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The Fellowship of the Ring - Community Reviews back

by J.R.R. Tolkien
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I Live in Many Worlds
I Live in Many Worlds rated it 11 months ago
This has been a long time coming. I have been holding off reading this trilogy for years! I don't know what it was that kept preventing me from picking up these books. I guess Life just kept getting in the way. But! I have now read The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring and I couldn't be happier....
kingsoupnut rated it 3 years ago
So finally getting around to reading the LOTR series. I've also booked tickets to go and see all extended editions back to back at the cinema in London in a week. 12 and a half hours in total. I hope I have the stamina to make it through, it's been interesting as someone who was a huge fan of the fi...
Fiction Fantastic
Fiction Fantastic rated it 3 years ago
I feel so conflicted about this... I'm loving the story itself, but I just feel like the writing isn't that great. It's not gripping me or sucking me into the quest. There's a fine balance between reading a story and experiencing it, and right now I'm just reading a story that's very good and exciti...
bestwineforlast rated it 3 years ago
I loved this series as a child, loved the movies, and it was nice to revisit the first of the trilogy again.It is a great read and worthy of all the praise it has ever received. J.R.R. Tolkien was a master and creating another world populated, by creatures, other than men, of his imagination, and ma...
Emma Richey
Emma Richey rated it 4 years ago
Wine gets better as it gets older; even Hobbits--who exhibit a decided preference, in my humble opinion, for ales/beers/etc--know that. [spoiler] Remember that wine Bilbo gave as a present after his birthday party? The old one that his father laid down? [/spoiler] J.R.R Tolkien's The Fellowship of t...
Most In Everything
Most In Everything rated it 4 years ago
I do not usually like reading fantasy novels, after being burnt by the Harry Potter series. I know many wouldn't agree but it really ruined the whole genre for me as a kid, mostly owing to the sub-par writing and language. I thought all fantasy novels were similar but I was mistaken. Lord of The Rin...
imyril rated it 4 years ago
I can't be remotely unbiased about this book. I've loved it since I was 7. I may find some bits of early dialogue clunky (until the mode shifted in Rivendell and got all archaic epic, which I was far more comfortable with), but this set the tone and the form for my expectations for years. Hell, it p...
Emad Attely [The Book Nerd]
Emad Attely [The Book Nerd] rated it 4 years ago
Tolkien is a major writer of fantasy. I remember watching his amazing trilogy Lord of the Rings long time ago, and I still remember how much I liked it. Now I finished reading his trilogy and I feel nostalgic! Probably I'm gonna watch the movies again tonight!I loved the books. Recommended :)
Jocelyn (The Reading World)
Jocelyn (The Reading World) rated it 4 years ago
This gets four stars instead of five stars for one reason alone:WHY ARE THERE NO WOMEN IN THE FELLOWSHIP?!?!Yes, I'm one of those people who have to drag feminism into everything. It's a little more (or a little less?) than that though. Put this book and an 11-year-old girl together, and along with ...
Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
The difficulties with trilogies is that while they are three books the same plot and theme tends to run through all three of them. It really does depend on the story though as there are a number which are self contained, but due to the popularity, the author writes a second, third (and sometimes mor...
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