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The Firm - Community Reviews back

by John Grisham
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Mary's Books
Mary's Books rated it 8 months ago
This was the first book I read by John Grisham, so very many years ago. I recently re-read the book (listening wherever I could) and I felt like I was reading another book by the same author. In this story, Mitch is getting ready to graduate from Law School and he is being recruited by a firm fro...
Flicker Reads
Flicker Reads rated it 4 years ago
I was a bit on the youngish side to feel interested in The Firm back when it captured the American public's imagination as the "It" book of 1991. The Firm ushered in the legal thriller as a bonafide fictional genre, so that since that time, many authors have used the legal thriller as their career's...
Gurglings of a Putrid Stream
Gurglings of a Putrid Stream rated it 5 years ago
This is the story of Mitch McDeere, fresh out of law school, who joins a small Memphis tax firm for the money and the perks, only to discover he should have paid more attention to the fine print, such as the fact that no lawyer has ever the left the firm alive.It's a legal mystery-thriller that scor...
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 5 years ago
I had some trouble wrapping my mind around the premise of this novel, where a young lawyer gets involved with a mobbed-up law firm. Third in in his class at Harvard Law and on law review? He'd spend his first year post-law school as a Supreme Court clerk and then surely move on to some famous, estab...
ishanmaheshwari rated it 6 years ago
well 2.5 stars really. i had high expectations. it would have got more if grisham would have thrown less unnecessary and mundane details (but i guess this is his style of writing). *spoilers ahead*Also there were many loopholes in the book like abby and the detective's secretary already knew that th...
Vijai's Book Reviews
Vijai's Book Reviews rated it 6 years ago
Quintessential Grisham - small guy toughing it out in a big organization, something happens, small guy goes against the big organization and the just pure awesomeness weaving in and out of tight situations and relief at the same time.
Always Doing
Always Doing rated it 6 years ago
Thrillers are not for me. That's what this book taught me. The whole "oooo, they're getting closer, oh no!" thing just makes me nervous. The unwinding at the end was neat but didn't make up for the stress of the first 70%. Three stars because I have no idea how this is compared to other thriller...
Dr. Pepper Diva
Dr. Pepper Diva rated it 6 years ago
I’ve always been a big mystery fan and you can’t read mysteries without knowing John Grisham. I fell in love with his legal thrillers after reading only one of his books and made a vow to read all of his work. While I enjoyed the first two I’ve read, this one was a letdown.Everything worked. The sto...
Here i'm
Here i'm rated it 7 years ago
cool book but rather predictable from start.
Illuminati rated it 7 years ago
I've never had any respect for Grisham as an author. This seals it. Pathetic.
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