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Waterfell - Community Reviews back

by Amalie Howard
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Nemo @ The Moonlight Library
Nemo @ The Moonlight Library rated it 6 years ago
Nerissa Marin isn’t your average teenager. She’s secretly the runaway princess of an ancient underwater world called Waterfell, sent away by her father to learn the ways of humans to better understand them. Rissa also has run away from her duties as the queen-to-be by deciding not to return to Water...
Snuggly Oranges
Snuggly Oranges rated it 6 years ago
Dear publishers and authors, Consider the following warning label: WARNING: This book contains instalove. The protagonist falls head over heels for the love interest in less than 10% of the novel for some undeniable and yet inexplicable reason. And after that, 90% of the protagonist's thoughts and a...
The Twins Read's BookLikes Page
The Twins Read's BookLikes Page rated it 6 years ago
Nerissa Marin is heir to the undersea kingdom known as Waterfell but she can't claim her birthright while she's hiding away in the human world. Not that she wants to. Her father told her to stay away and that's exactly what she plans to do despite the urging of her bad-tempered best friend to fight ...
AnneHannah rated it 6 years ago
Whoa! Talk about a book being NOT what you expected! I thought this was going to go into my every growing pile of mermaid books. So color me shocked when I finally realized what Nerissa was, and where she came from. Yeah. She's so not a mermaid. I thought this book was heading straight into typica...
 Stacia in Progress
Stacia in Progress rated it 6 years ago
I'm going to refrain from rating because I read the first half of the book, then skipped ahead to the last couple of chapters. I think I would have liked this a lot better had I read it when I was younger and loved fairy tale-esque stories of all-encompassing love. There's definitely a target audien...
J.A. Belfield
J.A. Belfield rated it 6 years ago
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this title from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion of the book. Amalie Howard’s Waterfell is a unique tale with great world building that expertly blends elements from both supernatural and sci-fi. However, I didn’t...
Khanh the Killjoy
Khanh the Killjoy rated it 6 years ago
This book almost became one of those rarest of rare objects: it could have been a really good book about sea creatures. It came so frustratingly, heartbreakingly close. I love mermaids. I love sirens. I am always on the lookout for a really good book based on those creatures. To this day, I have yet...
On Starships and Dragonwings
On Starships and Dragonwings rated it 6 years ago
Waterfell by Amalie Howard is the start of the Aquarathi series and I have to admit that I’m once again disappointed in a mermaid book. Though mermaid isn’t exactly what the Aquarathi end up being, the point still stands ;-). As an evolutionary biologist I was close to throwing my Kindle across the ...
GizmosReviews rated it 6 years ago
09/14/2013 Recvd Title via NetGalley - Expected publication: October 29th 2013 by Harlequin Teen
Becca @ Nawanda Files
Becca @ Nawanda Files rated it 6 years ago
My Review at Nawanda Files
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