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The Cellist of Sarajevo - Community Reviews back

by Steven Galloway
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Chris Blocker
Chris Blocker rated it 2 years ago
The Cellist of Sarajevo came highly recommended, but I had my reservations. How could a thirty-two year old professor from Canada give any sort of justice to the Bosnian War, and do so in a mere 200 pages? The conflict is much too recent to easily dismiss any inaccuracies in the text. And it's diffi...
Thewanderingjew rated it 5 years ago
In 1992, civil war breaks out in Sarajevo. The violence of war often brings out the worst in us, breeding evil, greed, selfishness and corruption. Before long, the people become inured to the death and destruction around them and soon begin to view it almost as normal life. If they don’t accept it, ...
BUGGY rated it 5 years ago
Opening line: “It screamed downward, splitting air and sky without effort.” A few years ago while I was travelling in Europe I met a guy from Sarajevo and we became friends. At one point he asked me if I knew anything about what had happened in his country. I replied, only what I had seen on the ...
Loves books and cats
Loves books and cats rated it 5 years ago
This novel has such powerful images. The horrors that occurred during the siege of Sarajevo and what people went through on a daily basis just to get around in the city are vividly depicted in this wonderful book. And ironically, the cellist is not really even a main character even though he is th...
travelin rated it 6 years ago
I didn't finish it, but I readily admit that it compels one to keep reading. It simply seemed that descriptions and events were kept deliberately muted, to compel one to build hopes and expectation that conflict was impending. The descriptions of sniper preparations are are also done with entirely t...
Boston Bibliophile
Boston Bibliophile rated it 6 years ago
Overloaded Bookshelf
Overloaded Bookshelf rated it 6 years ago
Unexpectedly excellent; disappointingly short.
JL's Bibliomania
JL's Bibliomania rated it 6 years ago
I listened to [b:The Cellist of Sarajevo|2475251|The Cellist of Sarajevo|Steven Galloway|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349080466s/2475251.jpg|2482448] as an audiobook and have not watched the movie While including snippets of the Adagio that is central to the story as passing music between chapters ...
Amy Reads Books
Amy Reads Books rated it 7 years ago
The Cellist of Sarajevo is Steven Galloway's first novel to be published in the UK back in 2008, although it is his third novel overall. Set during the siege of Sarajevo, at the height of the Bosnia/Serbia conflict, which lasted for around four years, Galloway uses a real life event to inspire his n...
The Block
The Block rated it 7 years ago
Set during the siege of Sarajevo, this extraordinary book tells the tale of three normal people trying to survive a war by living each day at a time. It is incredible what humans can put other humans through and that we still have the will to go on.
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