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The Iliad - editions back

by Homer, Bernard Knox, Robert Fagles
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The Iliad - Homer, Bernard Knox, Robert Fagles
The Iliad
publisher: Penguin Classics publish date: November 1st 1998
format: paperback pages: 683
language: English
ISBN: 0140275363 (9780140275360)
ASIN: 140275363
Iliad - Homer, Stanley Lombardo, Sheila Murnaghan
publisher: Hackett Publishing publish date: June 1st 1997
format: paperback pages: 516
language: English
ISBN: 0872203522 (9780872203525)
ASIN: 872203522
The Essential Iliad - Homer, Sheila Murnaghan, Stanley Lombardo
The Essential Iliad
publisher: Hackett Publishing Co. publish date: September 1st 2000
format: paperback pages: 224
language: English
ISBN: 0872205428 (9780872205420)
The Iliad - Homer, Richmond Lattimore
The Iliad
publisher: University of Chicago Press publish date: June 1st 1961
format: paperback pages: 527
language: English
ISBN: 0226469409 (9780226469409)
The Iliad (Signet Classics) - Homer, W.H.D. Rouse
The Iliad (Signet Classics)
publisher: Signet Classics publish date: August 1st 1999
format: mass market paperback pages: 312
language: English
ISBN: 0451527372 (9780451527370)
The Iliad - Homer, E.V. Rieu, Peter Jones, D.C.H. Rieu
The Iliad
publisher: Penguin Classics publish date: April 29th 2003
format: paperback pages: 576
language: English
ISBN: 0140447946 (9780140447941)
ASIN: 140447946
The Iliad: The Fitzgerald Translation - Homer, Robert Fitzgerald
The Iliad: The Fitzgerald Translation
publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux publish date: April 3rd 2004
format: paperback pages: 632
language: English
ISBN: 0374529051 (9780374529055)
ASIN: 374529051
The Iliad - Homer, Stanley Lombardo, Susan Sarandon
The Iliad
publisher: Parmenides Audio publish date: March 15th 2006
format: audiobook
language: English
ISBN: 1930972083 (9781930972087)
The Iliad (Everyman's Library Classics, #60) - Homer, Robert Fitzgerald
The Iliad (Everyman's Library Classics, #60)
publisher: Everyman publish date: March 19th 1992
format: hardcover pages: 594
language: English
ISBN: 1857150600 (9781857150605)
The Iliad - Homer, Robert Fagles, Derek Jacobi
The Iliad
publisher: Penguin publish date: June 15th 2006
format: audiobook minutes: 9
language: English
ISBN: 0143059289 (9780143059288)
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