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text 2017-06-27 12:45
The Devil All The Time - Reshelved
The Devil All the Time - Donald Ray Pollock

Real life is pretty grim right now, so I'm having a little trouble with this very dark book. I've read enough to feel that I'll really enjoy it at the right time, but now is not that time. So I'm reshelving it under "try again later" and picking something lighter for my Booklikes-opoly square. 


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text 2017-03-13 02:43
Prosperity (A Prosperity Novel) - Alexis Hall

DNF at 50% - no rating

It can't hold my interest right now. I think it's a mood thing so I'll give it another try some time later.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-03-04 00:00
One Last Try
One Last Try - Kari Gregg Too much anger. Too depressing. Not enough romance for me. And this was not really mpreg book. I only liked Dio. The rest of it, not so much.
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review 2017-02-26 00:00
One Last Try
One Last Try - Kari Gregg The blurb was pretty important in breaking down what happened to Nox and should be read even though clues are dropped about what occurred to make Nox who he is in the book. The story picks up with Farron, the alpha of Nox’s pack stepping down so an alpha fixer, someone who is a bit of an intermediate, can step in and do as his title suggests. Nox is the last to accept the new alpha, Dios, and Farron and Nox’s father taking Dios to meet a skittish Nox.

Starting out I really enjoyed this story. I actually wished it was longer and there wasn’t a six month gap between the prologue and first chapter. I really enjoyed getting to know Nox, Dios and Joth. The pack dynamic was extremely screwed up and the view of omega and their place in the pack was intriguing albeit misguided. I liked that both Nox and Dios weren’t typical shifters as their class dictated.

The story was very unique, ingenious really in terms of pack behavior and mentality. I liked that Mrs. Gregg’s delved into exploring it and breaking the mold of what is normal and what wasn’t. The overall message that we define what is normal and we have to live our lives as we want not as what is expected was well incorporated.
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review 2017-02-15 02:27
Let's Try This Again
Let's Try This Again - Jordyn Woodtke

Josie's love life is....complicated. She has had an on again, off again relationship with Isaac for the past forever.  Josie and Isaac know every little intricacy of each other and the sex is just wow.  Now, on their third break-up, Isaac wants to meet up with Josie for lunch.  Interestingly, this is right before Josie plans on moving all the way to L.A.  Inevitably, Josie and Isaac agree to be friends with benefits until she moves.  In California, Josie is devastated by her separation from Isaac- and his refusal to contact her.  When she lands a job as a personal assistant to Carter Coleman, things take a turn for the better.  Carter used to be in a popular boy-band, now he is going solo.  He has some amazing music written, and Josie's heartache provides the perfect story for his lyrics.  Eventually Josie and Carter form more than a coworker bond; but, is Isaac truly out of the picture and is Josie really ready to try this whole relationship thing again?

We've all either been there or have had a friend who has been there- just stuck in a toxic relationship.  Josie is the definition of today's new adult, confident, adventurous, owning her sexuality but just not clicking in the dating department. Reading about Josie's dating escapades was like reading a friend's diary or reliving some moments from college.  I absolutely loved Josie's inner monologue, it was like she was reading my mind in some situations.  Serious brownie points were also won when Josie not only got to work for, but be in a relationship with a former boy-band member (extra credit was given for mentioning 'N Sync) .  This was my dream, as I'm sure it was with many other women my age.  The decision between Isaac and Carter obviously follows Josie throughout the book (for me it was a no brainer) and we are kept in suspense until the very end.  I was really happy with her decision, even if I would have chosen differently.   Sensuous, sweet and slightly naughty sex scenes were sprinkled in with just enough to keep things spicy, but not so much to take things overboard.  So many things Josie said about relationships and being in love resonated with me, especially from that time in my life especially "...being in love is never the wrong choice because it's not a choice.  Either it's your forever or it gets you to what will come next.  It's always a step in the right direction."  Overall, a fresh, raw and pertinent voice in the new adult genre, perfect for a Valentine's weekend read.
This book was received for free in return for an honest review. 
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