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The following list presents all BookLikes blog post. Please click the titles to go to the articles which present the insights into BookLikes' features and tutorials. The list will be updated with the new posts.

How to read more books in 2017? It's time for a reading challenge!

Reading Challenge Redesigned - Reading Stats, Part One

Reading Challenge Revealed

ReExplore Booklikes Adventure

BookLikes revolution launching now - Feel Invited! BookLikers share tips & tricks for newbies

Goodbye Thursday release: bigger & better changes are coming our way

When shelving new titles, show your bookish mood - emotion status is now available for books

Recommend books with emotions: now you can add emotion status to your posts and reviews!

Discover new reviews and bloggers with tags

Spice your posts: embed Tweets and Tumblr posts into your BookLikes texts

New book releases receive new look on your Dashboard

BookLikes Know-How: Affiliate Programs for Book Bloggers

Share Your Club: Now you can add more admins to your book club

Check out retouched reblog on BookLikes

This Thursday new in stock: BookLikes & WordPress one click synchronization

We have new edit options for your reviews, posts and tags on BookLikes

Now you can synchronize your BookLikes and Tumblr blogs, how cool is that!

BookLikes is giving you new tools to explore your Book Clubs experience

Synchronize Blogger blog with your BookLikes webpage

How to Personalize Your Bookshelf?

Look at the forest: reading lists, book clubs and notifications updates

Join The Book Club

How to edit your book review?

Give Your Book Friends a Shout - Comment, Discuss, Compare Books

Discuss Your Reading Lists & How to Make a Tasty Bookshelf?

Find Books Any Time, Any Place

How to stay connected with book bloggers?

How To Find The Books By The Author You Love?

Reading Challenge Revealed

Sort Books on Author Page

New Widget and More Book Information

Share Your Literary Guides - Search & Tag Reading Lists

Make Yourself a Gift - Find A Giveaway For You

Share the News

Share Book Events on BookLikes: Book Release Calendar (Part One)

Four Ways To Keep On Reading and Reviewing

Reading List Is Never Just A Random Collection of Books - Your Reading Lists Retouched

Show Your Reading Lists and Change Book Editions & Halloween Bookmark Winners

Treat - Not - Trick! Become The Librarian on BookLikes & Win Halloween Bookmark

Discovery Boxes Personalized

Time For Photo Shooting

A Place Where All Book-Likes Things Happen

Add More to Your Reading Lists

Book Blog Preview

Compare Books with Your Friends - Reading stats, Part Two

BookLikes Opens Affiliate Programs for Book Bloggers

Reading Challenge Redesigned - Reading Stats, Part One

Show Your Book Blog In a Nutshell - Profile Widget

Discover Books and Plan Your Reading with Reading Lists

Author Pages on BookLikes

Connecting the Dots - Book Categories on Book Pages & Free Ebooks

New Book Releases and Free Ebooks

New Ways to Explore Books on BookLikes

Add Re-Read Dates to Your Books on BookLikes

Write a Book Review from Your BookLikes Shelf

How to Write a Review With a Book From Your Bookshelf

New Ways to Reach Books and the BookLikes Team

Advanced Shelving on the Book Pages and How to Change the Book Edition on your Shelf

New on Book Pages: Community Reviews and Who Shelved the Book

New Bookshelf on BookLikes - Your Shelf from A to Z

Book Pages With Other Editions

Add New Books on BookLikes

BookLikes is Happy to Introduce its New Look and Multilingual Book Database

Announcement: New Is Coming

Add Private Notes to Your Books

Top Tags on BookLikes

New "Latest Post Widget" Is Like Table of Contents on Your Blog

Collect Your Likes & Make Books Private on BookLikes

Your Reading Challenge Books Revealed

Discussion Widget & BookLikes Theme Store

8 Ways to View Your Dashboard

What's Your Quote? Show It, Share it, Widget it

Private Groups in Discussion Rooms & Several Books in One Post

Synchronize BookLikes With Your Kindle

New Place For Your Bookshelf Settings & New Free Blog Theme

Discover Your Followers Better

Rate a book, pick a book - Dashboard with stars

Move Your Shelves

Likes and Reblogs Uncovered

Table View Book Search, New Blog Themes, Write After Saving

New Posts on Your Dashboard Reminder

Your Shelves as Tags in Your Posts and Reviews

Comments with New Options & Book Blog Directory Update

Thursday Candies: Publish a comment, Discussions stats, New themes

BookLikes Welcomes New Designer

Blockquote Tag & Sync Updates

Reading Progress Update

PM Your Friends on BookLikes - Personal Messages Are On

Keep Your Notes Organized - New Options for Notifications

Take Shortcuts with Dashboard and Reviews

NEW: Discussion Rooms Formatting Tips

Shelf, Writing Reviews & Reblog Updates

Discussion Rooms - Create Groups and Book Clubs

Spoiler Tag & Top Reviewers

Exclusive Status For Your Books On BookLikes

BookLikes Scanner for iPhone & Developers Program

Comments Open For All & Add Shelf in Book Pop Up

Upload Design Themes & Set Reading Progress in Pages, Minutes and %

Book Page of Single Edition and Discovering Giveaways

Let's Explore More & Tags and Comments Updates

Reading in Progress Widget and Invite Friends

Followers, Book Blog Directory Reminder & Import Updates

Your Blog on BookLikes - Custom-Made

Giveaway Widget & New Explore and Blogs Discovery Site In Progress

Edit Your Design Theme With HTML on BookLikes

Import Your Books from LibraryThing And Let Your Friends Know You're on BookLikes!

BookLikes Reading Challenge! Ready... Get Set... Read!

BookLikes Goodies - Widgets

New: BookLikes Giveaways

BookLikes -> Goodreads Synchronization

Official Profiles and Facebook Page Widget

New Notification Feature - All Your Notes in One Place & Updates

Share Your Reads - Pin All Your Books

Batch Edit on Your Shelf

New Commentary System - Get Ready for Book Talk

Add Books Manually & Add Missing Book Covers

Feature for Authors and Twitter Timeline Widget

Multi Shelves, Follow and Invite Fb Friends, Social Share Buttons & the Fastest Way to Reach the Top

"Sort by" on Shelf, Your Social Media Links and Blog Themes Preview

Shelf Linked With Blog and Search Tags

Books on Your Shelves & Features Requests

New Personalization Features: Add Your Pages & Half Star Rating

Talk About Books - New Comment Feature in Your Settings

Newsletter & Explore to Discover More on BookLikes

BookLikes Welcomes Newcomers with Tutorial

Daily Deals - Special Book Offers Everyday
Don't Miss Any Writing - Stay Updated With RSS

Move Your Books - Book Import is On

BookLikes Support Always at Hand
Shelve Books Directly From Bookstores!

Choose Homepage for Your Webpage at BookLikes

Write About Many Books in One Post

Discovering New Book Lands

Share Your Writing and Let Others Comment on Yours

Redesigned BookLikes in 7 Steps
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