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text 2017-02-06 16:17
Burgundy hair won't budge...

A while ago I wrote a post about my hair dye colors being switched at the store. Well cinnababerry was actually burgundy that some teenager thought it was hilarious to put in the box instead (I will one day find this teen and have my revenge). Well I tried to dye it again, it won't change colors. It's still burgundy! My roots changed colors, now I have an unintentional hombre going on. No, this can't work for me. Crap!

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text 2016-12-03 04:39
Shit... Fu*k No!

So, bought a few books for the kids for Christmas today. And decided to pick up some hair dye while I was there, CINNABERRY. I always use it. It's the perfect brownish reddish like a cinnamon stick only darker. Mixed it up, put it on my head, waited the proper time, rinsed, conditioned, then blow dried... It's fucking burgundy! Some jackass thought it was funny to change the color tube. Asshat. I call Walcrap to tell them they needed to gocheck their hair dye and the teenage rep laughed about this. Ugh... My hair is purplish when in light. what the hell, maybe it will grow on me.

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text 2015-10-16 18:01
Ruminating On: Walmart (Part 2)

Some of you will remember my last Walmart post, but for those of you who do not, you can find Part 1 HERE.


Complaints were made last time, and it seems the store has gotten even worse. I'm talking about Walmart store number 00483, the one located in Prattville, Alabama. I'm only blogging about this to try and bring attention to a problem that is apparently unsolvable. 


Walmart's complaint system sends complaints back to the store. But what happens when the management in the store is horrible? For instance:


Today, I took my mother on her monthly outing to Walmart. She's disabled and she needs a motorized cart to get around. I go with her because she needs help reaching stuff high up on shelves and we know the employees at this particular Walmart are unhelpful. The only reason she still goes to this one is because her dogs like Old Roy treats and, yes, my mother is stubborn in her old age. Instead of finding a treat alternative or going to a different Walmart, she says, "I shouldn't have to go somewhere else for the stuff I need. They need to fix this one." I agree. She's absolutely right. But Walmart's complaint system is broken. There is no way to go over management's head to some like a district manager. Who knows, maybe even the district manager here is a jerk like the rest of his subordinates.


Anyway, back to today.  A CSM (Customer Service Manager) name Skertia, was standing in the middle of an aisle gossiping about other employees with the cashier who was ringing up my mother's items. My mother said, "Excuse me," because she needed to get by. Skertia kept right on talking. My mother repeated herself. Once again, nothing. I raised my voice and said, "Excuse me. Can we get by, please?"


This woman gave me a look like I'd stoned her baby and said, "That's all you had to say." Like what? I needed to say "Excuse me, please" instead of just "Excuse me"? Was that my unforgivable faux pas? But at least this time she stepped out of the way. When she did, my mother rolled by and headed for the exit where she planned to wait for me while I completed checking out.


Once my mother (a 69 year old woman in a motorized cart) was gone, Skertia thought it would be a good idea to start complaining about Mom to the cashier. "Oh, people give me a headache. Like she couldn't get around me." Actually, Mom couldn't get around Skertia, because the carts at our local Walmart are roughly the size of grizzly bears and Skertia had (how can I say this and remain respectful?) a rather rotund rear end. 


I should have left it alone. I should have kept my mouth shut and taken the bullshit coming out of this woman's mouth like shit through a goose, but I'm protective of my mother, so I said, "Then maybe you need to go home and not deal with customers today."


Skertia smiled for the first time and said, "Maybe I should. You'd like that, huh?"


Oh boy. 


To keep from causing a scene, I left. I could have retorted, but it would have been pointless. These people are already making shitty money working for a shit employer in the even shittier southern United States. Their give-a-fuck is nonexistent, and anyone who assumes they have a fuck left to give is informed otherwise posthaste.


To wrap up this shitstorm, I called the store on the way home and asked for the complaint line. The lady who answered the phone said they didn't have a complaint line, but they could put me through to a manager. I was put on hold. Trisha, who identifies as a manager, came on the line and asked me what was wrong. I relayed my story to her, and she kept says, "Mmm-hmm" like a parent listening to a child whom they know is lying. Every time I paused for breath, Trisha would make that noise, "Mmm-hmm," so I finally told her I would go home and find the complaint line or fill out an online complaint form. 


Then Trisha told me the truth of the matter. "It doesn't matter where you complain. It all comes back to us."


Right. So fuck me and the horse I rode in on. Gotcha. 


This system is broken. And you know what? It doesn't matter. Because my mother will continue to shop Walmart and so will millions of others. But I don't lose easily. So every time this happens, I will blog about it. I will complain. I will tell everyone I know that Target is worth the few extra pennies on the dollar because their employees are actually happy people. I will direct people to Winn Dixie or Food Outlet for their shopping because, honestly, Walmart is not the cheapest place in town. And I will try and talk my mother into ordering her dog treats online. That's all I can do. 


Because you can't fix what management doesn't think is broken.


Thanks for reading,



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text 2015-07-24 19:26
Ruminating On: Walmart

Ruminating on: Walmart


This is a plea. Please, stop shopping at Walmart. The products are only slightly cheaper than their competitors, and what you save in anxiety, frustration, and hope for humanity by not shopping there is worth more than the four cents you save on shampoo and the dollar off your family-sized Crisco.


I went shopping with my mother today. I witnessed several things. Firstly, the managerial staff were all hanging around the aisles, leaning on columns and gossiping about their subordinates. Not ten feet away from them aisles were clogged with unmanned pallets and buggies. Obviously, their associates were supposed to be restocking. On a Friday. In the middle of the day. Let that sink in. I know you’ve been to Walmart. I know you’ve seen how busy Walmart is on a Friday. You already can’t move because of the sheer amount of flesh bouncing around in the aisles. What kind of idiotic managerial staff has their associates doing a full restock on a Friday?


When my mother and I finally made it to the checkout, the cashier did not speak to us once. Not even to tell us the total. In fact, when we asked how much the total was, she turned the display so we could see it. Do I blame this cashier for being antisocial? No I do not. And here’s why.


Walmart is a circle of suffering that feeds on itself, like a snake devouring its tail. The employees are miserable because they have to deal with miserable human beings. These miserable human beings shop at Walmart due to the convenience of finding everything in one place. Yes, people shop there because of the lower prices. But more people shop there because they’re lazy. Where else can you buy shoes, milk, trash bags, makeup, and a new set of tires, all while getting your oil changed under the same roof? (I am fully aware that disabled persons and people who've simply fallen on hard times frequent Walmart as well. We'll get to one such person at the end of this post. For now, we're talking about lazy people.)


Lazy people are notoriously selfish. (If you have any question about the laziness and selfishness of the people in question, go out to your local Walmart and check out the wardrobes of the folks roaming the aisles. Pro tip: breathe through your mouth when within close proximity.) Is it any wonder that Walmart customers are in such a bad mood? I mean, they have to deal with all these other people just to get their shopping done. And then what happens? They let their vitriol overflow on Walmart associates.


Of course the people in customer service at Walmart are mad at the world. Look at the entitled jerks they have to deal with on a daily basis. Of course Walmart cashiers aren’t friendly. Look at the people they have to ring up. Of course our cashier didn’t talk to us. She was probably afraid we were going to bitch her out because the managerial staff decided to do a full restock on a Friday.


But does complaining work? No it doesn’t. When you call Walmart’s complaint line, you don’t actually speak to a human being. A computer asks you questions about the store number, the time and date, and then asks you to describe your experience. At the end of the recording, you are told that your complaint will be sent to your local Walmart. Someone there will look over your complaint. What good does this do if part of the problem is the managerial staff? Am I to believe that the managers who were leaning against columns and gossiping about their employees will actually care that I had a bad experience inside their store? You know what’s going to happen – my complaint will get deleted and nothing will be done. My local Walmart (which is located in Prattville, Alabama) will continue to give the same poor customer service as it always has, because people will continue to shop there, and the snake will continue to eat itself.


So if it’s not going to make a difference why am I writing this? Well, this is nothing more than a plea, really. Maybe if more of us stopped shopping at Walmart, something might be done. Maybe if more of us complain, managers will actually start listening. Yes, Walmart is a mega corporation that truly only cares about one thing — money. Little old me is not going to change that. Unfortunately, I have a mother who shops there and refuses to go anywhere else because she’s disabled and can get everything in one place. No in and out of cars. No trekking from place to place in hundred degree heat. And oh look at the savings. Who am I to argue? Still, I see how Walmart affects her. She’s always a much angrier person when we leave that place. She always has something to complain about. And why shouldn’t she, when there is so much to complain about.


I’m going to go and try to calm down. Take care of each other.


*hugs and high-fives*



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text 2014-03-03 20:36
It can happen to anyone.

For those who don't know I work in fraud for my day job. I have seen it all and heard it all, and then next week I'm sure I'll hear something new. I pride myself on being pretty saavy when it comes to people running a scam. But I learned this week that it can happen to anyone....including me. Luckily nothing bad happened, but still, lesson learned.


So I was at Walmart with the hubby, we were doing our weekly grocery shopping. We got approached in line by two guys. Now, they were kinda sketchy looking so I was suspicious and tried to push them off on hubby...but he wasn't paying attention so that didn't work lol. They tell me that they need cash for gas money, they have $80 in Walmart gift cards. So if they give me the gift cards to use, will I take out $60 in cash for them and the extra $20 is just their thank you. I figured, well if there's no money or the incorrect amount of money on the gift cards then I can always refuse...and if there is then no harm done.


So we check out, the gift cards have exactly the amounts on them that they told me that they did. I take the $60 in cash and hand it to them, everything's kosher and everything is fine. They say thank you, we say good luck, and go to our car. Once at our car, one of them approached us and says that we had agreed to give them $70, not $60. I said no, I don't think that's how it went. But to get rid of him (because now he's freaking me out) we give him the only cash we have left $5. He leaves to go meet up with his buddy who is approaching someone else in the parking lot...presumably with the same story. Now something is sketchy.


Hubby and I go home and decide that it's weird and we're going to call the Walmart manager. We do, and he says that it's a scam and happens all the time. The gift cards were either stolen, or they stole merchandise from Walmart and brought it back to "return" it...but because they don't have a receipt Walmart gives them a gift card. Then they get unsuspecting people to use the gift cards and get cash so that they are not on camera doing anything with the cards. He apologized that it happened to us, asked us for a description of the gentlemen and what time and register we were at so they can review the surveillance tape and hopefully catch them doing it to someone else and have them arrested.


Honestly, I have never even heard of this before! I mean, what the hell? Here I was trying to do a good deed for someone and I helped someone defraud the store! I am horrified. Right now I am feeling less than charitable to anyone, for any reason.

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