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review 2018-08-14 22:42
New Release Review!
How to Breathe Underwater - Vicky Skinner


There's a lot to unravel here, so bear with me. I'm still in awe of the profound emotional roller coaster I just experienced with this heartfelt story. Skinner has a way with words that elicits your emotions and keeps you engaged page after page.  
Kate is a fairly average teenager, save for one big exception, she's the best swimmer in the state. With her dad as her coach constantly pushing her to do more, be better, work harder, etc. there's a lot of emotional baggage tied into her sport. When Kate's life turns upside down after her dad's affair becomes public, it's more than just a relocation. It is the first time Kate really questions whether she wants to keep swimming now that she's not striving for her father's attention.
I imagine switching schools after growing up with the same team is difficult in itself, then add the pressure of being "the best", any kid would have a hard time. Kate manages to navigate her new circumstances with less than stellar grace and a few bad choices to makes things more challenging. Crushing on the boy next door is adorable and sweet, but navigating through an existing girlfriend and trying to make new friends does not make it easy. 
Kate's struggles with her new family life are an integral part of the story. Divorce is a difficult topic to write about, but Skinner does an exceptional job keeping things just the right amount of heavy without feeling overwhelming. It was important that we see how the divorce is affecting Kate's mom and sister as well. The camaraderie of their shared heartache is a refreshingly honest look at the emotional toll divorce can have on a family. 
Michael and Kate's friendship is the bright light in an otherwise tumultuous world. There's one particular scene that stands out in my mind where they sit in the hallway across from each other in the middle of the night eating ice cream. That sweet moment of friendship made me wish I had a neighbor like that, especially as I suffered from insomnia in high school too. I found their story endearing and frustrating at the same time. It is a splendid story fraught with awkward moments, sweet gestures, and a fair amount of hardship. 
I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy a heartfelt look at what strengths lie in moving on and forgiveness. 
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text 2018-01-16 04:54
Underwater Wireless Fishing Cameras Have Revolutionized Fishing

The popularity of underwater fishing cameras has exploded, thanks to ongoing research, technological advances and innovative new features. Among the most dedicated fishers, these cameras have become “must have” accessories. Whereas previous underwater cameras required physical handling and manipulation—meaning users needed to get into the water, which was uncomfortable and scared away all fish in the area—today’s models are operated wirelessly. This feature makes them undetectable to fish, greatly enhancing the ability of users to monitor underwater activity and make important decisions—to remain in an area or leave, the type of lure or bait to use, and more—based on available photos and video.



In the past, waiting for a fish to bite could consume hours—days, even—without a guaranteed strike. What was transpiring under a boat or beyond the shore was a complete mystery for centuries. However, the introduction of amazing underwater fishing cameras gave anglers the upper-hand and allowed them to participate in a favorite sport with greater probability of successful results and with far less idle time.


Today’s underwater wireless fishing camera is easily attached to any fishing line and conveniently operated with a mobile app installed on a smartphone or tablet. With built-in Wi-Fi and long-lasting rechargeable batteries, fishers can spend hours reviewing and storing live footage and sharing with family, friends and followers on social media everywhere. Top cameras are equipped with inline stabilization, green LED night vision for deep water and night fishing, full HD recording and internal SD card storage.


Since its creation by brothers Ryan and Brandon Austin, GoFish Cam has become the most popular underwater wireless fishing camera. No competitor comes close to matching GoFish Cam’s comprehensive range of innovative features or its simplicity of use. Designed for use with iPhones and Androids, in freshwater and saltwater, while trolling, casting, retrieving and float- or bottom-fishing and by fishers with all levels of experience, GoFish Cam allows every user the opportunity to relive and share their favorite pastime.


About GoFish Cam:

GoFish Cam is a mobile technology company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Its underwater fishing camera is one of the most advanced and popular units available anywhere in the world.       


For additional information, visit Gofishcam.com



Original Source: https://goo.gl/3LGpnN

Source: gofishcam.com
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video 2018-01-03 12:11

GoFish Cam: Best Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera

Fishing is an interesting adventure made, even more, fun and successful with the aid of certain tech gadgets like the underwater fishing camera. GoFish Cam is one of the best underwater fishing cameras specially designed to fit perfectly along with a fisherman’s fishing line and work with a customized mobile application which contains a built-in wireless hotspot. GoFish Cam allows you to record, share and store underwater footage.

For more information visit - https://gofishcam.com/

Source: gofishcam.com
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text 2017-12-13 07:11
Exciting Benefits of Underwater Fishing Cameras

The popularity of underwater cameras has increased dramatically over the past decade. Innovative technology has made possible the introduction of features which previously seemed impossible and made cameras available to the masses. In the past, cameras required physical handling and manipulation by divers or snorkelers who were also underneath the water. This prevented fishers from using cameras to scout holes and areas, as their presence underwater would immediately scare fish away. Now, however, the top underwater fishing camera is undetectable to fish and operated wirelessly from the comfort of a boat, dock or shore.


GoFish Cam brings anglers the most popular underwater fishing camera on the market. GoFish Cam is a wireless camera which is attached—and stabilized—to any fishing line. Users conveniently operate and view action-packed underwater activity using a mobile app on their smartphones or tablets, all possible because of GoFish Cam’s built-in WiFi. Among other benefits, this allows anglers to gain insight into the types and numbers of fish swimming below. With this information, they can determine whether to remain or move to more active waters.

With GoFish Cam, fishers can easily and instantly review, edit and share memorable underwater experiences with family, friends and social media followers anywhere in the world. GoFish Cam is designed for use in both saltwater and fresh water and captures extraordinary video while casting, retrieving, trolling and bottom or float fishing. Additional features of GoFish Cam include:

•    Night Vision: Green LED is ideal for use in deep water and during night fishing
•    Stabilized Design: Hydrodynamic shape ensures steady recording
•    Armor Casing: Tough military-grade casing is designed and built to last
•    1,000-PoundTension Rating: Compatible with all types of fishing and sizes of fish
•    Rechargeable Battery: Long-lasting battery life of four hours
•    Internal Storage: Built-in SD card with a 64-GB storage capacity

About GoFish Cam:

GoFish Cam is a mobile technology company headquartered in Austin, Texas. It has created one of the most advanced underwater fishing cameras available anywhere in the world.

For more information, visit Gofishcam.com


Original Source: https://goo.gl/DCDfJG

Source: gofishcam.com
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