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review 2014-08-09 22:04
Review: Open Road Summer
Open Road Summer - Emery Lord

The Nashville fangirl in me had a blast reading this book. I've become quite hooked on country music since I started watching and a YA book with a country music theme became a must have.

A most enjoyable light read. With some angsty drama stuff. Self proclaimed party girl Reagan is trying to pull herself together after an incident which left her arm in a cast, so road tripping with her BFF squeaky clean teen country music star Lilah Montgomery on her cross country tour sounds like a perfect way to spend the sum me.

I loved Reagan and Lilah (Dee to her closest friends). Their relationship was wonderful (though not without little drama sparks). There's a few paparazzi scandles popping up whilst on the tour, people trying to tear dowwn squeaky clean Dee. I loved how Reagan stood by her friend and did her best to help with diffusing the situations. 

Then hottie friend of Dee's another country star (formally boy band, in a kind of Jonas brothers type act, now the brothers have grown up and moved on trying to reinvent himself) the charming Matt joins the tour as Dee's support act. He and Reagan have to try and deal with each other and their growing attractions to each other. I loved Matt. Matt was a charmer from the start, and a totally swoon worth book boyfriend (at least for me). 

Usually song lyrics working their way into books, even original ones, irritate me, but the song lyrics worked into this particular story worked exceptionally well (could just be the budding country fan in me) but I felt they did a great job of managing to portray things the characters couldn't quite bring themselves to say out loud in some case. 

It was fun to read, though there were certain aspects of Reagan's personality that did grate on my nerves quite a bit. She makes no secret of her wild past. Yet when any other girl (who isn't her squeaky clean BFF) comes into the picture (girls in clubs, bars, other girls at school) they're all described as obvious in dressing in tight clothes, attention seeking and basic slut shaming. Yet Reagan herself wears tight fitting clothes and does the similar things. Okay, she's trying to calm down and nicely flawed, but the slut shaming and unnecessary girl dislike was what really knocked it down from a five star read for me. 

It wrapped up well. It did get kind of over dramatic and angsty towards the end, but concluded in a good believable way. While there were something things about it that annoyed me, it was still a very enjoyable, entertaining read.

Crosses off a square for my Summer Bingo challenge - Road Trip!

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review 2014-06-04 14:21
Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles

I found this book whilst searching for YA novels with Latino characters for a reading challenge.

I enjoyed it immensely. Took a while for me to get into it, but once I did it was impossible to put down. The plot was fairly predictable for the most half of the book, then took a few surprising twists towards the latter half and I loved the ending. 

I found the characters well fleshed out and interesting too see the different cultures and how they mix together. The romance was a slow burner (and again a little predictable) but very well written. Emotional and believable. 

All in all an excellent read.

And a square crossed off for Bookish Bingo challenge- Latino MC


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review 2014-05-30 18:50
Amy & Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson

I found this book while looking for road trip reads for a reading challenge. Sounded okay so I figured it would do for some light fluff. Turned out to be one of the best books I have read this year. There is nothing about this story that I didn't love.

I loved the characters, the story and all the different states, the people Amy and Roger meet and how they learn to handle each other. I liked seeing the little bits of information about various states and seeing things from some of the places that they visited. That was fun. And I loved the the playlists. I'm going to have to go and make my own Amy & Roger mix now. 

Certain points it was quite emotional and I did tear up a bit towards the end. (I kind of didn't want this road trip to end but you know it will) It was wrapped up very well too. I loved this book.

And a square crossed off for Bookish Bingo challenge - Featuring travel.







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review 2014-05-26 14:42
Dare You To - Katie McGarry

A most enjoyable romance following on from Pushing The Limits. This book follows Beth from the first book. I adored Beth in this book. She was okay in the first book, kind of bitchy and stand offish and still the same way in the second book, but this is her story so it allows the reader to learn more about her and why she is the way she is.

I just adored Beth. She knows exactly who she is and makes no apologies whatsoever for it. She’s still a bitch but she’s awesome in her own way. She has come from a very difficult home and after an incident involving her mom and her mom’s nightmare of a boyfriend Beth takes the heat and is arrested. She’s shipped off to live with her uncle Scott who she hasn’t seen since she was a small child.


Uncle Scott lives in a perfect little town. Beth has to start a new school and deal with rules for the first time in her life. Needless to say she does not adjust well. The love interest for Beth turns out to be the new high school’s golden boy baseball star Ryan.

Ryan was likable enough, though I didn’t fall for him as hard as I fell for Noah from the first book. Everything about Ryan’s life appears to be perfect from the outside but he’s got his own dramas to deal with. Though I will admit I actually wasn’t bored to tears by the baseball. I have no interest what so ever in any sort of sport. But the book was well written that Ryan’s struggles with what he wants to do with his life and the baseball

thing was actually quite interesting.


This book has the slowest building romance ever it. It’s so will they won’t they (even though you know it’s a YA romance so they well get together) it just takes time getting there. Very very emotional as Ryan and Beth have to deal with each other and figure out their feelings and where the fit in each other’s lives. As well as having to deal with high school and family problems.


A very good read, especially if you like heart wrenching, slow burn romances.

Crossing off a square for Book Bingo – ‘Set in High School’. 


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review 2014-05-01 07:23
Love Letters to the Dead - Ava Dellaira

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira is not love letters after all. I picked this book because I liked the idea of writing letters to the dead. Such book I always shelve it in Unique.


Too bad though it gave quite a good concept but failed in the story. It was a torture experience reading those 30% of letters and it felt like endless drama llama before I decided to quit. Her thoughts, her actions were not to my liking. It's annoying mostly.


You see, I wanted to like it like most readers out there. Well, I just can't. Read on your own peril.

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