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The Aeronaut's Windlass - Community Reviews back

by Jim Butcher
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Lazy days
Lazy days rated it 4 months ago
I liked this but had the same issues that a lot of other readers had, slow pacing in parts and the ship battle I got a bit lost and couldnt visualise what was happening. I love the villian and the heroes and the anti hero and looking forward to reading more about the characters past and future whene...
Book Hoarders Anonymous
Book Hoarders Anonymous rated it 2 years ago
Wow; just over a week shy of being marked "in progress" 3 months. Telling. Butcher can write, can make fascinating characters, etc. BUT... this isn't my bag. The characters were all interesting, the plot...interesting...ish..., the world building...? Eh. I really don't care much for distopian/stea...
Brian's Book Blog
Brian's Book Blog rated it 3 years ago
Steampunk style adventure. Came across as a bit YA when I started reading, but once the action started it improved in that regard. An ex-Fleet captain of airships now acting as a privateer along with his crew, the daughter of one of the most wealthy families, her warrior-born cousin and a new recrui...
Hooked on Books
Hooked on Books rated it 3 years ago
Never did get all the way through this- only about 25%. Too much going on and too quickly on audio. Gave me a headache trying to keep up. Maybe I'll try again one day.
Daryl Reads
Daryl Reads rated it 3 years ago
This is truly an excellent book. Awesome story, clean story-telling, little to no swearing which was surprising but very pleasant. I listened to the audiobook and it did seem a little long but I wonder if reading it would have felt different... I will read the next one in the series when it comes ou...
Libromancer's Apprentice
Libromancer's Apprentice rated it 4 years ago
I suppose I should start out saying that I may have a bias when reviewing this book, Jim Butcher has been one of my favorite authors for over a decade. I started reading The Aeronaut's Windlass with incredible levels of excitement and anticipation, even if it took me until now to read it (and that ...
Lillelara rated it 4 years ago
The Aeronaut´s Windlass is the first book in the Cinder Spire series and this is definitely a series that I will continue reading, simply because book number one has been such a fun, action-packed, enjoyable and engaging read. I can´t even begin to give a proper synopsis of this book, so I will st...
want a real life adventure? come to Australia we have spiders bigger than your hand.
I rather enjoyed this book, I'm not going to say it was perfect or had no holes - cause it had a tone! but non the less I enjoyed flying through the sky and tracking down the baddies with the rest of the crew, enough to rate this book 4 stars. I even looked forward to all the POV changes, as each ch...
JL's Bibliomania
JL's Bibliomania rated it 4 years ago
I liked it. It's fantasy not steampunk because it's set in a different world, but I can't imagine this melding of Napoleonics and fantasy happening without SteamPunk having occurred in the interim.
Misericordia rated it 4 years ago
Ok, now I'm officially in love with this book.Q:“Are we too late?” Gwendolyn asked. Bridget had no notion whatsoever how the prim little noblewoman managed to load so much arrogance and confidence into her seemingly fatuous tone.“Honestly,” Rowl said. “What are you so concerned with, Littlemouse?”“I...
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