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review 2018-09-08 00:00
Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald
Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald - Therese Anne Fowler Like so many of my generation, I've heard and read about the Fitzgerald/Hemingway/Stein/Murphey years in Paris and on the coast of France. Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, although a work of fiction, was a breath of fresh air regarding this period of excess, escape, and artistic richness.

Much of what Ms. Fowler wrote rang true. Her depiction of the era's limitations of women, particularly in the South, was dead on. I've actually wondered if southern-belle Zelda's mental illness was in part a ruse anchored in and triggered by F. Scott's instability, ego, and alcoholism.

I think this is a valuable addition to other works about this era when Americans could live abroad like kings and queens. When the literary and art worlds fed off each other to flourish. When men ruled the roost, and most women made their way in the world by any means other than brains. When successful men's wives were easily disposable.

If you've read Hemingway and Fitzgerald, and if you've explored this heady environment through works such as The Paris Wife and beyond, I think you'll enjoy Ms. Fowler's exploration of Zelda's psyche.

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review 2017-01-08 00:00
Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald
Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald - Therese Anne Fowler I enjoy the writing quite a bit, but I just felt angry for Zelda through a lot of it--the times she lived in and the people she surrounded herself with stunted her talent and it's just sad. Also, there was SUCH excess in this book--too much alcohol, too many fancy parties, too many people. It's the complete opposite to my nature and values, so I found it hard to relate.
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review 2016-12-21 18:20
Save Me the Waltz - Zelda Fitzgerald
Save Me the Waltz - Zelda Fitzgerald,Harry T. Moore

May have read it a few years earlier. I didn't love it, but it certainly wasn't bad. I think probably Zelda was a great diarist but a merely okay novelist. I think her husband stole rather too much from her to ever be forgiven. But honestly, the story of them is more amazing than anything either of them wrote.

personal copy

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review 2016-08-04 00:00
Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald
Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald - Therese Anne Fowler Just this, for the time being:


I recall being affected by this article.
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review 2016-06-11 12:57
Paris, Ein Fest Fürs Leben - Ernest Hemingway,Werner Schmitz

Actually pretty cool, considering it's ole Hemingway. I especially enjoyed the chapters about the Fitzgerald's, although Hem tears Zelda to pieces and presents the Fitzgerald's marriage very one-sided. Of course he'd do it, being Scott's friend and all.


There were funny episodes and thoughtful ones and overall sharp observations on Parisian life through the seasons. So even if you've had problems with Hemingway before (like me!), I recommend you try this.

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