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Discussion: Shout-out for Newbies and "Underfollowed" (but Active) Blogs
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http://bookchelle.booklikes.com shelved some books today .

(apparently absent since 2013 and not really sure how to view her blog posts -- possibly she's fixing profile do that "blog" returns to the menu or possibly she merely shelves here. Maybe with a few added followers showing her some activity here she'll be encouraged to post more.)

Hmm...almost exactly same situation as above. Maybe some folk are started to drift back to booklikes (certain other sites sure are having issues with basic features like shelving books to accurate book catalogs and actually seeing posts from folk you follow).

Or maybe there's a bug where booklikes is showing goofy timeline activity that also adds the book to their currently reading shelf.
Similar goings on with http://jessieagelesspages.booklikes.com/blog except they've also added a 2018 reading challenge so maybe not a glitch and just not posting much because not getting followers.
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Thank you for adding me. I am trying to follow back.
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