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by Wm. Paul Young
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Obsession with words
Obsession with words rated it 8 months ago
I read this book several years ago but I couldn't remember much about it. I came across another copy so I read it again. I remember hearing other people talk about it and it seemed there were three camps. There are those that loved it, those that hated it, and those were afraid to say what they thou...
Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents
Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents rated it 2 years ago
This is about a man who spends some time with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I think many, many people with love it. For me, I struggled often because I felt like it was a really long Sunday School lesson sometimes. Other times, I got into what was happening quite a bit, but it was maybe too dee...
Tolle Lege!.
Tolle Lege!. rated it 2 years ago
"If anything matters, then every thing matters". The author said that line twice within the book. The first time he said it, I did not know what he meant. In the last page or so he repeated that line and by that time I understood what he was getting at. The book is not a mystery or murder or kidnapp...
Fallen Over Book Reviews
Fallen Over Book Reviews rated it 2 years ago
I saw the trailer to this book and decided I needed to read it. Just by seeing the trailer I hoped that the book would be just as good as it seemed the movie might be. My heart went out to Mack on so many levels. How many times does something bad happen to us and we blame God? I know I have done tha...
Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
It is difficult for me to talk about this book without giving too much a way, namely because at the end of the book, in his post script, the author has requested that we do not give too much away so that people will be inclined to read this book themselves, and this is something that I an inclined t...
The World of Alice D.
The World of Alice D. rated it 5 years ago
Read in 2011 (from August 8 to 22) It's kinda hard to rate this book. I liked it when I read it for the firs time but there are a lot of flaws in contrast to the nice message the book sends. The message is religious, it calls for belief in God but it is also a little pathetic and cheesy. The st...
Just a book blog
Just a book blog rated it 6 years ago
Mack, a man whose daughter had been kidnapped and murdered, receives a letter in his mailbox inviting him to spend a weekend at the very shack where his world fell apart four years earlier. It is at that very shack where Mack comes face to face with God and learns to heal.
melsbookshelf rated it 6 years ago
First and foremost, I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this book. Obviously we all have our own beliefs about God, so some of the ideas may hit us each differently. Did I agree with the way every idea and assumption about God was presented? No, but I also found some new insights and did app...
Happy Endings
Happy Endings rated it 6 years ago
While the message is good, at times it felt a bit chessey. Overall though, the message makes up for the negatives.
Jenny's Book Bag
Jenny's Book Bag rated it 6 years ago
Loved it!
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