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The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy) - Community Reviews back

by Jessica Verday
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Rambling Reviews
Rambling Reviews rated it 8 years ago
I had high hopes for this one. I had all three books in the series, and kept meaning to get around to reading it. I finally sat down a week ago to start the series, hoping I could just fly through it. Unfortunately I couldn't even finish this first installment.I'm normally one of those people that c...
kyleInMotion rated it 9 years ago
It had a good plot, but the horrible writing pretty much pulled it under and held it down until it drowned. The writing is full of minuscule details we really just don't need. Every single movement a character makes, every single shift in their weight or twitch of their fingers is described in painf...
Flying Kick-a-pow!
Flying Kick-a-pow! rated it 9 years ago
Actual rating: 2.5Abbey lives in the small town of Sleepy Hollow. You know ...... That one.Recently, Abbey's best friend, Kristen, disappeared near a bridge. While most people believe that Kristen's death was an accident, Abbey suspects that something fishy is going on. Then things start getting wei...
The Little Pink Book Boutique
The Little Pink Book Boutique rated it 10 years ago
My Review BreakdownStory/Plot: 1/5Characters: 3/5Writing: 2/5Ending: 2/5Cover: 3/5Final Score: 11/25 = 3 CupcakesMy Rating: Mmm ... Yummy!Read my full review and many more on the blog:
Rhin rated it 10 years ago
Abigail - known as Abbey - is lonely. Her best friend Kristen mysteriously disappeared one night: the only thing the police found were blood on a rock, and they assumed that she had fallen down and drowned, though they never found the body. Everybody in town believes them. That is, but Abbey. Abbey ...
Bemused Bookworm
Bemused Bookworm rated it 11 years ago
I really loved this book! it does leave a few mysteries and questions open, but its suppose too! its only book 1 of 3 so its job is laying the ground work of the overall story and i think it gives an excellent foundation! the characters and scenery are very vivid and thought out and i loved feeling ...
nataliya rated it 11 years ago
Despite Washington Irving references, about 90% of this book focuses only on the lovestruck gazing at a mysterious friendly boy who likes to hang out at a cemetery - Casper CaspIAN. Not a 'friendly ghost' at all, why'd you ask??? Yup, I just gave away the big plot point of this book. Which everyone,...
Glass @ Way Too Hot Books & Ja čitam, a ti?
I´ve just finished reading this book and, omg, it is amazing! It totaly suprised me - main reason for that is probably the fact that I didn´t read spoilers so I didn´t know what will happen. I must admit that somewhere in the middle of the book it was just a bit boring, lots of "dead ends", but th...
Blkosiner's Book Blog
Blkosiner's Book Blog rated it 11 years ago
I really enjoyed the setting for The Hollow, and I think it is a very unique taking an existing story like Sleepy Hollow and throwing those elements in the story. Verday seems very knowledgeable on her subject and the vivid descriptions are awesome. I enjoy Abbey's character, how she is quirky an...
No More Booklikes, BYE
No More Booklikes, BYE rated it 11 years ago
Sleepy Hollow is filled with myths and stories, the town almost survives on it. One teen girl Abby, has her best friend die and her life is thrown into nightmares and fantasies ? Or are they real, sometimes it is hard to tell. is this a ghost story of or the story of a damaged young girl ? She meet...
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