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Discussion: Shout-out for Newbies and "Underfollowed" (but Active) Blogs
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Oh hey. Doesn't really matter for as long as the cover is truly beautiful and the story itself enriches other people's lives. :) XO
Hopefully, this will give us all a chance to meet new people and help spread the word.
Arena79: http://arena79.booklikes.com/blog
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Followed. :)
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Thank you!
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Thank you, too!
also followed.
Not sure if this is correct discussion forum or correct discussion board for such a matter, but I am immensely curious about what you guys think of my Blog, my Blog quotes-posts, and my Book reviews ? Am I sharing just the right amount of knowledge or am I being way too personal? Would love to hear your input, and would love to hear you address issues if there are any, for one of the things that I really like to do, is to improve myself and put the smile on the face of those who follow me. XD

Have a blessed day.
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