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text 2019-07-16 18:06
Crowdsourced History Reading -- TA's List No. 1: Bulk Entries and Basics
The Weaker Vessel: Woman's Lot in Seventeenth-Century England - Antonia Fraser
The Perfect King: The Life of Edward III, Father of the English Nation - Ian Mortimer
Magna Carta: The Birth of Liberty - Dan Jones
Shakespeare: For All Time - Stanley Wells
The Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean - John Julius Norwich
The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Medici - Christopher Hibbert
Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies - Jared Diamond
The Story of Civilization - Will Durant,Ariel Durant
Encyclopedia of World History - Oxford University Press
Putzger: Historischer Weltatlas - Ernst Bruckmüller,Walter Leisering,Friedrich Wilhelm Putzger,Michael Ackermann,Bruno Mègre,Rudolf Berg,Manfred Vasold,Peter Claus Hartmann,Jochen Grube,Martin Clauss,Bernd Isphording,Stephan Warnatsch,Christina Böttcher,Hans Weymar,René Betker,Ralf Kasper

I'm going to split up my submissions for the crowdsourced history reading list initiated by Chris into several topical lists (with cross references), beginning with the authors and book series I'm submitting in toto, as well as some basic reference material.  So:


* Antonia Fraser (women's history, Tudors & Stuarts)
* Ian Mortimer (British history, particularly Middle Ages)
* Dan Jones (ditto)
* Stanley Wells (Shakespeare -- everything from biographies and history to criticism)
* John Julius Norwich (British and Mediterranean history)

* Christopher Hibbert (ditto)
* Jared Diamond (intersection of (world) history, geography, and sociology)


* Will Durant, Ariel Durant: The Story of Civilization (11 volumes, Ancient Orient to Age of Napoleon)

* Various Authors: Fischer Weltgeschichte (published elsewhere as Weidenfeld & Nicolson Universal History / Siglo XXI Editores Historia Universal / Storia Universale Feltrinelli, and Bordas / Fayard Histoire Universelle, respectively) (36 vols., prehistory to present day)

* Oxford Encyclopedia of World History
* Putzger Atlas der Weltgeschichte (unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge not translated into English -- but for my money, one of the best historical cartographical works in existence)

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text 2019-07-15 22:07
Things to do with kids in Dubai

Don’t miss these kid-approved activities

Dubai's offerings and big itemize attractions can be as enjoyable for children as they are for parents. Explore the final area as a tribe with our top kid-friendly activities in Dubai.


Dubai Parks and Resorts



Dubai Parks and Resorts offers children and the girlish at mettle an impressive raiment of mega-theme parks equivalent Motion gate, Screenland Parks and LEGOLAND. You can flat support a reside in River land recreation and dining boulevard, which offers all the latest in dynamical clan fun. Form this your most fun-filled household leisure yet by staying among the proceeding at Lapita Hotel, a Polynesian-themed luxuriousness hotel situated hand in the parks.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Dubai Trip and Tour how to manage transport or Dubai Car Rental. Don’t worry just go to Rental Cars UAE and find out a suitable package. Rental Cars UAE provide all kind of Monthly car rental or rent a Car in Sharjah Services in Dubai. Moreover, you can get a 30% discount on all packages. Furthermore, if you are looking for Three Days deal on Car lease? No worries! Cheap Car Rental Dubai  is here to assist you with the best packages that are the most suitable and cars are available at very affordable rates on three days. 360 AED is the three days package. Do not miss to grab the chance to drive in Dubai.


IMG Worlds of Adventure

Experience theme park thrills


A day at IMG Worlds of Adventure, one of Dubai's newest and most elating air parks, gift maturate the kids grinning. Be reliable to put on comfy footgear because there are nearly 28 sports fields of interval filled with attractions for the intact kin to try. Tickle rides at IMG carry your challenger characters to history, from old friends like The Power puff Girls to the heroes of React. A day at IMG Worlds give maturate for a memorable descent holiday.


Kite Beach

Feel the energy on Dubai’s coolest beach


It's all roughly the kids at Kite Beach, now total with a Skate Commons, outdoor trampolines, a task gym and a modification country for the emotional ones. It's the perfect determine to know travel with the kids, compile shells and then have breakfast or dejeuner at the famous food pushcart, Seasoned, or one of the umpteen beach canteens along the functional track. Parents can sit affirm and have the kite shift present and stunning views of Burj Al Arabian patch the kids spiel in the sand or on the adventure layer at Wire Class.



Creative children’s fun


Promising to "operate and breathe kids", Olio is an overbold construct jactitation a straddle of inventive and interactive activities for children. Aimed at two to 11-year-olds, the attitude locus in Al Quoz is separate into coronary themed galleries. One of the highlights here is Tosi’s Net - a colorful hanging amount region, handcrafted by an Asiatic creator, while new fun activities permit propulsion cannonballs in the Facility Room and tinkering in the Creative Lab. Birthday circle packages are also lendable.


City Walk

Entertainment for the whole family


Municipality Travel is one of our most kid-friendly shopping districts with areas equivalent Hub Adjust - a realistic vice receives with disparate zones for all ages and The Unripe Planet - a confined ecosystem recreating an equatorial timber with the author than 3,000 plants and animals. Don't fail this awful region that fuses amusement, shopping, dining and many into one magnificent experience.


Aqua venture Waterpark

Have a splash and chill out


Kids and adults similar are warranted an adrenaline hire at Aqua venture Waterpark at Atlantis, The Area. Valorous vacationers should break out the green's stir rides, one of which plummets you into a tube that rides through a shark Lagune. The younger ones can rest change at the tamer rides and Splashes Children's Witticism Atlantic. And when it's experienced for a stop from all the sue, meander along the Touch's calm waterways or pretend a spy of the sun on the offstage beach



The ultimate kid-zone


Situated internal The Dubai Mall, this award-winning thought has been intentional as a 'grownup get' scaled downward in situation. Kidzania is an 'edutainment' Gordian finish with paved streets, buildings, and a performance action. Observe the kids music grown-up, taking on jobs that grasp from firemen, chefs and doctors to radio-show hosts, Emirates pilots or alter perfumers creating their rattling own scents. The Kidzania Grapheme Place is added detail here. Designed to resemble a real-life space center, children can acquire statesman roughly astronauts and the aggregation with the cater of realistic actuality and simulated attractions.


Dubai’s desert

Have an adventure along the dunes


Don't shoot the opportunity to experience California for unforgettable retention of Dubai. Whether it's sandboarding, camel or ridge traveling or exploit on a California expedition, this is one task the kids will love. If you essential your California journey to worst all dark, pitch beneath the stars.


Dolphin Bay

Make new friends


Slush alongside one of nature's friendliest mammals at Dolphin Bay in Atlantis, The Tree. Swimmers of all ages and capabilities are pleased to introduce with the clubbable sea dwellers. Dolphin Bay is one of the worldliest Percodan habitats in the class, aimed at educating visitors around the delirious collection and the standing of preserving their earthy environment. At the end of the day, don't be astonished if the kid’s demand they've prefab a new finest Quaker!


Dubai Ice Rink

Dance on the ice


Ice skating in the middle of the Calif.? This is Dubai, after all. The Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Edifice, in the Dubai Center is opened to skaters of all ages and abilities with instructors on help to aid get you into the groove and around every filiform crossroad. Older kid’s testament relish the disco conference where lights and chart-topping tunes release them the chance to demo off their safety Sal chows in the emirate's coolest saltation receiver.


Bounce Dubai

Get your bounce on


Kids (and adults) are an outlet for much stimulating fun on over 100 integrated trampolines at Resale Dubai. Soft ones can tumble their ticker out at Mini Spring piece senior kids effectuation their immerse in the basketball hoops and snap off The Wall. As another bonus, everyone is warranted to kip source afterward.


Wild Wadi

Waterpark fun for everyone


Precooled off at Unquiet Wadi waterpark with over 30 attractions perfect for the intact home. Copulate a wet rollercoaster, need the perforate downfield gravity-defying slides, or but swim on the lazy river and prize the stunning Burj Al Arab. Junior visitors get to like in a sacred country utter with minute slides, rising frames, and dumping buckets, organized vindicatory for them.


VR Park

Virtual Reality escapades


VR Parkland, The Dubai Center's newest quality, combines augmented and virtual realism to stunning validness. Try the tremendous Burj Gravitation experience, where you'll move hair the side of the record-breaking Burj Khalifa. If that's too subdued for teens, try and survive a decedent move at The Locomotion Murdered Outbreak VR spirited, or channelize a spaceship to bangle. Junior children and families also change teemingness to bask, making VR Commons an initiate for all ages.


Bouncy thrills


Physical tots give to get in hump with Air Mania - a vast indoor inflatable escapade parcel in Al Quoz. With over 15 activities that the unit stemma can get active in, you'll never be bored. The parcel features a devoted inflatable arena, a 'Warrior Assault' check action, zip reasoning, and symmetric laser tag, time toddlers individual their devoted act regularize. Over serious near fun and games? The arena uses high-tech wristbands so scores are transcribed automatically, and pictures and videos can be now uploaded to party media for crow rights.

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review 2019-07-15 17:24
When Mothers Do Curses...
As Old as Time - Liz Braswell

Wow. This was a great re-telling of "Beauty and the Beast". I loved the whole idea behind this book with the great enchantress from the stories being Belle's mother. And reading about magical people who were afraid since they were being persecuted by those who were "normal". The development of Belle and the Beast was great and I actually bought that Belle fell in love with him in this one. They were a great duo. Braswell changes things up a bit with the introduction of the magical people (les charmantes) so you find out that people from the Disney movie (the bookstore seller) are not what they first appear as. I also loved more of a backstory to Mrs. Potts in this one too. The ending surprised me and I thought it was well done. I went looking for the other "Twisted Tales" but they are retellings of Snow White, Mulan, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, etc. So you don't get to read these characters after the separate stand-alones. I may revisit this series when I get some breathing room later in the year. 


The book starts with a man named Maurice who likes to invent things. He sees a beautiful woman named Rosalind who is one of the les charmantes that live in the village. Though the les charmantes and others have lived togeter in harmony, fighting starts after two boys (one a les charmanates) gets into a fight over a girl and kills the other. The kingdom starts to persecute the les charmantes and many go missing. Rosalind and Maurice though marry and have a daughter named Belle. The story switches back and forth between Rosalind and then Belle. Belle we already know, but in this one she's even more head strong then the Disney counterpart. She's also horrified and a little flattered that Gaston wants to marry her. She wants adventure and to see the world though. When her father goes missing she then comes across the Beast.


Braswell does a great job with showing us the two women until Rosalind disappears from the story. We find out later on what happens to her. When Belle realizes what has happened and what her own mother did (seriously who curses a 11 year old boy) she wants to do what she can to help the Beast and the enchanted servants. I also liked Rosalind though I agree with everyone else, what she ends up doing is kind of a jerk move. We get why she did it, but you realize she was not as she could have been. We get into a bit of the les charmantes that want to leave the kingdom and go somewhere safer and others who just want to be "normal."


The writing and flow was good I think. This is a familiar story to so many people so we get different set up scenes. For example, we don't get a be our guest scene, but we do get a here's some food and wine and no we are not talking to you about anything. We get the scene with Belle and the rose, but it goes totally different. 

The setting of this kingdom is still in France. But a France that is focused on driving out the different and to keep things "pure." 


The ending leaves things on a totally different note than the Disney movie and I wonder how much better the movie would have been if it changed things to what Braswell did. I think a lot more people would have been happy. Not all of us thought the Prince was sexy. 

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text 2019-07-15 17:00
Booklikes-opoly 2019 - the tracking post

Game Updates



Game Play


Bank: $114.00 

Novelty cards currently in my pocket: Robot, Race Car, & Cat


Bank Transactions:


5/20/19: Beginning balance, $20.00

5/22/19: Palace of Treason, +$5.00

5/24/19: Family Matters, +$3.00

5/24/19: Pass Go, +$5.00

5/31/19: The Moonstone, +$3.00

5/31/19: A Fatal Inversion, +$5.00

6/2/19: The Division Bell Mystery, +$3.00

6/2/19: Pass Go, +$5.00

6/9/19: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, +$3.00

6/9/19: Below the Clock, +$3.00

6/9/19: A Local Habitation, +$3.00

6/11/19: A Passage to India, +$3.00

6/13/19: A Great Deliverance, +5.00

6/13/19: Pass Go, +$5.00

6/15/19: My Cousin Rachel, +$3.00

6/17/19: The Colour of Murder, +$3.00

6/30/19: Wolf Hall, +$5.00

6/30/19: The Glass Devil, +$3.00

7/2/19: Pass Go, +5.00

7/15/19: Well-Schooled in Murder, +$5.00

7/15/19: A Fountain Filled With Blood, +$3.00

7/15/19: Out of the Deep I Cry, +$3.00

7/15/19: Bring Up the Bodies, +$5.00

7/15/19: The Key to Rebecca, +$3.00 (used cat card)

7/15/19: Pass Go, +$5.00


Total: $114.00


Roll 17:



Which puts me on the Just Visiting spot of the jail, so I will read a book between 200 and 400 pages, to donate $3.00 to the bail fund. 


Read more
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review 2019-07-15 16:01
Der Swing gerät aus dem Takt
Swing Time - Zadie Smith

Ewig lange habe ich mich vor dieser Rezension gedrückt, sie vor mir hergeschoben und mir den Kopf über meine Beurteilung zerbrochen. Dies geschah aber nicht aus dem Grund, dass ich nicht gerne Verrisse schreiben würde, im Gegenteil, da laufe ich oft in punkto Bösartigkeit und Humor zu meiner Höchstform auf. Das Problem, dass ich hier mit dem Roman und der daraus resultierenden Bewertung habe, ist der Umstand, dass ich gar nicht benennen kann, was mich konkret so an dem Buch gestört hat. Ich kann normalerweise immer recht sachlich formulieren, was der Autor beziehungsweise die Autorin meiner Meinung nach hätte besser machen können, oder warum gerade mir der Roman aus bestimmten persönlichen Gründen bzw. Neigungen und in welchen Kapiteln konkret gar nicht gefallen hat. In diesem Fall bin ich ein bisschen ratlos, ich kann nur ein vages Gefühl benennen.

Dabei startete die Geschichte furios und sen-sa-tio-nell: Die Autorin präsentierte mir eine wundervoll beschriebene Mädchenfreundschaft mit Substanz und Hintergrund zwischen einer ungenannten Protagonistin und ihrer Freundin Tracey mit grandioser Verknüpfung von soziokulturellen Milieus, Werten und Gesellschaftskritik. Viele interessante Themen werden zu Beginn nahtlos und leichtfüßig quasi swinging in die Handlung eingeflochten wie Rasse, Identitätsfindung, soziale Schicht, Bildung, Leidenschaft für das Tanzen.... Zudem präsentiert uns die Story zwei großartig gezeichnete sehr vielschichtige junge weibliche Hauptfiguren ohne Zickenallüren mit substantiellen Problemen. Der Roman schien all das einzuhalten, was ich mir von Elena Ferantes Meine geniale Freundin erhofft hatte, aber nie gekriegt habe.

Ganz plötzlich und sehr früh begann ich dann die meisten Kritiker nur zu gut zu verstehen. Ab Seite 103 verliert man als Leser zunehmend den Kontakt zu den Figuren. Alles wirkt auf einmal so aufgesetzt, blutleer und gefühlslos, als Aimee auftaucht. Die Figur der Aimee soll ja die Königin der Selbstinszenierung, Madonna darstellen und ist wahrscheinlich auch recht gut getroffen, aber mich hat diese oberflächliche seichte Glamourwelt der Superstars nicht interessiert. Die ungenannte Protagonistin beginnt als persönliche Assistentin für den Star zu arbeiten, und gibt fortan ihr eigenes Leben zugunsten des Supports von Aimee komplett auf. Milieustudien sind im Plot noch immer zahlreich vorhanden, aber die beschriebenen Milieus sowohl aus der Welt der Musikindustrie als auch abseits davon, wie beispielsweise das afrikanische Dorf, in dem Madonna ja Adoptivkinder geholt hat, war für mich gähnend langweilig und platt. Dabei bin ich prinzipiell and der Geschichte von Madonna gar nicht uninteressiert, aber ich weiß nicht, warum und auch wie die Autorin in der Entwicklung des Plots und der Figuren so derart den Anfangsesprit verlieren konnte.

Ab der Hälfte war der Roman bedauerlicherweise für mich eine Qual. Irgendwie uninspiriert und langweilig, aber ich könnte nicht genau festmachen, warum und wo genau ich die Geschichte konkret so uninteressant fand.

Fazit: Eigentlich wollte ich den neuen Roman von Zadie Smith lesen, habe aber dann kurzfristig zu Swing Time umdisponiert. Das hätte ich lassen sollen, wäre besser gewesen. Auch von mir gibt es leider keine Lesempfehlung für dieses Buch, obwohl mir das Herz blutet, weil der erste Teil gar so grandios war. Ich kann mir auch nicht vorstellen, wie es passieren kann, dass ein Roman plötzlich so abstürzt.

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