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text 2016-05-05 09:54
Custom Kindle Dictionaries

So, I recently started "The Lord of the Rings" (yay!) and I am naturally lost in between the names and the lingo of Middle Earth.

And then I discovered these 'dictionaries' that you can import on your kindle (I put them on the dictionaries folder), and voilà!


You have a question about a character? Highlight it and it will open his profile. You do not know what a bog is? (I am fairly in the beginning) Do not fear - the fictionary to the rescue!!

That's right! The words you look up will even show up in your vocabulary builder!


Like what you see? You want to try it too?


Head over here, where you can also find instructions on how to download them and load them on the kindle.


P.S #1: These dictionaries are not limited to the Lord of the Rings - they have editions for the Game of Thrones books too (and many many more!) And I know some of you are contemplating on starting them so they might be useful!

P.S #2: Did I mention that they are free?!

Source: thefictionary.net
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review 2015-08-30 16:41
Bill O’Reilly Blames Decline in Spirituality for the Deaths of WDBJ Journalists
Killing Jesus: A History - Bill O'Reilly,Martin Dugard
Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot - Martin Dugard,Bill O'Reilly
Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever - Martin Dugard,Bill O'Reilly
The No Spin Zone: Confrontations with the Powerful and Famous in America - Bill O'Reilly
Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II's Most Audacious General - Bill O'Reilly
A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity - Bill O'Reilly
Keep It Pithy: Useful Observations in a Tough World - Bill O'Reilly

What a horrible, lying, Christian jerk who happened to write a lot of crap books.


I was thinking if you read his books, because you like this jerk, I'm quite certain that we could not be friends. 


If you read these books for research for how someone who is fucked in the head by Jesus think, then my hat-off to you if you didn't throw up. 


These books wasted the sacrifice of tress. Don't get too curious as to encourage publishers to print more crap like these.


Yes. I know he blamed the killing of journalists on the lack of religiosity of Christians. Seriously? How this jerk mind works is really scary and puzzling. 

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review 2015-08-25 01:30
Time of Useful Consciousness
Time of Useful Consciousness - Jennifer Ott

Louisa Unger is a pilot in post-World War II Germany.  She has been captured and now lingers in an American Military prison.  However, Louisa is not being held for the murder of a fellow German, which she is clearly guilty of, but for transporting goods.  To get out, Louisa must begin telling the U.S. Colonel, who also happens to be her mother's lover, the names of the people involved in the giving and receiving of goods that she has transported.  Louisa weaves a tale of the past year of her life to the Colonel, telling him everything without giving away any of the details until she finds out that another life will be at stake.

This was a very interesting story about an even more interesting time in history.  I was intrigued by Louisa, a female pilot, but the story ended up being so much more.  I didn't really know much about Germany after the War, so learning about the conditions that the Germans had to face was eye-opening along with the Black Market Trade.  Louisa's character grew throughout the story, she went from being a scared, naive girl to a brave, confident woman.  Most of all though, this story is about the intricate relationships that people make.  Some interesting relationships are Louisa and her brother Freddy, who Louisa obviously cares for deeply, but Freddy seems to be  more self absorbed; Louisa and Freddy's relationship with their deceased father, a Luftwaffe pilot, both Louisa a Freddy fell into his profession and Louisa's relationship with Kris, a former reconnaissance pilot who now transports goods for Freddy, who Louisa fell hard and fast for.  Overall, an insightful story about love, trust and relationships in a difficult time. 

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.  

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text 2015-05-12 05:51
Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You - Peter Cameron


I just... can't. there are far too many beautiful books out there, and this one was so lofty, dense, overwrought, and had this air of forced intellectualism. It's a wonder, though, because it started out so smoothly and had a nice balance between humor and 'brainy-ish' dialog. Somewhere around the introduction of the therapist, it spun out this painfully arduous reflection on human nature and life, which isn't a bad thing, but it wasn't headed in a direction that i was willing to spend one more minute on. It was also about this time that the characters became drab replicas of one another. Any distinguishing factors dissipated as the MC went into endless diatribes against everyone and everything.


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review 2014-09-06 06:13
Peter Cameron – Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You
Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You - Peter Cameron


Genre: M/M Young Adult


Summary: In the tradition of The Catcher in the Rye, this darkly comic story of a young man’s very reluctant coming-of-age paints an indelible portrait of a teenage hero holding out for a better grownup world.


Review: I was a bit disappointed with this book. I tend to have an overdeveloped need to like the main character and I couldn't muster much enthusiasm for this kid.


After noting several positive reviews of this book from people whose reviews I find reliable, I sort of had high expectations for this that were not fulfilled. This is probably my fault as several very reputable literary critics also gave this high marks but it just wasn't to my taste. One critic even went so far as to call this funny. I failed to find the funny in this book.


The author can write well and the details are true but overall this felt like an uniteresting photograph taken by a middling photographer with a good camera. The details and the storytelling were clear and sharp but the subject matter just didn't capture my interest.

Perhaps part of the problem is that I once had a writer for a roommate that was too much like this kid. He even went to Brown. But he was always so effete and world weary. The room mate exhausted all of my patience for this "woe is me" forever forlorn attitude.


James, the kid here, was financially and culturally overindulged but didn't seem to get much attention from either of his parents. Even the family dog Miró couldn't be bothered to be a dog and give him much affection. Perhaps there's some appeal for a Post Bush/Post 9/11 Era Holden Caulfield, but I just didn't empathize. He was also a loner and felt uncomfortable around people his own age.


This book sort of reminded me a bit about that quip about how the French speak French... It doesn't matter WHAT you say, so long as you structure it correctly and pronounce it well. This kid with his over-attention to grammar couldn't help but remind me of that.


The few times that the kid seemed the most normal were when he was visiting his grandmother but at the very end of the book when he talks about her death, it's still with a semi-lobotomized casualness without the level of regret, I would expect as normal.


Another reviewer thought that James was presented without the angst that makes it tedious. I just felt that James couldn't muster the energy to generate much angst.

Still another said in his review that he wanted to give him (James) a hug. I wanted to slap the kid and tell him...


He's young he's healthy, he's reasonably well off, he's reasonably smart and apparently good looking. He should learn to lighten up and just enjoy himself more. Quit taking everything so seriously.


I felt that the sessions with the kid's therapist were not all that interesting except as a way to point out that not every thereapist is right for every patient.


One final thought... I wanted to take the kid and shake him. He was doubting whether he even wanted to go to college. He shouldn't go as he's not in the right frame of mind for it. He should travel, he should work a bit and spend sometime outside that high pressure, neurosis incubator that is Manhattan, perhaps a grand tour of Europe or a stint in the peace corps or some such.

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