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Linda, so sorry to hear about the issue. It seems to be OK on our side, we also double check BL on Firefox and Windows and Dash is loading just fine as well as our Blog view. We'll look into to issue but please do keep us updated and let us know if you notice any change. We do hope the issue will be resolved any day at your place. One more time sorry for any inconvenience.
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Yay! Can you please confim that the BL -> GR sync works OK for you. Just want to double check.
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I just checked my other - desktop - computer, and the dashboard loads fine on that computer. I did not clear any history from it. It also uses Firefox.

On the laptop, all of my Windows software and Firefox browser software updates automatically, so it is completely up to date.

I am currently only able to view ONE post on my dashboard.
@Linda. I had this problem last year. As a temporary fix I downloaded and used a different (obscure) web browser for BL only. The other option is to uninstall your browser and then download and install a fresh version. That seemed to solve the problem, but I was trying a whole bunch of other things at the same time so can't be sure.
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@elentarri - I just sent a PM to Murder by Death about this. I had just shut down the laptop when I remembered all the problems that were going around here about a year ago. She found a fix for Firefox that involved changing a setting. I ***,think*** Firefox did an update over the weekend that maybe????? undid that change???? I have my fingers crossed.
Good luck, Linda!
Just a reminder: I'm still wishing my Twitter would connect. :)
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