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text 2017-08-21 04:21
Southbourne Tax Group Review: How to make sure your personal finance is on the right track


Being on track with your finances can bring a feeling of satisfaction and content. But this is not possible without any hard work and discipline. Each of us desires a stable financial situation but sometimes things don’t fall into their rightful place, thus problems arise. One can’t avoid financial problems, how you face them is the real issue. You should be able to bring back your personal finance on the right track after some financial problems.


First, you must learn. You need to have a good knowledge about personal finance to know which way to go on your finances. Don’t fall into a huge debt and take your financial situation on the right track with the following simple tips provided by the The Southbourne Group with the help of a few financial experts as well.


Develop a better understanding today


If you are one of those young readers, you should begin working out your personal finance today. Learn its basics and consider opening a savings account. Grow it, build it, save it! Your future’s financial condition will surely be secured by growing your savings. You can also make smarter financial decisions later in your life if you learn to save early.


The Southbourne Group also wants those parents reading this to teach their children on how to make proper financial decisions with regards to their own money. This way, they would be more careful about spending their money, making them smarter in creating financial decisions than others.


Know what’s in your paycheck


With a little knowledge about your paycheck, you might be surprised with some disappeared amounts even though you didn’t spend them. Notice important details on your paycheck and understand each of them such as your national insurance contributions, pension contribution, student loan payments and tax code.


Basic needs should be your priority


Just take a look at this quote: “If you buy things you do not need soon you will have to sell things you need.” Take a deep breath and think twice before buying other expensive things that will make you forget about your basic needs. Make sure that you’ll always pay your house rent, bills, foods and tax first before anything else.


Make a good financial record


Make one if you still don’t have any financial record. But if you currently have one then see to it that you update it with details organized properly to guarantee the balance between your income and spending. Doing this could also ensure that you’re still within your set budget.


Grow a savings account


As mentioned earlier, building a savings account can greatly help your financial future, thus the company of Southbourne Tax Group inspires each reader to save their own money, especially the young ones. Grab the best deals available where you can also depend on comparison sites in finding them.


Plan your goal


Defining a financial goal will inspire you to do your best in building your savings. Don’t give up on your goal and always find a way to keep your personal finance on track.


Always apply the appropriate knowledge and attitude to make sure your personal finance is on the right track. How you take care of personal finance today will define your future financial situation. Southbourne Tax Group provides those mentioned above with the hope of helping you in your finances.

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text 2017-08-18 05:01
Southbourne Tax Group Review: How to improve your personal finance


“Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Get a little bit better every single day.” This can also apply on how you handle your personal finance. You’re probably not here if you already have a perfect financial condition, but it seems you’re currently looking for ways on how to make your personal finance better, with this short read, The Southbourne Group hopes to impart even a bit of knowledge that can help you with your finances.


It’s fine to not have a perfect financial situation every time, but always make room for improvements. First, you should learn about the important aspects included in personal finance and understand each crucial element. Having ample knowledge can lead to a better financial life later but don’t forget to be very responsible at the same time.


Improve your personal finance with the following guidelines prepared by the Southbourne Tax Group. This is made with the help of some experts as well.


Earlier the better


Working on your personal finance at an early age is advised. Having a better understanding of it and having a saving that is continuously growing can definitely lead to a brighter financial future. To add, here’s a quote that may encourage you to take action on your personal finance today: “Studies show that people who learn to save early in life usually make smarter financial decisions later”.


If you’re already a parent, share the knowledge of proper money management to your children to help them understand the importance of taking good care of their own money. With your imparted knowledge, your children will surely have a disciplined financial life in the future.


Make sure to understand your paycheck


Not being very familiar with your paycheck may make you question those disappearing amounts since you didn’t even have the chance to spend them. Determine and understand your national insurance contributions, pension contribution, and also the student loan payments and tax code.


Deal with the basic needs first


Fulfilling your basic needs always comes first, thus guarantee to pay your house rent, bills, foods and tax on time.


Maintain a proper financial record


Record your income and spending and organize important details to make sure both are balanced. If you don’t have any records, better create one today. This way, you can monitor your set budget and if everything is in the right place.


“Savings, remember, is the prerequisite of investment.”


Saving money can result to a lot of good things that’s why The Southbourne Group encourages each reader to save their own money. If possible, find the best deals available by going to comparison sites. 


Define your goal


Set a goal and make plans to make it work. Don’t give up and do your best to reach that goal. Having a financial goal will make you more motivated to do better on your personal finance.


Improving your financial situation requires the right action and the right knowledge. Working out those two will make everything fall into their rightful place.


Southbourne Tax Group hopes for a better financial future to everyone.

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text 2017-08-15 16:50
Reading progress update: I've read 1%.
Call Me by Your Name - André Aciman






So, this book has been on my TBR for so long.... I think I'm ready now!!!


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review 2017-08-15 13:30
When I Cast Your Shadow by Sarah Porter
When I Cast Your Shadow: A Novel - Sarah Porter

This was nothing like what I was expecting. At all. I can't emphasize that enough. I thought this would be an interesting story about ghosts and new take on what happens when someone dies. At the very least, I thought there would be a kind of family theme going on since the blurb leads me to believe it's going to be all about family. If I could sum up this book, I would have to just say that it's weird. I don't know what else I could possibly say because honestly I'm not sure what I just read. 



One of the most confusing things about this book is definitely the plot. For the first half of the book, it's entirely Dashiell possessing Ruby and Everett for what seems like no reason at all. There's no explanation for why any of this is happening. There's also a villain of the story, but his motives are really muddled and ultimately don't make that much sense. Why bother going through so much trouble over one family? What was the goal of possessing Everett and Ruby? Just to possess them? Yeah Aloysius was evil and a bad person, but his character lacked any depth or emotion. There's no story to why he's bad, he's just that way because he's the villain.


There characters felt like a mess to me, primarily because they lack human reactions and reasoning skills. None of the characters really seemed that surprised that it's possible for a ghost to possess a living body. Everett does at the beginning, but it doesn't last very long. Not only is there a lack of surprise or disbelief from any of the characters, but all of them fail to have the normal reaction of running away screaming when you hear a dead man talking through a sixteen year old girl or at least trying to commit said girl to an insane asylum. I felt no connection to them. I didn't care if they lived or died because they weren't realistic enough. There were many different points of view and characters thrown into the story, but the side characters felt like props and I didn't understand why there were so many points of view. Two or three max would have worked better in my opinion.


The romance was cringe worthy and not just because there was some incest going on. Everett and Ruby both have terrible self images. Neither believes that anyone pays any attention to them, Everett even more than Ruby. But wait, turns out that a girl that Everett likes has been secretly in love with him for what seems to be no reason at all, other than to make him feel good about himself. There's also a very weird scene, that could possibly be considered rape because the woman involved thought she was having sex with someone, but that person was being possessed. This is discussed very briefly by the person who's body was used by the ghost, but eventually it's pushed to the side. I found the whole situation quite uncomfortable. Then there's the incest that I had mistaken for sibling love, but oh was I wrong.


One of my biggest issues when it comes to writing is when an author tells instead of shows. I felt like there was a lot of that in this book. It made it difficult to imagine certain scenes and characters. The reader is told that Dash is loved by everyone and basically perfect, aside from his drug addiction. I didn't see a reason for Ruby to trust or love Dash as much as she does. I actually thought there were more reasons for her to do the exact opposite. I would have liked to see more descriptions and maybe some more flashbacks to good times with Dash and his siblings in order for me to become invested in the story. 


I thought the idea behind this book was really interesting and that's why I wanted to read this in the first place, but the execution was all off. This just wasn't for me. It was too weird and for a primarily character driven novel, the characters weren't likable. 


*I received this via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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review 2017-08-14 06:54
Crochet Bathroom Accessories, Give Your Bathroom Some Color and Personality with Crochet by Dorothy Wilks
Crochet: Crochet Bathroom Accessories. Give Your Bathroom Some Color and Personality with Crochet - Dorothy Wilks

Crochet Bathroom Accessories, Give Your Bathroom Some Color and Personality with Crochet by Dorothy Wilks gives clear directions on making bathroom accessories. Examples are:  Ribbed Shell Toilet Paper Hanger, Ribs and Stripes Toilet Tissue Cover, Flowers and Vine Toilet Paper Cover and Hanging Laundry. These items could add personality to a bathroom.


I gave it almost four stars because the directions are well written. The patterns are a bit old-fashioned. This is not for someone just beginning to crochet.


I received a complimentary Kindle copy from Amazon. That did not change my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Bathroom-Accessories-Color-Personality-ebook/dp/B011N13CNG

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