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The Bitter Kingdom - Community Reviews back

by Rae Carson
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Midu Reads
Midu Reads rated it 3 years ago
Another series that I had embroiled myself into came to a conclusion with this book. Here are some things I have loved about them both, i.e., the book and the series:Elisa is a teenage character who doesn’t wait for the action to come to her. She doesn’t whine about being misunderstood or why her cr...
ewilly rated it 4 years ago
A worthy conclusion to the trilogy, as Elisa makes her last stand against the enemy and the final secrets are revealed.
The Master's Nook
The Master's Nook rated it 5 years ago
Just because it took me forever to finish reading this book doesn’t mean I didn’t find it good. I have read the second book of this series for almost two years. I was so worried I would lose interest if I would keep stalling reading the last book in the series. So even if I wasn’t in the mood to...
hippieed perceptions
hippieed perceptions rated it 6 years ago
I fail at this whole active reviewer thing as of late. I'm going to use the husband as an excuse as he came home from deployment recently, so I haven't had as much reading time as before. But I still manage to finagle time here and there. And devoted some of that time to this series, which wasn't...
The WordSmithe
The WordSmithe rated it 7 years ago
"The Bitter Kingdom" was the perfect conclusion to "The Girl of Fire and Thorns" trilogy! Rae Carson gave readers an epic adventure complete with action, enduring relationships, and a well-crafted plot.Queen Lucero-Elisa grew into one of the strongest female protagonists I've read thus far. The naiv...
Escaping into My Books
Escaping into My Books rated it 7 years ago
I was looking through my "To Be Read" list and realized that I have four Trilogies that I read the first 2 books and have yet to read the final book in the series. Not because I lost interest...but because a fresh new thing always comes along to distract me from them. And I always look at them in g...
NerdyBirdie rated it 7 years ago
Hi guys, I hope you all are having a great day and this is my review to the (sadly) last book in the Fire and Thorns trilogy, The Bitter Kingdom, written by Rae Carson. The book before ended at a horrible cliffhanger . . . so, if you want to check out The Crown of Embers I first highly recommend y...
Ani's Book Abyss
Ani's Book Abyss rated it 7 years ago
I'm really stuck on what to say about this book (this entire series, novellas included). I really would like to just throw a bunch of squeals out there, call it "AWESOME!!!" many times over and just leave it at that, but then I'll feel like I didn't do this series any justice. Then again, that's the...
b00k r3vi3ws
b00k r3vi3ws rated it 7 years ago
Elisa is on a rescue mission and she has a plan you unite the countries. We see little more of Alodia here. But once again Elisa and Hector steal the spotlight throughout. Well fleshed out and developed characters who deserves their happily ever after.The mystery of the Godstone is not fully solved ...
ashwednesday rated it 8 years ago
I think sometimes when we find love we pretend it away, or ignore it, or tell ourselves we're imagining it. Because it's the most painful kind of hope there is. It can be ripped away so easily. By indifference. By death. Well that was certainly exhausting.Two things that this book is not but shoul...
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