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The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Pop, Inszenierung - Community Reviews back

by Marilyn Manson
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Bibliofiend's Bookbag
Bibliofiend's Bookbag rated it 7 years ago
Normally I relish a good rock/music memoir. I'm not prude but I detested this.
geekboyking rated it 8 years ago
This was one of those memoirs where they try to fill out the pages with random lists and poems, etc. I was a bit surprised that Marilyn Manson would use the same trick as Jenna Jameson to try to make it seem like there was more to his book than there was. I don't think you can take much of the boo...
shell pebble
shell pebble rated it 8 years ago
I was a fan of Marilyn Manson in my teens, and I read this book back then. I was surprised; I was expecting something more transgressive and less level-headed. This coming-of-age story was a reasonably good read. I don't care for sex-drugs-&-rock-n-roll anecdote, but there is some more interesting m...
Lining the Walls
Lining the Walls rated it 8 years ago
So Brian Warner turned out to be not so completely unlikable after all. This might have been due to his making an occasional reference to the fact that he is something of a reader himself, can't hate on someone who reads. I always have sort of liked him, by the way, I am an MM fan. It really onl...
I'll think of a damn title later
I'll think of a damn title later rated it 9 years ago
VERY well-written, often sad, sometimes grostesque. MM is a fascinating guy, no doubt. (And yes, I'm a fan of his music, I saw him at Ozzfest years ago and it was EPIC. Born entertainer, that's for damn sure.)
The Book Nerd
The Book Nerd rated it 10 years ago
What I like about Marilyn Manson biography is how honest he really was/is in the books and how he saved all the letter of rejection for his art work but was told how good his work was and put them in the book.I would've loved if it added what happen afterwards about every thing such his marriage to ...
Sarah ~Slow reader, or slowly reading? ;)
i was so excited to read this book. when it began it was very interesting and honest. by the middle to the end, he begins to ramble on about random crap that i didn't find interesting at all. i began to skip paragraphs and eventually pages trying to just get it over with. big letdown!
Dutch rated it 24 years ago
I think this book was just as much a show as his stage persona is, therefore I couldn't entirely rate it high because I found the effort neither great, nor could I rate it low because it wasn't lacking. I think when I read this, when it first came out, Marilyn Manson was the freakiest thing on the ...
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