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text 2015-10-26 18:51
Reading? Nah.

Man, what is up with me these past couple of months? I just haven't had much urge to read. But it's not like I haven't stayed busy. Trust me, I have.


What have I been doing? Let's see.


Designed my new tattoos. The cat is a best friend tat to match my bestie's. The dragon and koi is to be the start of my right sleeve.


I took Garfield to the vet because he lost so much weight.



Turns out he's fine. He's just old.


I had several lunch dates with a very handsome young man.



That WAS a burrito when I ordered it. lol


I painted my island to match my upper cabinets. And I added plexiglass to make a kick shield.



I pulled down the massive, head-injuring cabinet in my son's small bathroom. I always cracked my head on it. So I got it down, patched the wall, painted and them mounted some cute baskets. I painted the basket interiors so they matched the rest of the bathroom.



And then I adopted this cat:



She is a one-eared black kitty my son has claimed as his own and named Fluffers. She is super sweet and shy.


I have also done a crap-ton of other things, like deep cleaning and organizing. Been buying Christmas presents a little at a time, dealing with getting my son to doctors' appointments and trying to catch some sleep. Helping my bestie from her apartment to their first house.



She has a garden, and there's an okra plant. She hates okra. I love it pickled. Look at the size of those damn things.....and I forgot I had her conure on my shoulder. His name is Sterling. He loves to attack my lip ring, FYI.


I'm also going through something health-wise. Turns out I have hypertension. Which explains why I feel to bad most of the time. It's bordering on dangerously high. I see the doctor on Friday, and I have been logging my blood pressure at least twice a day. The numbers are never good.


But the hypertension leads me to something that will change my life for the better once I get it approved. I will be eligible for the Lap Band surgery. Tricare will actually cover the procedure once I am officially diagnosed with hypertension. Who knew I would be happy to have high BP?


Anyway, that's about it. I'm always busy. Or I'm so damn tired and sick I just sit in a coma and stare at the TV. I discovered I can watch Steve Wilkos on YouTube. lol God, I'm already feeling like crap and I haven't even done anything really.

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text 2015-06-18 15:57
Long time No See (Quick update on myself and what I plane on for the upcoming weeks)

Long time no see as the statue head looks for people.


The past couple of months have been eventful for me. Sadly not a lot of reading. I have been wrestling with my own real life demons and that took me away from what I love reading.

Don't worry these big bad demons have nothing to do with anything physical or life threatening. No red horned villains where knocking on my front door, I mean the things that getting in the way from what you really want to do. What I really want to do is read, write, create awesome collages (as seen above, for example), play video games, and chill out with all of you wonderful people on the internet discussing our favorite hobbies.

The reason for this post isn't to sound all apologetic.  I'm sure no one has done serious harm to themselves or others because I haven't updated my social media feeds. First and foremost I'm doing this for myself. A reminder to go forward into what you want to do, not what others or society might be pressing on you to do. 

On a reader/reviewer note: I just picked up H.P. Lovecraft. Never read anything by the man though I herd a lot of great things about his writing. I plan on giving updates on the stories I am reading. I got a complete edition to his works and want to go chronologically through it. 

It includes some of his very early short works and some of those are incomplete. I find myself glancing over these as nothing of real interest surfaces. A simple story about a mysterious cult and the terrible consequence that will happen on yourself if you call it by name might be interesting to a person whom read the authors best work and can see how this spurred him on to his later efforts. For me, this is just material to put in the back of my mind so that when I get to his main important period of writing  I can recall the early stories and see how he was playing with these themes of horror and helplessness. I think these posts where I take out themes and plot points of what I am reading are the most interesting at lest to me.  I'm sure I'll post reviews though I like the informal journal entries to be more inline with my personal flavor of presenting things.

Thank you for reading this update on how I am doing. All is good now, I assure you. I'll be getting back to my writing.  


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