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The Rise of Ransom City - Community Reviews back

by Felix Gilman
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Story Driven
Story Driven rated it 7 years ago
I didn't love this book as much as the first one, Half-Made World, but I liked seeing things from the perspective of a very different character. Harry Ransom is a hapless hero for whom nothing really works out as he plans, except that he has invented this incredible apparatus over which everyone wan...
D3's Booklog
D3's Booklog rated it 7 years ago
Felix Gilman is good. He’s definitely a writer on my watch-list (not in a sociopathic way of course), and there’s something about his writing that I find both enjoyable and satisfying. I generally lump him in with those writers I consider “prose stylists” though he’s not showy in any way, rather he ...
wealhtheow rated it 8 years ago
In a world rather unlike this one, human settlers to a new continent found that as they went West, natural laws began to twist and transform. Two sides sprang up: the Agents of the Gun, who are larger than life, and unpredictable, and the Linesmen, who began creating train Engines to serve them and...
Reading Adler's List
Reading Adler's List rated it 8 years ago
Not quite the sequel I was hoping for to the exceptional The Half-Made World. Gilman comes at the story sideways, following a minor character from the first book and focusing on the politics of the Line and the Gun swirling around him. It took awhile, but I was able to get into it after the first 1...
The Layaway Dragon
The Layaway Dragon rated it 8 years ago
I won a copy through a giveaway on Layers of Thought.
davidofterra rated it 8 years ago
3.5 stars
Grack21 rated it 8 years ago
Well I bought this having not even read the first one, but Thunderer and Gears of the CIty ROCKED MY SOCKS.
drey's library
drey's library rated it 8 years ago
The Rise of Ransom City is my first Felix Gilman, and it’s a pretty nifty read. The story’s interesting — part autobiography, part alternative history, part adventure — all told from Harry’s point of view, and with a few sidebars to introduce or explain certain characters. We learn of Harry’s childh...
Merle rated it 51 years ago
The Rise of Ransom City is a sequel to The Half-Made World.... sort of. Where the first book was a quest story with worldwide implications, following three main characters, this one is written as the memoir of Harry Ransom, an inventor who appeared only briefly in the prior novel. It’s still a decen...
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