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Discussion: Booklikes-opoly: Jail Library
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created by: Moonlight Reader
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I would like to withdraw 300 pages from the bank library please.
Donating 49 pages back to the Jail bank.
I've landed in jail, and read 90 pages so far. May I take 210 to make up the rest?
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Can't see why not. :)
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Since Moonlight's last count in post #35, there have been a few more donations and deductions:

Page balance for the jail library:

Starting balance: 1207 pages


JL's Bibliomania - 100 pages (post #43)
JL's Bibliomania - 49 pages (post #47)

JL's Bibliomania - 300 pages (post #43)
The better to see you, my dear - 210 pages (post #48)

New Total in jail library:
846 pages

Do I have this right?
Char donated 330 pages on post #45

My! that's more difficult than it looks, lol
I have read 186 pages.

I would like to withdraw 114 please.

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Ah, of course. Yes, sorry. I missed Char's post.

So, with Char's 330 page contribution, we're at 1176 pages.

Deducting the 114 gives a new total of: 1062 pages.
Thanks for updating us, BT!
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