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Discussion: The Chalk Man Questionnaire - 10 Questions about the book
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We'd love to know how did you like the book and what are the best (and the worst, if any) parts and characters in it. We've prepared a set of questions and we'd like to ask you to share your views :) Please share your answers to the 10 questions in The Chalk Man Questionnaire in this discussion thread. Thank you!

1. How do you like the characters, their personalities and motivations? Are they well developed or one-dimensional ?
2. How do you like the twists & turns, did they meet your expectations, did they make you guess, did they glued you to the book?
3. At what point in the book you solved the mystery secret or at least you thought you did ;)?
4. Did you pick out some clues hidden by the author?
5. They say the book is Stephen King-like, do you agree?
6. What lines struck you?
7. Did the book ending fulfill your expectations?
8. To what kind of reader would you recommend the book?
9. Was it a good mystery read?
10. Have you reviewed the book on your blog? If so, please add a link to your review.

Psst. Please remember that some readers haven't read the book yet so if you'd like to reveal more facts, please use the spoiler tag (mark the text and click the SP icon).
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