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The Satanic Verses - Community Reviews back

by Salman Rushdie, Sam Dastor
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Level up!
Level up! rated it 5 months ago
I've been hesitant to read this one, because I heard that it doesn't quite live up to the legend surrounding it. In case you don't remember the hoopla about this book, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Satanic_Verses_controversy should get you up to speed. I also read Joseph Anton before I read ...
nente rated it 3 years ago
Neither very magical nor quite real.I have had a lot of issues with this book as I read on, but possibly the biggest problem is that I can't be bothered to address them all.With a great big cast of characters, is it inevitable that they would be all rather flat? I might say yes, but surely that need...
shell pebble
shell pebble rated it 6 years ago
With its electrifying first chapter, Rushdie's most controversial novel sets the scene for dramatic and mystical events to intrude violently into the well worn land of the living. His grandiose language lends itself to reading aloud to your family when caught in crawling motorway traffic in a thunde...
Book Trauma
Book Trauma rated it 6 years ago
I remember I was working in a book store when this was first released to much controversy over death threats and due in part to that it became a best seller. I am pretty sure that is one of the main reasons I didn't read it then. The other being I didn't always want to read the newest releases. Even...
Xalaila's book diary
Xalaila's book diary rated it 6 years ago
Complicado, tanto por el estilo como por las historias entrelazadas. Deja mucho qué pensar, pues es una crítica a la creencia de que Mahoma recibió la revelación directamente de un ángel de Dios. Con razón lo condenaron a muerte. No dejen de leerlo.
rubya rated it 6 years ago
I usually like magical realism! And this book had all this political drama behind it! Nonetheless, I couldn;t get into it. Figured I'd move on to books I'd actually enjoy rather than force myself through it.
Blogged Out Ma Nut
Blogged Out Ma Nut rated it 6 years ago
Finally, when all the controversy has died down, this book can finally be what it is, which is not that great.Rushdie's convoluted style allows him to get away with a lot. The worst?He's tries to show off so much, which actually makes him seem kind of childish, like he's trying to impress his reader...
yahyaahmadi rated it 6 years ago
There are two main characters, Saladin and Gebreel, whose stories are closely connected. They are both victims of a suicide bombing in an airplane. Rushdi reviews their backgrounds, and then two separate storylines begin: 1. In Gebreel’s story, we follow his dreams where he becomes the archangel of ...
Dreamworld rated it 6 years ago
I have this in PDF form long time ago. For whatever reasons, I tried to read the first page and couldn't be bothered to turn to next page. Eh whatever.
A Man With An Agenda
A Man With An Agenda rated it 6 years ago
This one took me a long time to get into, ultimately rewarding. Immigration, empire, morality, identity, and the story of the satanic verses themselves gives this novel a lot of substance. Rushdie's style can be a little hallucinogenic, almost-stream-of-consciousness, but when it works there are pas...
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