay writing. But many students struggle to understand how they are supposed to incorporate them within their work. This problem is even more prevalent among the international students’ community because punctuation marks are a concept primarily found within European languages. Students coming from Asia and Africa are typically unfamiliar with their use and are hence unable to incorporate them effectively.

If you are looking for strategies to enhance your writing prowess, then nothing will be more useful than using punctuation marks effectively. This blog will effectively guide you on how to do precisely this. Alternatively, you can always solicit academic aid from the best essay help UK.

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The comma is probably the most widely used punctuation mark; but it is also the trickiest to understand where and when to use. There is virtually an endless number of situation in which a comma can be applied; so much so that it warrants its own blog. Below are the two most delicate of circumstances surrounding the use of the comma:-

  • One of the most controversial aspects of its usage among scholars is before the word ‘and’. Technically speaking, it’s not against grammar rules to do so. However it’s better that you don’t since many people tend to frown upon this.

  • Another potential grammar landmine in relation to comma is the word ‘which’. Typically when it is being used to carry forward towards an idea or explanation; there is a comma preceding it. Not using a comma here is one of the most pervasive punctuation errors that students make. You can avoid taking such a risk altogether and substitute ‘which’ with ‘that’ instead.

Apostrophes Vs. Quotation Marks

These are two punctuation marks whose usage is perplexing for many students who often confuse one for the other. The difference between these two is actually very simple. Internalise this information:-

  • Apostrophes are used in circumstances when you want to want to quote something as being said by somebody, or something, else. It is supposed to convey that the statement in question is doubtful and is likely to not be true. For example; “she gossiped with a ‘ghost’”.
  • Quotation marks are used in order to quote in your project. This makes it especially important for the situations where you need to include a direct quote from a researcher. An example would be; the professor said that “there will be absolutely no tolerance for this kind of behaviour”.

Speech Marks

Another great punctuation mark tip that all students should know is that it is always best if you close quotation marks with a punctuation at the end. Case in point; “Hey, don’t go!” This rule is applicable irrespective of all and any circumstances; if you are quoting somebody’s speech then it has to end on a punctuation mark. Of course, this last suggestion isn’t suitable for all kinds of essays; only for narrative essays where you have to essentially tell a story. But it’s good to know it just in case so that you are ready for all and any type of writing challenge.

Although, to be able to conquer all writing challenges; you have to always have a plan B. Have a reliable help company’s writer standing over your shoulder, so that he or she can swoop into your assistance the moment you need their aid.

Author Bio

Harriet Sebastian has taught the English Language at universities around the world. She has been retired since 2006 but has not given up on providing students with the Best Essay Help UK. She continues to distribute her skills for all to learn via the power of the internet.

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quote 2015-07-26 13:03
“[A novel is] a paper where your thesis is that these people are real, and you have to prove it.”

~ Maggie Stiefvater

Source: wordpress.com/read/post/feed/8428806/762619036
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review 2014-07-09 00:00
How to Write a Better Thesis: 3rd edition
How to Write a Better Thesis: 3rd edition - David Evans,Paul Gruba Received via NetGalley and Melbourne University Publishing in exchange for an completely unbiased review.

How to Write a Better Thesis is about writing your first thesis. The questions you will have to ask, the issues you will face when choosing research methods and even the desire to procrastinate are all discussed in this book. The authors even include a brief checklist near the end of the book to allow students to photocopy the "minimums" in thesis completion preparation.

The book itself reads very much like an essay (or thesis) itself; with a research question at the beginning, a description of the purpose of a thesis, the overall usefulness of theses to the academic world, and the steps involved to develop a strong piece of writing. The ending sums up the entirety of the book, and directs a reader back to the initial aim of the book: aiding a student towards an academic thesis writing framework.

An insightful, well rounded and sometimes understandably dull - this book is worth the purchase if you are about to start your thesis project. It would be very useful to read, highlighting the important parts and utilizing the checklist. Considering the authors themselves are thesis advisors the book has some useful tips and tricks that steer the reader away from popular mistakes that they have seen time and again. Well worth the effort to read if you have time during this stressful time of your life!
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text 2014-02-11 16:17
I love data!

So my questionnaire is coming along.  Already 50 submissions.


And let me say...I'm nerding out over this data.  I'm looking at data that no one else in the industry has no clue about.


And I'm just some college student.




If you are a book blogger and want to help the book community please take my short questionnaire:




If this link does not work, simply visit my website at:



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text 2014-02-07 23:07
Attention all Ye bloggers of books!

If You don't know, I am currently working on my graduating thesis for school.  For my thesis I am helping mainly indie authors understand the book market.  Due to all the changes with with the book world, authors are no longer sure what their readers want and solving this problem has become quite complex.

By filling out this short questionnaire you would be giving me data which would help me solve this problem, which in the end could mean better books for you!



Please help! 




(Survey is anonymous btw)

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