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Discussion: Shout-out for Newbies and "Underfollowed" (but Active) Blogs
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Followed both.
Also followed both.
Same here.
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Followed both. Not sure if MikeDI is a goodreads refugee or not, but his most recent review says "...As a writer myself, .." so is an author as well -- his posts are not endless "buy my book" so likely also a reader (unless one of those who builds followers and then endlessly ...)
I followed both. Thank you!
followed - thanks
http://mdfryson.booklikes.com/shelf looks very new (an author I found because just joined one of the booklikes bookclubs I'm in).
For the German speakers (though I see some of you are already following her):

http://zaylaia.booklikes.com/ - looks very new; found because joined one of the booklikes book clubs I'm in.
One more for the German speakers: http://marinebuchbinder.booklikes.com/
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