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Discussion: Halloween Bingo 2018: Rules, Category Descriptions, Links, and Other Faqs!
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That doesn't seem like a bad thing. :)
Do we have a link to a list of called squares anywhere? I seem to have missed noting at least one, what with my busy week.
I don't know about a link, but here's what I have.

Classic Horror 9.1
Cryptozoologist 9.3
Cozy Mystery 9.5
New Release 9.7
Southern Gothic 9.9
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Thanks :) I'd seen them as they were called, but I'd forgotten to note New Release on my card, so I wasn't sure if I had missed any others (since I knew several of the calls weren't on my card).
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Thanks heaps for this Char - being offline for three days, you've just saved me a ton of time. :)
Question - if I read five issues of a comic book (each about 30 pages, for a total of 150). Can that count as book read for one of the squares?
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I'll let Obsidian Blue and Moonlight Madness make a final call, but if short stories count, and graphic novels count, I don't see why a comic book wouldn't work.
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@Chris - yes.
Thank you.
For Diverse Voices-would a transgender author work, or does it need to be a person of color?
I would think any underrepresented minority.

Is there an official ruling on a transgender author for Diverse Voices? (I agree with Kaethe above, but will look for something else for that square if transgender doesn't work.)
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