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Talker - Community Reviews back

by Amy Lane
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Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer rated it 7 years ago
This is one of those times when I love something and I will stand up and shout my 5-stars out upon the land and not care if my book buddies disagree. Talker is the kind of character I want to hold and root for. Watching him open up and seeing Brian discover his own self was captivating. Amy Lane is ...
Debra E's Never-Ending TBR
Debra E's Never-Ending TBR rated it 9 years ago
This review is for the 3 books in the Talker series as they are all make up the story. If I was to rate them individually I would give the first two 4 stars and the third one 3. The story of Brian and Tate/Talker is an emotional roller coaster. Tate's horror show of a childhood has left him scarr...
Chibishichan1x2 rated it 9 years ago
2.5 What to say about Talker.... Well for one the cover makes me laugh with the very strange photoshop but It's also what made me pick this book up. I wanted a quick 2 or 3 hour read and Talker fit the bill at under 100 pages. Talker was not bad per say but It didn't really make me gun to read the ...
See Jane Read
See Jane Read rated it 10 years ago
I honestly feel guilty for giving this book 3 stars. I LOVE Amy Lane and her writing. Maybe I've been spoiled by her full length novels. Even though I knew this was a shorter read, it felt like it was over as soon as it began. The typical ups and downs I've grown addicted to were missing and I d...
Mandy, I read obsessively
Mandy, I read obsessively rated it 10 years ago
I have had this series on my iPad forever, and I seem to be really behind the curve in reading it, so I am going to rectify that and start now. :)4.25*Ok, first I am very happy I waited to start this book until all three stories were out, if I had read this and not known there was more of their stor...
MaiMai rated it 10 years ago
Loved this! I found it wonderful that, although the story is told through Brian's eyes, we get such a clear and deep insight into Tate.
KindleRomance rated it 10 years ago
This is part of a trilogy, and I read all three books back-to-back. My review is based on reading it that way, and it would have been less stars for any book on its own.I loved certain aspects of the story, but was disturbed by others. This wouldn't be on my list of Lane books to recommend, but I'm ...
julio-alexi genao
julio-alexi genao rated it 10 years ago
She's just so damned good at this. Too much beauty. Too much love. Too much wit, and heart, and kindness.Been crying for 3 days, already.
Sandra rated it 10 years ago
OK that was really freakin' sweet. I have to admit, I wasn't on board the whole time. It's get frustrating to watch two people be so oblivious and get hurt in the process. But in the end I had a big grin on my face so that counts for a lot. There was a lot of emotional stuff going on but I still...
Evaine's Books, Books and More Books
Evaine's Books, Books and More Books rated it 11 years ago
A lovely, heartfelt, sweet story of first love. Tate and Brian are lovely young men that you root for from the very beginning. Tate is so open and so sweet and trusting and just gets so damaged by life. But Brian is there and Brian loves him even if Tate doesn't see it. Tate talks - hence the ni...
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