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The Breeders - Community Reviews back

by Katie French
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Author Aoife Marie Sheridan
Author Aoife Marie Sheridan rated it 6 years ago
Review of the BreedersStar Rating: 3 starswww.reviewoffantasy.comThe opening starts in a barren landscape. Dust, poverty and hunger where the three things I felt, yet the house was filled with love.In a world where girls are taken to be used as breeders no-one is safe so Riley pretends to be a boy, ...
Vangie's Book List
Vangie's Book List rated it 6 years ago
Very good beginning, but fell flat. Background information was lacking, and the hospital scenes could have been more horrific, but they seemed tame until Plan B was shown. Even then, though, it was a very short scene.I loved the idea, the characters as well, I just was disappointed in the executio...
saulsy2 rated it 6 years ago
This novel looks so interesting and it looks like it might be different from anything I have ever read.
Book Lovers Life
Book Lovers Life rated it 6 years ago
From the get go The Breeders is edge of your seat type of book. Rileys world sucks!! The landscape is bleak, women are treated appallingly and boys are traded to the Riders for sacrifice to their God. Riley and her brother Ethan live on a secluded farm with her step dad, mum and aunt. If anyone come...
Pages & Prose
Pages & Prose rated it 6 years ago
Why, why, why isn't this author getting more attention? This book is tight; writing, plot, characters, everything. Brilliant writing and well defined characters. I wasn't expecting this level of writing in a free book. I can't wait to read more from Ms. French.Read it people!!
FefferBooks rated it 7 years ago
Definitely needs another pass by a copyeditor, but decent plot and good characters. I enjoyed coming back to this one each evening. Mild language here and there. Ending a little rushed. 3.5 stars.
Books and Things
Books and Things rated it 7 years ago
Let me tell you I did not expect this book. I knew it was dystopian and that it would have some dark themes running through this book, but I really didn't expect something so dark. Yes, this comes from someone who has said that YA doesn't go dark enough. Well, this one was close to pitch dark.Now, f...
Parajunkee rated it 7 years ago
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