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True Colors - Community Reviews back

by Clare London
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lenagrey7 rated it 4 years ago
“Like fire to ice, I'll melt you with my love. The flame's gonna burn until the walls come down. Like fire to ice, I'll touch you to warn you, the burning won't stop until the walls come tumbling down.” ~ Noel At first glance, Miles and Zeke, of 'True Colors' by Clare London, seem to be like fire an...
elizabetta rated it 7 years ago
Take one hot, passionate, mercurial artist… add one cool, collected, sexy entrepreneur… and shake vigorously.What really hooks me in is the simmering attraction between Zeke and Miles. I get drunk on it. Good to remember; the story starts slowly and you have to be patient as the author carefully s...
SeyNoMore rated it 8 years ago
I absolutely loved this book! Great MCs, strong secondary characters and a really interesting plot. I love getting surprised with a good read. Oh, and very very smexy! Cannot wait to get into the sequels now :-)
Heller rated it 8 years ago
This was such a treat. Wild child Zeke paired with the button-downed Miles. I have to say I love the art world setting here, I haven't read a lot of books dealing with that subject and I found it fascinating. More so I think because Miles is color blind so he had a more visceral connection to all th...
JustJen rated it 8 years ago
This book starts out slowly, takes its time introducing the characters and setting up the story. Then, as the story takes shape and the characters come together, it grabs you and keeps you hooked until the end. When Zeke and Miles are together, you can almost feel the sexual tension in the room. ...
BarbsBooks rated it 8 years ago
I loved this! Some really beautiful moments in this book! Now for the 3 sequels ....
Candice rated it 8 years ago
It took a little bit to get into the story, seemed kinda slow in the beginning for me, but soon the pace started to pick up. I liked how Zeke and Miles' relationship developed slowly, so slowly it seemed that neither really realized it was happening at first and sort of took them book by surprise. ...
Stumbling Over Chaos
Stumbling Over Chaos rated it 9 years ago
4.5 stars. This turned out to be a very good and intense m/m romance after a sort of shaky start – I almost put the book away because there were so many different people introduced in the first few pages and I couldn’t figure out who was important and who was peripheral. But in the end? Totally rede...
loriK rated it 10 years ago
Characterization/interactions -5 stars
MizNikki rated it 10 years ago
More like 2 1/2 Stars~ At times this read was drawn out. Towards the end I found myself bored with all the "talking" and the story was too easily/conveniently wrapped up.
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