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No, it was fully loaded. I actually fixed this problem myself. Last time I was having problems with my time line and dashboard not showing posts and I fixed that the same way. I was going to get the version of my browser (Chrome) to send them. I went to Help and then About to get it but as soon as I opened that page it started to update the browser to the latest version. I guess it doesn´t update until you go to that page for some reason. The update fixed my problem. I forgot that I am using a new computer that my son got me for my birthday. It is very similar. Anyway, when I realized this computer might not have the updated version I went to the about page and it updated and now it is all fixed again. I wonder if a browser update would help Linda Hilton?
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I use Firefox and it updates automatically on my laptop as far as I know.
Hi all. Just wanted to let you know that the updates concerning the problematic issues are planned shortly. We also forward all your remarks to our IT team and we'll be monitoring and examining the troublesome options.
We're sure the upcoming new year will bring a lot of new positive changes and emotions.
Thank you all for all your feedback and support.
I just had the same difficulty posting a comment, but this time it was a comment in reply to a comment on SOMEONE ELSE'S blog post.

This means I have to go back to my Dashboard and scroll down through the entire feed to find that post. It's different from a post/comment on my own blog, which I can narrow the search via the Blog button. I can't narrow the search when it's a post from someone else's blog; the only thing I can do is scroll. For a discussion that may extend over several days, or even weeks, this scrolling can take a long time and be very, very annoying.
Happy New Year booklikes staff !

I am having trouble today with my listed read books not posting on my goodreads shelves so I disconnected the link and tried to reconnect and the option is not letting me it won't let me re-connect.The option is not working. Can you please fix.Thank you !
@Linda Hilton: Your remarks have been reported to our team. So sorry for trouble.

@Angels With Attitude Book Reviews: So sorry for the inconvenience. The BL-GR sync is under review and will be updated shortly.

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