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review 2018-05-26 19:17
In A Cream Packard - Edward Hackemer


This is #1 in the Throckmorton Family series. I had initially read #6Sangria Sunsets gifted by the author, and he sent the series for me to read. So, from the onset, I was familiar (to some extent) with a few of the characters, or those mentioned in passing.
This book centers on Alexander "Alex" Throckmorton, son of Nick and Nora Throckmorton. His mother has died, leaving her estate to him, and he must travel up to Wisconsin to handle the legal matters from the home he has made in Florida. On the drive up his car dies and he buys a brand new Packard Patrician 400, and meets a waitress Annie who he falls instantly in love with. The attraction is not one-sided, and a whirlwind romance ensues. They end up getting married a week later, and make the drive back to Florida along the famous "Hillbilly Highway", U.S. RT. 23, from Michigan to Florida. The book is set in 1954, before the modern highway infrastructure existed, so there was much passing through towns to get to a final destination. 
On the way to their new home, the newlyweds make a couple of detours to investigate some mysterious things inherited from Alex's mother found in a safe deposit box regarding his father, who was reported killed in the line of duty overseas after WWII. In some ways, the answers they discover lead to even more questions. They also encounter small town crooked cops and judicial system, wrongly spending time in jail. I liked this first installment in the Throckmorton series and getting to know Alex and Annie.... I look forward to continuing the journey in #2. 
I received this book in exchange for an honest review-- thank you!

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text 2018-02-20 04:35
Keep Skin Nourished and Healthy with High-Quality Skin Care Products

As time has gone by, more people have become aware of the issues surrounding the synthetic chemicals in many beauty care products. Ironically, these ingredients can end up doing the exact opposite of what they are meant to do. When people apply them to their skin, they can cause irritation, redness and blemishes.

Thankfully, some modern brands have recognized the need to address these issues. Today, it is easy for people to find glycerin soap and other skin care products that emphasize natural ingredients. These products can keep skin soft, healthy and looking good.

Here are a few examples of high-quality skin care products on the market today:

• Soaps: Consumers can find soap made from vegetable glycerin, which is a natural humectant. It helps the skin retain moisture nutrients from its surface to its deep layers.

• Foot Creams: When a person walks around or is just on their feet all day, it can wreak havoc upon their poor feet. Not only can the soles and balls of their feet start burning and aching, the skin on their heels can start cracking due to shoes rubbing against it. Happily, people can now find a foot cream that restores their feet by using natural ingredients like ginger, wintergreen and vitamin E.

• Body Wash: People can also find shower lathers and body washes that make skin clean, soft and healthy. Some products have a blend of high-quality ingredients like aloe vera, ProVitamin B5, plant extracts and natural oils, which helps keep skin from drying out.

• Face Creams: Most if not all people want glowing, healthy-looking skin. This is especially true when it comes to their faces. After all, the face is what people present to others every single day. This is why brands develop and offer face creams that soften and moisturize skin. Ingredients like rosewater and evening primrose oil clarify and soothe skin while other natural extracts and antioxidants keep it healthy.

• Lip Balms: Of course, the lips are an important part of people’s faces. No one likes having (or seeing) chapped or cracked lips, which is where a natural lip balm can come in handy. People can find lip balms made with natural ingredients like beeswax, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter, all of which help keep lips soft and smooth all day.

Camille Beckman offers these and other excellent personal care products through its online store and a variety of retailers. Headquartered in Eagle, Idaho, the company’s team constantly works to deepen their knowledge of herbs and other natural ingredients to provide customers with top-quality products for their skin care regimens.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman is a leading personal care brand. Its products include body creams, Vitamin E lotion, glycerin soap, foot creams and much more.

For additional information, visit Camillebeckman.com

Original Source: https://goo.gl/hQJ8JW


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review 2018-01-26 15:52
Sharing Is Caring!
Should I Share My Ice Cream? - Mo Willems

This adorably illustrated book brings a wonderful real-life example of what it means to share. It is about an elephant who debates whether or not he should share his ice cream with his best friend, Piggy. In the end, he waits so long that his ice cream melts, but Piggy shows up with a sweet surprise to cheer him up.  I love that this book also shows the value of friendship and how to share at a level that kids can relate to. Some great activities for this book could be to have students write a narrative about friends sharing, or have students make an ice cream cone and write what they value about a friend, and then share that cone. This book would also be good to jump into adjectives with. 

Grade Level: K-2

Lexile Measure: 260L

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video 2018-01-20 13:24

Buy Foot Creams for Cracked Heels from Camille Beckman


Foot creams provide intensive care to repair cracked heels and moisturize rough dry skin. Camille Beckman provides a wide range of gluten-free foot creams which contains ancient oil and herbal ingredients to restore your skin's natural beauty.

To shop online visit - https://camillebeckman.com/collections/foot-creams

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