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Hm. I don't seem to be able to make new text posts. Two different browsers failed. Firefox and Edge.
Help! I can't post reviews or any new posts. When I click the Post button, it asks me if I really want to leave the page. I cancel that and try again and nothing happens.

This has been happening for a few days now, consistently following the same pattern. Any browser.

I can comment on other people's posts, just can't do any of my own!
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Check out MurderByDeath's post #2057 (back one page) in this discussion. She has a link in that post to directions on how to fix Firefox so it works, at least most of the time. I'm not a techie at all, but I was able to do it with virtually no problem. I still have some problems posting comments to the blog page, but almost everything else seems to work now, and it hasn't messed up any other places I go to.
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Lora, we're waiting for the response from our IT team in this respect. The bug is very inconsistent as it seems that not all Firefox users (or other browsers) experience the issues. Our team is investigating why it's happening, however, because of the inconsistency it may take a while.

Linda and Jenn, thank you for the remarks. We're checking what's going on.
I'm trying to add comics, and there is one that just refuses to add. It keeps saying the ASIN already exists despite how when I search it comes it with "no book exists. Please try another language or add the book". I have tried 3 times. The comic is Saban's Go Go Power Rangers issue 6, ASIN B07814SV7V.
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Geez, this one almost had me stumped. I couldn't find it either, not matter what I tried. I finally got it here:

FYI, BookLikes fixed the ASIN bug, but something went screwy and now most ASIN books published in 2017/2018 don't show up in search. BL knows about it and hopefully it won't take as long to fix as the original bug. Concurrently, the Amazon link is currently down, so the way I was finally able to 'find' the book was by going to Amazon.co.uk (the only amazon site currently working) and using the ShelveIt widget. I figured if it was already in the DB, then the widget would just load the book page, and it did. I fixed it up and made sure it showed up in the author's book list too; I also added an ISBN edition which *is* searchable.
Thank you so much! I was able to build 3 other pages just fine but this one really gave me fits! I appreciate your help!!
There is also sometimes a problem searching for new books using the ISBN-13 number. It happened twice with books already in the data base.
So sorry for the issues with the search box! We're looking forward for the updates which gonna fix the problems.
Having problem with the search box with asin's . There showing the book not available I then go and add to the system and hit submit and it say already exists.I did three new releases tonight same thing happened.None of this makes any sense.It should show up originally but appears only to be able to access after the submit button.Maybe it just me but this is really strange...
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PLEASE don't mess up the notifications! Pretty please?
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It's not just you - see messages #2076 and #2079 above.

If you post the ASINs you can't find someone might be able to track down the book pages for you.
Thank you Murder by Death !
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