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The People in the Trees - Community Reviews back

by Hanya Yanagihara
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KatieMc rated it 4 years ago
People of the Trees is a memoir based account of a brilliant and Nobel awarded doctor/scientist who discovers an elixir for eternal life [spoiler] a slight exaggeration, but something that would enable you to live 300-400 years [/spoiler] and who is prosecuted and convicted of child molestation. E...
Marjorie's World of Books
Marjorie's World of Books rated it 4 years ago
After reading this author’s second book, “A Little Life”, I knew she was an author who wouldn’t disappoint. So of course I had to read her debut book, “The People in the Trees”. Once again I was completely blown away. This is the story of Norton Perina, a young scientist who is asked by an anth...
Roving Book Club
Roving Book Club rated it 4 years ago
Read by Tiffany - Disturbing in so many ways. Norton Perina is the most abhorrent main character I have read through. From the beginning he is arrogant and self-absorbed.Perina is obviously gay, describing a male colleague in glowing terms (proceeding to erotic dreams), whilst a female colleague is ...
msleighm books
msleighm books rated it 4 years ago
4 stars. Decided 50 - 75 pages in, Genius. The reading is like cutting through soft butter, so easy to understand complex and challenging subjects. As it continues and the subject matters continue to become more disturbing, it was like premium ice cream, I didn't want to stop. The reader is cha...
mage4mage rated it 6 years ago
mtw1tter rated it 6 years ago
There are material in this book which would greatly offend a reader's sensibilities so it needs to be taken in the context that the main protagonist is an anthropologist and what happens in the book is filtered through his mind as a social scientist.
Chris Blocker
Chris Blocker rated it 6 years ago
This is a strange book, but not as strange as I had anticipated it being. The fictional story of a young man (Norton Perina) who tags along with an anthropological research group into the jungles of the island of Ivu'ivu in search of a lost tribe is unique. Add to that the discovery of “the fountain...
lisa's reviews
lisa's reviews rated it 6 years ago
Finally got interesting, but it still feels like I'm wading through mud to get it finished......Finished this book, but I feel like there is a lot to process. Some things that drove me crazy about it were the footnotes (what is up with novels that have footnotes; I find it very distracting) and the ...
Doubleday Publishing
Doubleday Publishing rated it 6 years ago
A chilling look into human nature. An incredible literary work. An awesome author. This reads both like a dream and like a thriller!
River City Reading
River City Reading rated it 6 years ago
Fresh out of medical school in 1950, Dr. Norton Perina longs to study disease over working with patients. When given the opportunity to accompany anthropologist Paul Tallent on an expedition to Ivu'ivu, an unexplored island in Micronesia, Dr. Perina gladly accepts. Over time, the Americans discover ...
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