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We were experiencing some technical issues. All has been reported and hope to be resolved soon.
So sorry for all the inconvenience :/
Everything seems to be working wonderfully this morning. I was able to set a post to go up later this afternoon.
I still can't scroll back on the Dashboard beyond the first post I saw when I logged on yesterday morning (European time), which I'd like to be able to do at some point in order to catch up with what I missed. Also, when posting a review earlier today, I still got the "do you want to leave this page" popup question.

But at least the dash is correctly displaying today's posts, and I was able to post a review ...

Heard from a BL friend via Facebook, though, that he wasn't able to get in at all today (I told him to get in touch with Kate).
I haven't received that "do you want to leave this page?" question at all. ??

The post I scheduled this morning, went up right on time at 1:45pm, so that went well.

I guess we have more glitches to work through. :(
All issues has been reported. So sorry for the ongoing bugs :/ It appears that some of them depend on the browser and its version (updated or not). We're working to fix all up.

The pop us asking to leave a page when posting is misleading but when you click Yes, the post should be published correctly.
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It does, so as MbD said, it's more an irritant than anything else.

OTOH, the friend I mentioned who contacted me on FB says he's basically just seeing a white page -- not even the BL dash, or the BL login page, or something created by Cloudflare; just a blank page. :(
Yeah, the "do you want to leave this page" thing is still around. SUPER annoying.

Haven't tried the dash yet this morning, but like TA I'm hoping to catch up on the posts I missed during the works.
My dashboard is not loading. I see one [User] read and rated alert but nothing else. I click on more posts and nothing happens.
So now I can't mark a book as read, which means I also can't load the review page. A friend was having the same issue a couple of days ago.

I also can't see comments on the blog posts, only on Dashboard.

Edit: Ok, it did log the book as read, but the review page still never loaded.
Edit 2: I was able to add a review by going into My Shelf, finding the book and clicking on the "Add review" link there. I'm not liking having to go through all these hoops.

Yes, I'm also getting the "would you like to leave this page" pop-up when I click "post" on the review page.
That pop up is really really annoying. :-/
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