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The Humanoids - Community Reviews back

by Jack Williamson
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Musings/Träumereien/Devaneios rated it 6 years ago
It’s psychics versus robots! We´re not in Asimovian territory...And it gets weirder from there. I’m not sure if it’s just the nature of Golden Age SF, but this book is a real mess. I remember reading it a long time ago in my teens. The pacing is weird, as Jack Williamson goes through the key moments...
FriedEgg rated it 7 years ago
The central conundrum this novel explores is the dichotomy between safety and liberty. At first glance they seem to be mutually exclusive, an inevitable trade-off between one and the other, but is it conceivable that they might ever be reconciled, for humanity to achieve both completely?Humanity has...
Shelf Indulgence
Shelf Indulgence rated it 13 years ago
Every so often, I run across a book that has an intriguing idea, but is rather dull and dry for reading. Vinge’s Rainbows End and Flynn’s Eifelheim are two recent examples, and now Williamson’s The Humanoids can go on that list. I discovered the book through a Webcomic, of all things, but the descri...
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