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The Castle of Llyr - Community Reviews back

by Lloyd Alexander
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I Cannot Live Without Books!
I Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 6 months ago
The third volume of The Chronicles of Prydain begins with the hot-headed sword-maiden Eilonwy sent off to the royal house on the Isle of Mona to learn how to be a princess and a lady, two things she has zero interest in. Taran and Gurgi accompany her on the sea voyage with Prince Rhun, a clumsy youn...
Irresponsible Reader
Irresponsible Reader rated it 9 months ago
Taran is tasked with escorting Princess Eilonwy to the Isle of Mona, where she'll be taken in by distant relatives -- the king and queen, who will help her learn how to be a proper young lady (an idea she finds ridiculous). They sail there on a ship "captained" by the island's Prince Rhun. Once th...
Dang Rover: Cover to Cover
Dang Rover: Cover to Cover rated it 3 years ago
I've decided that as long as I read from the point of view of a 10 year old I can endure--possibly even find entertainment--reading the Chronicles of Prydain. The third book, The Castle of Llyr, held my attention much better than the first two...which isn't actually saying much because the first two...
thechristined rated it 4 years ago
Review coming soon.
Because I'm Batman
Because I'm Batman rated it 4 years ago
I am still working my way through children's classics I strangely didn't read as a child, and I'm now 3/5 of the way through the Chronicles of Prydain! This wasn't the strongest entry in the series, especially coming off The Book of Three and The Black Cauldron, but it wasn't boring and featured mor...
Inkspot Fancy
Inkspot Fancy rated it 5 years ago
Llyon! Heh, I loved this book. I can see and admit to some technicalities that should lower this book in my estimation, but it doesn't matter. I love it in spite of the flaws. I love Fflewder's righteous indignation and loyalty, the prince's growth, Taran's clueless bumblings towards understanding h...
waltzy rated it 5 years ago
[3.5 stars]This one is my favorite out of the whole series - I love Eilonwy and the little bit of romance.
Jess rated it 5 years ago
These books are like candy or potato chips - you can't read just one. Doesn't matter how many times I've already read them, I'm devouring them with eagerness. Now, onto Taran Wanderer, which has always stood out as my favorite book in a favorite series...
Uncertain, Fugitive, Half-fabulous
Uncertain, Fugitive, Half-fabulous rated it 9 years ago
A note on how times have changed: In the author's note at the beginning of this book, Lloyd Alexander puts forth a pre-emptive plea for his readers to not be frustrated with certain villains not getting comeuppance at the end, explaining that there will be more books with which to tie up loose ends....
immediacy rated it 21 years ago
I never read the Prydain books by Lloyd Alexander as a child because the library didn't have them. I knew about them from reference works on fantasy and children's literature, but I lived in a small town and I don't recall having access to interlibrary loan. I was reminded of them by Alexandria Digi...
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