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The Immortalists - Community Reviews back

by Chloe Benjamin
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A Man With An Agenda
A Man With An Agenda rated it 3 years ago
'The Immortalists' had a fantastic start - after hearing so much praise about it from customers I went out on a limb and bought a copy for myself. The premise is that in 1969 four siblings seek out a fortune teller who knows when people will die. What they hear will effect the rest of their lives...
Words of a Bibliophile
Words of a Bibliophile rated it 3 years ago
I really enjoyed this one, probably one my favorite reads this year. Four siblings in 1969 New York go see a fortune teller who tells each of them separately the dates of their deaths, and the prophecies affect how each of them live their lives from that moment on. The book is divided into four part...
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 4 years ago
AudiobookI kept putting off requesting this book because I stopped reading family sagas in the early 1980s. But I kept reading the blurb over and over and finally thought why not. This book was so good! It's about 4 brothers and sisters and their life from an encounter with a psychic until their dea...
"So it goes."
"So it goes." rated it 4 years ago
This one was entirely different than I'd imagined it would be, and that was fine. I like to be surprised. What was slightly lacking for me was why the Romani fortune teller had such an effect on these four kids. They were raised steeped in Judaism, at least by their father. They were first generatio...
Thewanderingjew rated it 4 years ago
The Immortalists, Chloe Benjamin, author; Maggie Hoffman, narratorWhen the book begins, in 1969, the Gold children decide to visit a fortune teller named Bruna Costello, a Romani gypsy who could tell those who consulted her the date of their deaths. At the time, Varya was 13, Daniel was 11, Klara wa...
Cody's Bookshelf
Cody's Bookshelf rated it 4 years ago
“... they break through the surface in astounding numbers. They climb the nearest vertical object; the husks of their nymphal skins drop crisply to the ground. Their bodies are pale and not yet hardened. In the darkness, they sing.” Despite my low rating, I do think it is possible for people to en...
debbiekrenzer rated it 4 years ago
This was a interesting premise. Four siblings go to see a gypsy psychic who can tell you that day you die. They range in ages of 7 to 13. That's pretty crazy and pretty young to be receiving information like that. However, was the gypsy right in her prophecies or do the persons who are told this pro...
My Never Ending List
My Never Ending List rated it 4 years ago
I loved the feeling that this book provoked in me and in the characters. The characters believed that they knew their death dates, yet in the back of their minds there was a part of them that hoped that the fortune teller was wrong. I enjoyed following the lives of these young characters as they mat...
I Love Books
I Love Books rated it 4 years ago
Would you live your life any differently if you knew when you were going to die? Four siblings are told when they are going to die by a gypsy fortune teller, but not told how. The story unfolds as we go through each ones life and find out how they handle the news. I enjoyed the Writers style. The bo...
Reader! Reader!
Reader! Reader! rated it 4 years ago
The novel begins in 1969 with Gold family--Saul, Gertie, and their 4 children Varya, Daniel, Klara, and Simon--living in New York City. One afternoon the 4 kids go to see a psychic who will tell them the dates of their deaths. And from there we follow each of the kids' lives. How accurate was the p...
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