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review 2018-04-11 00:17
Memory of Water: Lyrical but not Deep
Memory of Water: A Novel - Emmi Itäranta

The writing in this book is absolutely lovely. It's lyrical, almost meditative, and really pulled me into a sense of place and tone. I could feel the heat pushing down on me, and the bugs buzzing in the air. The descriptions were lush and evocative, especially when describing the tea ceremony. It is easily one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I've read in quite some time. While I was reading I was absolutely engrossed and transported. Whenever I set the book down, however, things would niggle at me. And now that a little time has passed since I finished the book I find I've cooled on it even more.


The actions of the main character, the science, the way the world operates, it all just fails to make sense upon inspection. And this book wants you to inspect. It pulls you close, and very clearly wants you to think about the messages and themes it presents. I can't remember the last time I read a book that had such lovely prose, but at its core such uneven storytelling. The main character was so naive it went beyond the point where I would have disliked her, and instead went into territory where I could no longer suspend disbelief in her. There were points where I actually found myself exclaiming aloud at her poor decisions. It didn't feel like the actions of a dumb girl - it felt like the author manipulating the flow of the story to reach a certain conclusion. Since the story toys with being a character study this is pretty damning.


In the end I'm torn on this one. I enjoyed reading it, and I loved the prose, but I'm left frustrated. There are just too many plot holes and story crafting issues for this to be the sort of read I can solidly say I love. That said, I very much want to read more of Itäranta's work in the future. I think she could become brilliant if her storytelling can catch up to her writing skills.

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review 2018-04-02 19:38
The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro & Daniel Kraus
The Shape of Water - Guillermo del Toro,Daniel Kraus

If you don’t know the story yet, The Shape of Water is about a Sea God that is captured by an evil man who considers himself a Jungle God. The Sea God is taken to laboratory where he is held captive and subjected to torture by human monsters who want to destroy this thing they don’t understand. A mute janitor named Elisa shows him kindness and brings him eggs and music and they fall in love.

If you’ve ever had a little secret crush on The Creature from the Black Lagoon this is the book that was written for you. Even if you haven’t, it might be the book for you!

There is brutality and ickiness but the sweet romance provides a nice contrast.

This book is based on the movie of the same name and if you enjoyed the movie, I think you should read the book too. I was expecting an emotionless rehashing of the screenplay but that’s not at all what I got. The story is fleshed out most excellently as are all of the characters. The first ¼ reads like an action adventure novel that takes place in the jungle. We see bad guy Strickland in action and he does some horrible, depraved things that end up haunting him throughout the story. There is so much more here than what was shown in the film that you need to know, if you’re anything like me. Strickland’s wife even has a storyline that I found interesting. She is the typical perfect 50’s/60’s wife but she’s not thrilled with her lot in life and longs for more and actually takes the steps to do so causing Strickland to become more unhinged as the book progresses. I loved seeing that bastard get beaten down. We also get to know Zelda and Giles and the Russian scientist on a much deeper level as well.

Now about that fish love, and I know that’s why you’re here, it works spectacularly in the book and it’s not at all “icky” (the ickiness only came from Strickland and his rotting fingers and garbage thoughts). The romance develops too quickly in the movie for my tastes (I’m never a fan of insta-love even if the male is a Sea God) but here there’s time for it develop at a natural pace as they communicate through sign language and his physical color changes that he controls to show his emotions and calm situations for anyone paying close enough attention - and Elisa is. We get to know Elisa and are allowed in on all of her intimate thoughts. We even get a bit of the Sea God’s perspective which I LOVED. He’s primitive and gentle in his thoughts and has another way of looking at life that felt genuine to who he was before being ripped from the calmness and savage beauty of the jungle. 

This is a unique and strange love story and I really and truly am glad I took some time to read it. 4 ½ Stars

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review 2018-03-27 11:05
Through Hell and High Water by echoes_of_another_life
Through Hell and High Water - stir_of_echoes
The sequel to 'The Fire in Which we Burn' takes us through the court case against Ava. Plus Jensen's pregnancy progresses.
Source: archiveofourown.org/works/9107161
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text 2018-03-27 02:52
Global Water Leak Detection Systems Market 2017: Raychem (Tyco), Honeywell International, TTK Leak Detection, Water Alert (Dorlen Products), FloLogic

Market Research Quest added a new research report titled “Global Water Leak Detection Systems Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2023” in its database. The Water Leak Detection Systems Market report also includes market dynamics including drivers, key trends, opportunities, and challenges that are likely to influence the growth in the global Water Leak Detection Systems Market. The main objective of the report is to provide information on the global market based on all the important factors.

The report on the Water Leak Detection Systems Market has been compiled after extensive research. The primary research phase involved conducting extensive interviews with in industry experts, opinion leaders, industry players, distributors, and retailers.

Request for Latest Free Sample Report: http://www.marketresearchquest.com/sample/2655/Global-Water-Leak-Detection-Systems-Market-by-Manufacturers-Countries-Type-and-Application-Forecast-to-2023                                               
The Water Leak Detection Systems Market report includes important factors fuelling expansion of the market, size & share, trends and developments modeling the market dynamics, and untapped opportunities for active market participants.

The Water Leak Detection Systems Market report also segmented regionally. The major regions cover in this reports are:

  • North America
  • China
  • Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • Japan
  • India

Enquire Before Purchase: http://www.marketresearchquest.com/enquiry/2655/Global-Water-Leak-Detection-Systems-Market-by-Manufacturers-Countries-Type-and-Application-Forecast-to-2023         
Further, the Water Leak Detection Systems Market report highlights on worldwide major leading players in the Water Leak Detection Systems Market with details such as major company profiles, specification & product picture, production, capacity, cost, price, contact details, and revenue. Further, the report also includes the revenue growth and other strategies of the major companies planned toward a hopeful Water Leak Detection Systems Market growth as a part of the competitive landscape analysis. This report presents the realistic view with manufacturing value, market share (%), growth rate, and income, sales revenue of every kind is mentioned.

Browse Detail Report with TOC: http://www.marketresearchquest.com/report/Global-Water-Leak-Detection-Systems-Market-by-Manufacturers-Countries-Type-and-Application-Forecast-to-2023/2655 
Major Key Factors of this Water Leak Detection Systems Market Report:
1. Major Industry Overview
2. Manufacturing Cost, Demand, Growth Structure Analysis
3. Global Size, Share, Growth Opportunities, Industry Trends, Supply & Demand Analysis and Competitive Landscape overview
4. Major Driver & Restraints for this the Market
5. Overall Regional Market Analysis
6. Global Market Analysis by Type
7. Global Market Analysis by Application
8. Development Trend Analysis

In the end, the report includes Water Leak Detection Systems Market new project SWOT analysis, investment partialness analysis, investment come analysis, and Development Trend Analysis. The key rising opportunities of the fastest growing worldwide Water Leak Detection Systems Market segments are coated throughout this report. This report additionally presents product specification, producing method, and products cost structure. Production is separated by regions, technology and applications.

About Us:
Market Research Quest is a one-stop destination for diverse industries, companies and country reports. We have good repository of latest industry reports, top & niche company profiles, along with the latest market statistics released by both the public and reputed private publishers. In a sense, MRQ is a comprehensive collection of all the market intelligence products and services found under the sun. Here one can find market research reports from all the leading publishers keeping abreast to the daily updates coming in this domain for our clients. So, our clients can have the access to this database while they benefit the best from expert insights on global industries, products, and market trends.

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review 2018-03-24 19:11
What can I say...when it works, it works...
Red Fish, Dead Fish (Fish Out of Water Book 2) - Amy Lane,Greg Tremblay

I considered trying to write a whole new review for this book but honestly I couldn't think of anything to say that was truly different or better than my original review for 'Red Fish, Dead Fish' other than to say that once again Greg Tremblay did a totally fabulous job of narrating this book giving Jackson and Ellery even more depth and character and making me love this couple even more. 


'Red Fish, Dead Fish' is the second book in Amy Lane's 'Fish Out of Water' series and like the first one I was gobsmacked. I loved this book. It was more complex, grittier and the sexy times...well they were sexy and sadly Jackson did not come out of things unscathed.

There's a serial killer on the loose and he's got a specific target in mind...and it's Jackson. He's going after anyone he can who's connected to him, but Jackson's surrounded by a strong group of people who care...people like Jade. She's more than his best friend's sister, she's his friend and she loves him like family, his neighbor and friend, Mike. Lucy Satan or more affectionately known as Ellery's mother and my idol...when I grow up I wanna' be just like her. But most importantly he's got Ellery and Ellery's a shark in the courtroom but out of it he's a man in love willing to use every trick he has at his disposal to save Jackson not just from Owen but from himself...

"That's sweet you think your cat loves anybody as much as he loves you. No. Because once you're out of my life, he's coming after me. Think about it, Jackson. Me, all alone in the house, you not there to protect me--I'd be naked."

Transparent. And effective.

Ellery is awesome. He's got his priorities and he understands that this is not just war...against Owen but it a battle for love...his love for Jackson and in his eyes all's fair in both.

And Jackson...Jackson is about as cuddly as a brillo pad and yet he's the one who breaks my heart over and over again...

"Because the duplex isn't mine anymore," Jackson said softly. "And...and if this place isn't home, I don't have anywhere to go."

and then you put these two together and the romance is off the charts, I mean seriously these two take sweet talk to a whole new level...

"Are we going to live?" Ellery asked, acid in his voice.

"Probably not--but I may like you more than anyone else I've ever killed."

Now tell me that just doesn't just melt you into a puddle of goo on the floor. Ok, seriously there are actual words of love spoken between these two and yeah, at times it's different and maybe not quite what you'd expect but it's also sweet and heartbreaking. As determined as Ellery is to make things work between him and Jackson and to make Jackson see how good they are together, Jackson's equally determined that he just doesn't deserve this and that he's not good enough for Ellery...he's just an alley cat that no one's ever really going to want to keep.

Like the first book we're given a story in it's entirety with possible links to what's going to come next but definitely not a cliffhanger. You could easily read this one and stop there if you wanted to but I would however strongly recommend reading the first book to give yourself a better understanding of the connections between a lot of the secondary characters and the MCs. Again not a necessity but potentially the difference between 'it was ok' and 'I loved it'.

I tend to be more a fan of series that have a different couple in every book but when it works and it's done well like it was in Abigail Roux's series 'Cut & Run' or Josh Lanyon's 'Adrien English' and more recently Eden Winters' 'Diversion' or Kate Sherwood's 'Common Law' series, I will happily jump on board for a series with storylines as strong as the men who carry them and while this is only the second book in Amy Lane's 'Fish Out of Water' series it's shaping up to be excellent and for me the only thing that's missing right now is the next book and maybe more Lucy Satan because...damn that woman rocks.  I truly hope that Ms Lane isn't going to keep me  waiting too long before I get to share a new adventure with Jackson and Ellery.



An audio book of 'Red Fish, Dead Fish' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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