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Discussion: New Blogger "A Single Word..."
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Hi... I'm Tricia and I'm new here. My blog is "A Single Word..."

I'm trying to stumble my way about here but it's like being out in a white-out blizzard in the wrong clothes. I'm so lost... and I sure could use a 'live' mentor that will help me expand & understand the blogging base here. I'm still trying to figure out comments, and the "word" balloon next to the little envelop on the top right. I'm feeling kind of "tech" stupid here.

But I do enjoy reading and would like to be part of the family here. And I would like to share my reviews with of my followers on my other blog. So is there hope for me here?

Lost In the Whiteness,

I am new to this group also. Hi, I am Lisa. I enjoy reading uplifting and encouraging blogs. I write inspirational poetry. I have published two books so far and am working on my third one. i write two blogs:http://www.lisa-womanofthenorth.blogspot.com/
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