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review 2018-12-30 00:30
Vanilla Clouds is not a vanilla book...
Vanilla Clouds - Roe Horvat,Vance Bastian

Wow! I've been wanting to read a book by this author for ages now and it just seemed like this was not going to happen so when I was offered the opportunity to listen to this one on audio narrated by a new to me narrator...Vance Bastian...you can bet that I ran off to audible to listen to the sample and yes my fingers were crossed as I diligently listened and hoped that I would like this new to me combo and well...needless to say I got my own little Christmas miracle (I got this one on Dec. 24th so who am I to dispute this). 


'Vanilla Clouds' for me was like a breath of fresh air. Roe Horvat has taken some things that logically speaking either shouldn't be believable or at the very least shouldn't work...don't sweat it, it all works. I love a sweet love story that leaves me feeling just a little starry eyed at the end and when it came to Magnus and Michal I was feeling more than a little starry eyed. These two men were beyond adorable together.


Magnus is in love with Michal before they ever meet and if truth be told his feelings are reciprocated. They've been on-line friends for a while now and sadly because of things (yep, read the story if you need more details) Michal refuses to meet Magnus. But Magnus is not a man who readily admits defeat and he's willing to risk whatever he has to for a chance with the man he knows he loves...Hell Yeah!!! I was cheering for Magnus.


'Vanilla Clouds' gives us a different setting...we're not in Kansas (code for the US) anymore or even Canada...the setting is Sweden we've got a Swedish MC and a Polish MC, we've got loving and supportive parents  and one kick-ass roommate...no seriously she can kick-...


We've got chocolate and let me just say I'm not a big lover of chocolate...don't hate me but if it's really good chocolate I can get on board with things.


We've got an age difference and once again not a fan but if it's done well and done right...again I can get on board.


We've got an MC who's healing from a horrible experience and working really hard to find his footing in the world again and we've got another MC who wants to help him. Who believes in him and wants to be there for him. To help make his world a better place.


I know a lot of us say we don't believe in love at first sight but this one begs the question 'if you don't believe in love at first sight...how do feel about love when it's sight unseen?' for me, Roe Horvat made it work.


On top of all this we have Vance Bastian the narrator who so perfectly captured the characters and the atmosphere of this story for me.


Needless to say my first Roe Horvat story was a definite success as was my first Vance Bastian audio experience...so of course, I'm a fan...of both.


At just under 4 hours if you're not familiar with either this author or the narrator than this really is a golden opportunity and if you are familiar this is a chance to enjoy a love story that's sweet and will very possibly leave you feeling a little starry eyed. 




An audio book of 'Vanilla Clouds' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-11-05 03:31
A Splash of Vanilla (Three Sisters Catering, #3) by Bethany Lopez
A Splash of Vanilla - Bethany Lopez



Millie and Tasha found their happily ever afters. Isn't it time for Dru to have her turn? A Splash of Vanilla is the bittersweet conclusion to an enchantingly heartwarming family affair. Lopez has put a stamp on my heart with this whimsical trio. A tasty treat for the soul.

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review 2018-09-29 00:34
Hardcore Vanilla (Stronghold Doms Book 8) by Golden Angel
Hardcore Vanilla - Golden Angel



There is nothing vanilla about the vibes Sharon and Jake give off. They push each other to the limits of control and patience with abrasive personalities, explosive attraction and sensual delight. What happens when sassy foreplay becomes a matter of the heart? Angel turns the heat on full blast with a headfirst dive into complicated. Hardcore Vanilla is chaos at it's most nuclear. The ride up may be fierce, but the descent is worth the trip.

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review 2018-07-31 20:18
Vanilla Clouds by Roe Horvat 3.5 Star Review
Vanilla Clouds - Roe Horvat

I could spend days listening to you talk about chocolate.”

Sex and chocolate are the two pleasures Michał enjoys most in life.

His sex life has been nonexistent for some time, though. After a particularly bad hookup, he keeps mostly to himself. That leaves chocolate. Luckily, he works surrounded by the most delicious, extravagant produce in Gothenburg. Beside his job at the chocolaterie, his main source of excitement is his online friend, Magnus, whom he stubbornly refuses to meet in person.

A customer turns up at the chocolaterie one day—tall, shy, and charming. He could be just the right man. If Michał can step out of his overly safe shell, there might be not only chocolate, but sex, too. Maybe chocolate-flavored sex. And if he’s lucky, maybe even love.




This is really sweet and hot romance between two friends who meet on line. One of them is afraid to meet in person. And then they do.


The characters are lovely as in the chocolate and the setting in Sweden.


I love Hovart's writing style. I could have used a bit more love story before the epilogue but a fine romance overall.

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review 2018-07-30 14:55
Review: “Vanilla Clouds” by Roe Horvat
Vanilla Clouds - Roe Horvat


~ 4 stars ~


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