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review 2020-06-05 21:54
Five Powerful Ways of Becoming Mindful Everyday
We are living in the times where we don’t have the patience to appreciate the little things in life. We are constantly in a hurry to achieve. Surely, that is very productive. But, one should not avoid the toll it takes on mental health. It becomes a tad difficult, as balancing professional and personal life is one hell of a task. Because of the fast-paced life, the mindfulness is not enough for us to notice certain things. But, if we start practising it or maybe go for a women’s retreat, take small steps to change, we will have more understanding of our emotions. Today, in this blog, we have jotted down five powerful ways of becoming mindful every day.

Focus on Your Breathing

The first powerful way of becoming mindful is by focusing on your breathing. Many private yoga retreats help in reconnecting with life. As per the ancient scriptures, one must inhale and exhale deeply or perhaps longer than usual. But, we are busy in the schedule to not focus on the breathing. Take some seconds of your day, and bring your focus to your breathing. Every time, you are facing a stressful situation, try to inhale and exhale longer. You will notice the change within some time. By doing so, you will observe improvement in your emotional and physical state.


Penning Down in Journal


There are days when we are unable to feel anything. There are days when we feel overwhelmed by our surroundings. During such times, take a journal and pen down what you feel. The habit of having a journal might take longer to develop. But, it is worth trying. You can clarify your thoughts and help in understanding the emotions clearly. By sharing your thoughts in the journal, the depressive and worrying symptoms will go away slowly.


Stretch and Move On


Another practice that one should implement in the daily routine is to stretch and move a little. Remember that quote “sitting is the new smoking.” Well, that is certainly true. Sitting for a prolonged period will cause trouble for your physical well-being. Here’s a rule 30/5 to follow. For every 30 minutes, get up and do stretching for five minutes. You can also set the reminder to get up, stretch and move on. Some of the best wellness retreats are essential as it helps you in opening up your body, heart with love and joy.

Set Tiny Goals


One of the most essential steps of becoming mindful quickly is by setting the tiny goals. When you are not mindful, one tends to lose focus and not observe the activities they end up doing. Hence, upon while getting up in the morning, visualize your day. Start imagining of you accomplishing the tasks throughout the day and note it down. Make the list of the tiny goals every day that you want to achieve. This will give you an eye-opening experience. Count on us for that.



Turn off the Phone for Sometime


Last but not least - turn your phone off a little while. Whether you are already mindful or not, turning off the phone for 30 minutes a day will help you in engaging with your surroundings. This will aid you in freshening up and clear your mind. You are also able to complete the tasks effectively. It’s a refreshing break that helps in becoming more productive. Instead, engage in a conversation with the right people around you. So, that was all about, the top five ways of achieving mindfulness daily. We hope you enjoyed reading. Do try implementing these steps in your daily life. You will surely notice some changes. Do let us know about your experience in the comment section below.
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