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The Secret of Platform 13 - Community Reviews back

by Eva Ibbotson
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I Live in Many Worlds
I Live in Many Worlds rated it 1 year ago
For the last couple of days, I've been in a bit of a slump so I wanted to mix things up by reading a classic children's story. For years now, I've heard about The Secret of Platform 13 being a great children's classic so I went to my library and checked it out. This book is a great, fun read and I e...
A Sea of Stars
A Sea of Stars rated it 6 years ago
2.5 stars.When an ogre, a hag, a wizard, and a fey leave the Island to come find the long lost heir stolen years ago, things don't go quite as planned. Raymond, the supposed heir, is a selfish spoiled brat who reminded me strongly of Dudley Dursley. As soon as Ben showed up, I knew that he was eit...
The Cheap Reader
The Cheap Reader rated it 6 years ago
It’s always a shame when a summary of a book sounds really magical but the book ends up being less than magical. That’s not to say that this book was bad because it wasn’t. It was just a bit flat. Maybe it was because it was a little juvenile so I didn’t fully connect with it?The story was definitel...
Flying Kick-a-pow!
Flying Kick-a-pow! rated it 11 years ago
This isn't the best of Eva Ibbotson's books, but is still a relatively charming story about magical creatures from another world searching for a lost prince in our world. I like most of Ibbotson's books. My only issue with her writing is that every single one of her books includes some problem invol...
debnance rated it 12 years ago
Three nursemaids venture off their magical island during the once-every-nine-years open window between the island and the real world. In the process, their charge, the baby prince of the king and queen of the island, is stolen by an evil woman desperately longing for a child. The king and queen are ...
Kaethe rated it 14 years ago
Ibbotson is so much fun. Great for those who'll be reading Harry Potter in two more years.***Still fun. Goofy and just the tiniest bit disturbing. Weensy bit, really.2010 February 19
kerry rated it 50 years ago
Much of the same themes as "The Island of the Aunts", but still a pleasure to read. I especially liked the part where the skinless centaur comes out of the water and bleeds everywhere, and how the lead harpy kind of resembled Barbara Bush in the illustrations.Read "Island of the Aunts" first.
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