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Lillelara rated it 4 years ago
I´m apologizing to the Halloween book bingo gods in advance for using this book for the “Modern Masters of Horror” square. Thomas Olde Heuvelt might be a lot of things, but a modern master of horror he isn´t. At least in my opinion. Because I did not like this book. Hex is the most nonsensical piece...
Abandoned by Booklikes
Abandoned by Booklikes rated it 5 years ago
Considering how many horror authors enthused about this book I was thinking that this book would go down as a classic that I would read for years to come. Instead I found most of the book to be very slow moving. I thought the whole witch who cursed a village thing would be interesting and scary, but...
Let's Talk About Books
Let's Talk About Books rated it 5 years ago
Welp, it's finished. Don't really have too many strong opinions. We'll see how this goes. Hex takes place in Black Spring, a town cursed by Katherine Van Allen. She doesn't seem to actually do anything to you, but she can make you want to do pretty horrible thing. The town quarantines themselves ...
Chris' Fish Place
Chris' Fish Place rated it 5 years ago
This a rather beautiful little fable. It is meandering, it is a wish, it is a butterfly. There is beauty here.
Summer Reading Project, BookLikes Satellite
The people of Black Spring, New York are cursed. It’s not really their fault. They were just unlucky enough to be born there or buy a house there. The curse is Katherine van Wyler, a woman accused of being a witch who still haunts Black Spring three hundred plus years later. In Hex, by Thomas Olde H...
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