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Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 2 years ago
Anthology. I'm kind of (90%) over vampire books but there are a few authors that I love so I'm going to pick and choose what I want to read. I don't usually do this and try to give every story a try but like I said, I'm kind of done with vampires.I only read a few of the stories and I think overall ...
Bambbles Rambles
Bambbles Rambles rated it 6 years ago
I had high hopes for this book. I mean its Steampunk mixed with some Paranormal Fantasy. The story was pretty amazing as well. But unfortunately there was just too many little things that added up for me that made me give this a "just ok".First of all some praise. YAY! No love triangles *dances*!! A...
MulticulturalJunkie rated it 7 years ago
Actually 4.5 after reviewing it further, but I am leaning it closer to 5.Check out my review also on:http://twinjabookreviews.blogspot.com/p/our-reviews.htmlI bought this book because I was looking for a POC leading protagonist in a steampunk themed book. Let me tell you, I am very much glad I choos...
One Book Away From an Episode of Hoarders
Short stories. Mostly hits with only a few misses for me.
Ceridwen rated it 7 years ago
Cross-posted on ReaderlingI went up to the cabin with the best of intentions: a backpack full of books and the will to read them. But, what ended up happening was playing Munchkin, chatting about the local land scandal, and making and eating a lot of food. A very wonderful week, all told, despite th...
Rrain Reads
Rrain Reads rated it 7 years ago
I love the premise of this collection, and was surprised to discover I was drawn most to the darker and more morally complex stories within.
Muccamukk rated it 7 years ago
Excellent collection of reasonably diverse stories. As with all themed collections, a couple of the stories didn't do much for me, but mostly I found the highly enjoyable and interesting. It had a nice mix of steampunk, regular historical stories, and urban fantasy.I was pleased at how many queer ch...
Sony Luvs Books
Sony Luvs Books rated it 7 years ago
New London’s whole world their mythology is based on science and magic. Tinkers (the outcasts of new london) build the machines and magic–myth (a source of dubious origins) to be more precise powers them. New Londoners worship in the church of science and their saints you may recognize as some histo...
Jennavier rated it 7 years ago
The Unnaturalists has the best cover I've seen all year. It's not sexy, it's just cool. Coupled with a really nifty concept and I was halfway in love with it already. If only the inside were that awesome. It starts with Vespa, the mid-rank daughter of a scholar. She's tasked with helping stuff 'unna...
Miss Clark
Miss Clark rated it 7 years ago
It was difficult for me to grasp the world and I never did warm up to the characters. I thought the book was written fine, just never caught my interest. And it was pretty depressing overall. All the elementals and tinkers killed and murdered to support a society intent on destroying everything and ...
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